The Untold Story of the Adult Actress Selena Green

What is Selena Green known for? She is known to be an American model and adult star who secretively disappeared from the media in 2015 after a debated picture of her blew up online. 

She begins her profession as a beauty model before switching to the adult entertainment industry. Despite running a short-lived career, she immediately became one of the most renowned models and erotic stars in the amusement industry. 

In 2015, she rapidly discovered herself at the hub of online controversy when an unknown post was shown on the imageboard website 4chan. The updation consists of a picture of Selena standing with a handsome man clothed in a Navy uniform who was declared to be a Navy Seal officer. 

The photo quickly generated discussion as viewers commented that, she was an adult movie actress and blamed her for misleading the man in the picture about her career. 

Selena faced very bad comments online before going away completely from social accounts. Up to now, the unhidden truth behind the viral image and Selena’s mysterious absence stays unclear.

In this guide, we analyze the biography of Selena Green, their early life, physical attributes, career, the reason for their disappearance, hypothesis, whereabouts, social accounts, and net worth.

Quick Facts About Selena Green

Complete Name Selena Green Vargas
Date Of Birth19 July, 1990
Place Of BirthCalifornia, United States 
Age 34 years old 
Nationality American 
Zodiac SignReligion CancerChristian 
Relationship Status Boyfriend
ProfessionModel, Adult movie star

Selena Green & Her Early Life

Who is Selena? And where did she grow up? She is an American beauty model and adult movie performer. In advance of her participation in the erotic movie industry, she was a professional fashion model. 

In the absence of a vast array of projects in adult movies, she has gained notable success and awareness in the industry. She is a mysterious personality that swiftly came up online and became a sensation for a long time. 

It is familiar that before becoming an adult film actress, she tried her luck at modeling. She has not created various adult videos in her profession, she is reputed to be one of the most popular in the modeling career. 

Her social account and the adult video digital platforms have more than 14 million views. When and where she was born? Her date of birth is 19 July 1990 and her birth country is California, United States. What is her ethnicity? Selena belongs to the American nationality and her ethnic background is White.

Physical Attributes Of Selena Green

What is the actual height and weight of Selena? She is rumored to be 5 feet and 6 inches and weighs 54 kg. She has hypnotic brown eyes and long silky brown hair. Her smart and attractive body type attracts everyone.

Professional Career Of Selena Green

Has she won any awards or achievements based on her professional career? Yes, She has emerged in various TV shows and movies such as the Netflix series “Everything Sucks!” and the low-budget movie “The Girl in the Photographs”. 

She is a passionate supporter of adult service provider rights and has shared thoughts against the shame related to the industry. She is also a defender of the #MeToo movement. 

She has performed in over 100 movies and has received numerous accolades, such as the AVN Award for Best New Starlet in 2013. In 2018, Vargas got famous after a picture of her was uploaded on Twitter. 

The Untold Story of the Adult Actress Selena Green

The picture instantly accumulated over 1 million likes and was forwarded 100,000 times. Selena’s overnight popularity directed her to be showcased in various magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times and The Guardian.

When the internet was electrified with her story, she was presently in the adult movie industry. She likely progressing with her profession as an image on one of the famous adult video online platforms with her name. 

The last update of the profile below her name was in June 2020. However, she appears to have disappeared secretly but still has huge fans looking forward to her and waiting for her to come back, analyzing the reviews on the digital platforms.

Selena Green’s Disappearance Out Of The Limelight

Were present any questionable situations surrounding her disappearance? Yes, there are various fishy circumstances encircling her disappearance. 

For instance Navy officer controversy, mysterious internet presence, unexpected disappearance, and lack of detail regarding her missing case. The searching inquiry from the widely shared picture caused her to suddenly disappear from the limelight.

After the picture viral on image image-sharing platform 4chan started a controversy in 2015. No new picture or video was seen on her accounts. 

Her adult movie profiles became inactive. Selena became a puzzling character nowadays and deep information about her current whereabouts was hidden. 

No reports were distributed in the media about her life. There was an absolute nonexistence of sightings or snapshots.

Hypothesis & Guesswork About the Disappearance of Selena Green

What is community feedback regarding her disappearance? In the lack of any proven information about the disappearance, chatter and hypotheses appeared attempting to clarify the bizarre circumstances. 

Some people argue that Selena’s boyfriend, who is a Navy Seal officer informed about the adult film Industry career. From the start of their relationship and may have contributed to making the debate for publicity. 

Some implicated that the whole scandal was created that the image was scripted or modified and they regulated the unveil as a publicity stunt. 

Queries spread around her reasons for leaving the social accounts. Notion involves that she desired to avoid increased attention or negative comments. 

That’s why she changed her identity to make a new beginning or was made to leave the limelight. More felonious conditions were also assumed such as blackmailing or attacks frightening her away, and fears surfaced for her security and happiness.

The Current Whereabouts Of Selena Green

Are you a fan of Selena and wondering about her latest whereabouts? The current whereabouts of her are still unknown. Many people speculate that she is alive and spending her life with another name. 

Unaffected by her first reason of popularity she has consciously kept a secret and enigmatic lifestyle because some people criticize her because of her profession. 

Investigations to explore any present details about Selena have been unsuccessful. She has avoided public inspection and has stopped sharing information about her private life. 

Therefore, the mystery encircling her current whereabouts and ongoing actions. She is also not showing her identity online on digital platforms.

Social Media Accounts Of Selena Green

Is she still active on her public accounts? No, currently she is inactive on her social accounts. After disappeared from the spotlight, here are some possible hints of her staying connected.

TikTok Account

A personal TikTok profile with the username @selenagreenvargas is also discovered. This TikTok account is also connected to the Instagram account. It is not known if she handles it.

Instagram Account

A restricted Instagram account exists under the username @selena.green.vargas. The profile says “Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect”. It is still not found that this account belongs to her.

  • According to the latest news, she sells products online on the Poshmark website under the username of Selenavargas89. Her admirers have motivated each other to explore her store there and efforts to connect with her.

Being active on adult movie sites under her profile name was last spotted in June 2020. Deep-hearted fan’s questions about her come back in the comments section. It may believed that she may be still active in the amusement industry.

Net Worth Of Selena Green

According to digital media Dm3Creative, her net worth is estimated to be 500,000 dollars. She has generated revenue through her professional career as an adult movie star and beauty model.


In conclusion, Selena Green Vargas is an American fashion model and adult movie star. She achieved substantial attention in 2015 after uploading a picture of a suspected Navy Seal officer. 

Regardless of her first time, she gained popularity, now she has purposefully kept a private and mysterious lifestyle. Additionally, her work in the amusement industry, Selena is also a social worker. 

She is a representative for the welfare organization “Girls Inc.” She contributes money to various other charities that facilitate women and young girls. 

She is an accomplished actress and model who has utilized her platform to promote understanding of essential issues. Selena is a motivation to many and is definite to continue to attain wonderful achievements in her career.

Lastly, you acquired the information of Selena Green in this article. What went down with her? Stay tuned with us for the latest updates regarding her whereabouts. Thank You!


1: Who Is Selena?

She is an American model and adult movie star. Before she arrived in erotic films, she was thought to have been a reputable model.

2: Is Selena still in the adult film industry? 

When her photographs exploded on social media platforms individuals observed her in some adultery videos and identified her as an adult actress. On the other hand, it is not evident whether she is working in the pornography industry or not.

3: Is Selena on social media? 

Yes, she posted her photographs and videos on Instagram with the name @selena.green.vargas and TikTok account with the name @selenagreenvargas.

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