How to Properly Maintain Your Golf Cart

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It is very exciting to finally buy a golf cart as that means you can use it whenever you want and do not have to rent one when you are out for a game of golf. As with any other machinery, your golf cart needs to be maintained if you want it to last longer and not cost you too much when it is time for a full service. A secondary benefit of proper maintenance is the golf cart lasts much longer while serving you very well. So, what do you need to do to keep your golf cart in top shape?

Take Care of The Battery

If you own an electric golf cart, one of the parts you should keep an eye on is the battery. While your golf cart battery can last between eight and ten years, that will only happen if you take care of it.

Ensure you charge the battery often, especially if the golf cart sits for more than a month without being driven. Second, check the water level and top it up if it is below the allowed minimum. Do not forget to check for corrosion and to clean the terminals if the golf cart has been sitting for a long time, which often happens in winter.

Have The Clutch Checked From Time to Time

Golf carts typically have what is known as a Continuous Variable Transmission, but some still use a clutch similar to the one you would find in a vehicle with manual transmission. A clutch that is working well should ensure a smooth take-off, braking, and acceleration.

However, the clutch can develop problems if you do not do preventative maintenance. Some symptoms of clutch issues in golf carts include a reduced ability to climb hills, an inability to maintain speed, slowing down from time to time, a cranking sound when you start the golf cart, and jolting when you start it up.

If you see any of these issues, you need to get the clutch checked, and you possibly have to purchase a new clutch and have a mechanic install it for you. While clutches don’t last forever, buying genuine parts can increase their lifespan and the time between replacements with regular service.

Check Your Tires

Your tires will hamper your ability to ride the golf cart, so you need to check them regularly too. Ensure the tires have enough air in them before riding the golf cart. Its user manual should tell you the required air pressure, but you can also find this information online.

Second, check whether the tires are worn. This is for those who drive it often or take their golf carts off-road. The terrain can damage the tires quickly depending on how and where you drive.

If you notice that your steering is off-balance, that indicates a serious issue with your tires. An adjustment might help rectify things, but, in many cases, you need to change the types.

Test The Brakes

The brakes are one of the easiest things to test on a golf cart; get up to speed and depress the brakes until they cannot go any further. Check how long it takes for the golf cart to come to a full stop. If it takes too long or the brakes feel spongy or loose, you should get them replaced by a professional.

Lubricate The Joints

While it may not seem like it, your golf cart has many parts that come together at joints. Check where these joints need lubrication and apply it if they do. The steering wheel and the suspension parts are what you need to pay close attention to for lubrication.

To ensure your golf cart serves you for a long time, you should know how to maintain it and follow through with this maintenance. Also, take your golf cart to the mechanic from time to time so they can do a full diagnostic and take care of anything you cannot.

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