Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance: Must-Have Foods, Lifestyle Considerations & Jardiance’s Impact

Food interactions with medication have more drawbacks than benefits, agree? Therefore considering these interactions there are certain foods to avoid while taking Jardiance (i.e., a medication used to control Diabetes type 2). 

Green tea, coffee, garlic Supplements, or alcohol may interfere with the working of Jardiance and reduce its effectiveness, while the ones enriched with sugar and heavily processed make your sugar level difficult to tame. 

However, taking lean proteins and organic vegetables along with plenty of water can enhance the Jardiance effect on the body and keep blood sugar levels in control. 

In this guide,  we will look deeper into which foods to avoid while taking Jardiance, which you can consume along with other considerations, and how Jardiance works. 

Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance

Has your doctor ever forbidden you to skip certain foods with your medication? Well, they say that because of certain drug’s interaction with food and vice versa. 

This is the case with Jardiance, there are particular foods to avoid while taking Jardiance as the interaction may bring unwanted side effects. 

Green Tea

Jardiance is designed to control blood sugar levels. When it is accompanied by green tea it lowers fasting blood glucose levels and haemoglobin A1C to a greater extent. 

Although, you may believe that’s what you are looking for let me clear it for you. 

You don’t want that, it sometimes drastically reduces blood sugar which makes your blood sugar unpredictable and uncontrollable.  

Garlic & Garlic Supplements 

Garlic Supplements significantly contribute to lowering blood sugar levels, and Jardiance does the same purpose. Therefore, garlic Supplements seem to be the top foods to avoid while taking Jardiance. 

Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance: Must-Have Foods, Lifestyle Considerations & Jardiance’s Impact

Taking garlic supplements and Jardiance at once may cause you hypoglycemia (i.e., low blood sugar level), although it’s OK if you are consuming fresh garlic as that doesn’t have that potent effect. Only garlic in its supplemental form lowers the glycaemic index

Processed Food

These foods go through multiple processes during manufacturing and lose their nutritional value significantly.  

Processed foods to avoid while taking Jardiance as they contain high amounts of trans fats, sugar, and saturated fats which you will prefer to avoid at any cost especially if you are diabetic. 

Consuming ultra-processed foods puts you at risk of raising your blood sugar level too high with little to no control and interferes with the efficacy of the medication.  


Although caffeine has no influence on Blood sugar levels when taken with Jardiance, it has its drawbacks. 

Foods to avoid while taking Jardiance include the ones containing caffeine as they dehydrate your body and you may feel lightheaded and dizzy. 

If you drink more than 4-5 cups of coffee you may be consuming excessive amounts and it causes dehydration. 

 Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance: Must-Have Foods, Lifestyle Considerations & Jardiance’s Impact

Besides coffee, any caffeinated beverages you are obsessing over may remove water from your body and you become dehydrated. 

You must drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and if necessary drink only one cup of either tea or coffee. 


Alcohol has its catch when you are taking it with Jardiance. But what is that? In people with type 2 diabetes it either causes their blood sugar to rise too high or too low which the patients can’t control and can’t even keep pace. 

When the sugar level becomes unpredictable it becomes extremely tough to control it altogether. 

But still, you can have a drink far and a few and far between only if you have a meal beforehand,  drink slowly,  and let your companions know about the symptoms of low blood sugar levels so that they are observant about your health. 

Sugar-Rich Foods

You must be already aware of sugar-rich foods to avoid while taking Jardiance as they will negate the purpose of medication. 

Foods high in sugar increase your blood sugar level if you are diabetic. While Jardiance is taken to control it. 

Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance: Must-Have Foods, Lifestyle Considerations & Jardiance’s Impact

If you take both these at once having completely different purposes will counteract the effect of the medicine. 

If you decrease the intake of food high in sugar (i.e., candies, baked items, sweetened cereals, ice creams, soda, etc.) will automatically lower your blood sugar level and enhance the effectiveness of the drug. 

It’s best to limit your intake of high-sugar foods if you have diabetes.

Foods High In Trans Fats

These fatty foods to avoid while taking Jardiance as they increase body weight because of high calories. 

However, you must keep your body weight in check as you may see that some researchers have directly linked Jardiance’s effectiveness to weight loss. Diabetes also remains under control when your body weight is normal.

Food high in trans fats makes your body insulin resistant, Jardiance being directly linked to glucose excretion will be adversely affected and cause insulin sensitivity giving rise to the onset of Diabetes mellitus. 

Such types of foods also a great contribute towards increasing cardiovascular disorders. 

Foods To Consume While Taking Jardiance 

We are already familiar with the food to avoid while taking Jardiance, which has skipped some of our typical meals.

Now the question is which foods you can have while taking Jardiance to increase its effectiveness.  

  • You must give great attention to which foods help in lowering blood sugar but in a balanced manner. 
  • Eat a variety of food, and don’t stick to only one food group as versatility allows you to consume maximum nutrients and makes your body healthy.
  • You must take enough of the fibers, vitamins, and minerals that come greatly from vegetables like green beans, carrots, peppers, and broccoli. 
  • Another suggestion is to take whole grains as they don’t increase blood sugar levels but give enough energy to the body. Examples are rolled oats, brown rice, and quinoa beans. 
  • You must use healthy fats from avocados, and coconut oil in your cooking and daily consumption. 
  • Lean proteins also don’t raise blood sugar levels and are a great source to have a fulfilling effect even with low calories. 
  • You can have fruits as fruits rich in antioxidants like plums, cherries, berries, apples, and grapes also don’t elevate blood sugar. 
  • You must consume low-fat dairy products

These food items are more likely to go along with Jardiance and even increase the drug’s potency.

Stuff To Consider While Taking Jardiance 

Is avoiding certain foods enough to get sorted with Jardiance medication? Not at all, there are other considerations that you must religiously follow to maintain the efficacy of the the drug. 

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Jardiance increases dehydration so drinking plenty of water keeps you healthy and avoid caffeinated beverages as those are diuretics. 

Note: You can calculate his much water you need per day by dividing your body weight (lbs.) by half. Like I weigh 108 pounds, I need to drink 54 ounces of water which is approx. 7-8 glasses. 

  • Avoid drinking alcohol to keep you from suffering from hypoglycemia. 
  • To avoid Jardiance interaction with other foods, tell your doctor beforehand which other anti-diabetic medications you are taking.
  • You may have heard chromium supplements decrease blood sugar levels but don’t consume it with Jardiance as both together will reduce it too much.

What Is Jardiance?

But what is Jardiance, anyway? It’s an oral medication that physicians may recommend to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients along with a balanced diet and exercise and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases significantly. 

People suffering from Kidney disorders take this to avoid declining their kidney health. 

Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance: Must-Have Foods, Lifestyle Considerations & Jardiance’s Impact

It also contains the drug empagliflozin and is available in tablet form. Just take one tablet and wait for it to work within your body.

How Does Jardiance Work? 

Jardiance is the generic name of the drug, Sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibitors (SGLT2 inhibitors). 

It is used to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics by removing sugar from the bloodstream into the kidney so that it is excreted out instead of raising glycaemic index. 

But it isn’t effective on its own, you need some lifestyle modifications and regular exercise as well as fatty and highly processed foods to avoid while taking Jardiance.


In conclusion, Jardiance is an essential medication that works effectively in controlling blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, but still, you need to be consistent with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

You must contact a dietitian before taking Jardiance so that you can be advised orderly how certain foods and other stuff interact with it and interfere and negate its effectiveness. 

There are particular foods to avoid while taking Jardiance including ultra-processed food, food containing excessive sugar, alcohol, and caffeine. 

Some foods are meant to lower your blood sugar level like garlic supplements which when combined with Jardiance decline it so much that your blood sugar level becomes hard to control. 

However, you must make adequate lifestyle modifications and keep a healthy diet plan that meets all your dietary goals and doesn’t influence your medication effect.

Give it a thorough read and share how was your experience throughout this guide. 

FAQs on Foods To Avoid While Taking Jardiance 

What should not be taken with Jardiance?

Jardiance doesn’t interact well with diuretics which helps to treat hypertension so you must avoid it with Lasix and bumetanide.

 What should I eat while taking Jardiance?

There’s no need to necessarily eat any food while taking Jardiance as it works well with either food or without it. 

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