The Untold Story of the Adult Actress Selena Green 

Selena Green is an internet celebrity, and more than 14 million people have seen her in her various videos. Her full name is Selena Green Vargas and she has seen 33 sprigs of her life which means she is 33 years old as she was born on 19 July 1990.  

It’s very interesting to have a deep look at her life and especially the mystery behind her disappearance. People are commenting on various things on this but still, the reality is unknown. Let’s get into the journey of Selena Green to get to know more about her. 

Biography of Selena Green 

Selena Green, a model and adult actress by profession was born in California, USA on 19 July 1990. Her full name is Selena Green Vargas. The early life of Selena is not much known because no one knew her before she became a spotlight in 2015. After some time of releasing her adult videos, she disappeared from the internet. Thus, her early life couldn’t be questioned. 

This is to mention that, before stepping into the 18+ industry, Selena was working as a model. It’s unknown what made her mind to join the adult industry. If we consider the facts, analysis shows that a specific percentage of models join this industry. 

The profession of Selena Green 

According to the report, Selena was a model and used to do modeling. She had been doing this a couple of times. Afterward, she jumped into the adult industry in 2015.  

Although, she didn’t make many adult videos she has been seen in this industry. Furthermore, her famous adult video crossed more than 14 million views. 

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Where Selene Green Got Disappeared? 

It is always said that success always comes up with numerous perks but sometimes it has a terrible effect as well. Similarly, the same situation happened with Selena Green. All these situations happened in 2015. In the same year, both scenarios happened she got success in the adult industry and got disappeared in the same year. 

People perceive that both things are interconnected with each other. But, let’s unfold the reality behind this. Selena was dating a guy from her childhood, and later on, that guy was training to become a Navy officer. This Navy Seal posted a photo with Selena Green as her girlfriend on 4Chan. Basically, 4Chan is a platform where anyone can post a picture making his profile anonymous.  

So, the same did the Navy Seal! He posted his photo with Selena Green on 4Chan and said people to share their thoughts on this. According to the analysis, the post got many comments on this and there came a twist as well! 

The Unfortunate of Selena Green 

Selene was wearing a black shirt with a pair of blue rough jeans. This dress proved a dress of, unfortunately! The reason is, Selena was wearing the same dress in her famous adult video which approximately 1 million people had seen. 

From these 1 million people, a person commented on the same picture of Selena Green wearing the same black shirt and blue jeans in her adult video. Navy Seal would definitely have seen that comment. That 1 comment changed the whole life of Selena Green. 

Now, this is the turning point of her disappearance from social media. After this, Selena was cut off from social media. She didn’t post any videos or photos of her for her fans as she was getting famous. 

Before this time, she was active on her Instagram and TikTok as well, but after this incident, she got disappeared. 

People’s Review on Selena’s Disappearance 

As no one knows the actual story so, people have their own views about this situation. But, still, the question is where Selene Green is. Unfortunately, the answer is still unknown. Some people claim that the whole story is preplanned and other thinks that Selena hide this from her boyfriend. 

From these perspectives, I agree with the second group of people who believes that Selena made it hide from his boyfriend. This is simple to think she was involved in an activity that she’d be feeling insecure to tell his boyfriend. Furthermore, her boyfriend was getting training in the Navy. It would be embarrassing for him to see her girlfriend in this way. 

Has Selena Green changed her Identity? 

This is really an interesting topic to discuss. After she got lost in 2015, there are possibly 2 possibilities. Either she has died or she has started living with another identity.  

Both of these possible points are not confirmed, but situations point toward these facts. 

Social Accounts of Selena Green 

Selena has usually seen on the social platform Instagram and TikTok as well. Her Instagram account username is @Selena.green.vargas. This is interesting to note that after her disappearance in 2015, there are numerous fake accounts of her name.  

But, Selena is not using her Instagram account anymore after that incident. Moreover, her TikTok account username is @selenagreenvargas. She has attached this account to her Instagram account. Similarly, after her disappearance, she didn’t use this TikTok as well. 

Facts to Look on the Life of Selena Green 

  1. Selene Green’s full name is Selene Green Vargas and is a national of the United States. She was seen in the USA last time before her disappearance. 
  2. Her eyes color is light brown. 
  3. Her body weight is 54.4 kg or 120 pounds and stands 5’6’’. 
  4. Selena’s boyfriend was from Navy Seal. 
  5. Selena was last seen in 2015. 
  6. She was a model and adult actress and was usually seen in a black shirt and blue jeans. 
  7. Selena’s adult video crossed more than 14 million views. 
  8. Her Instagram account username is @selena.green.vargas and her TikTok account username is @selenagreenvargas. 
  9. Her Instagram bio is “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect”. 
  10.  She was having 12 posts on Instagram with 402 followers. 

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