7 Global Challenges 2023 to 2030

As we are living on the earth. While living on this prestigious planet we are facing some issues which are called global challenges. Here we will discuss the 7 global challenges and their solutions.

Earth is a gift from God given to us to live a happy life and to help others. Earth is the only planet in the cosmos where life is possible. The scientist is trying to find more planets like Earth where life would be possible. Instead of solving these 7 global challenges that we are facing.

 I am talking about 7 Global challenges and their solutions. In America, NASA is doing different experiments day by day and sending astronauts to the moon.

A great entrepreneur of the United States of America Elon Musk is trying his best and making a very industrious effort to shift his life on Mars and he is doing experiments day after day.

Here the question arises that we all humans are trying to shift our lives on the other planets just because of these 7 global challenges in this world. Instead of making some solutions for the earth, we are trying to leave this prestigious planet.

Our earth has all-natural resources and all the necessary things which are important for our lives. But we are not trying to make this planet more beneficial for us.

Every day we create a new problem for our own life then we say that this planet is not good for us, and we should leave this. We all are responsible for all the 7 global challenges that we are facing nowadays.

The big problem is that the world seems more like strife where the success of some few depends on the failure and suffering of other people or nations, that’s what capitalism is about. As long as we don’t have something to put it back (and I’m not necessarily taking socialism), we won’t be able to progress together as a whole nation.

Next comes Corruption, greed, oppression, the lack of empathy and compassion, meritocracy, individualism, and media are among the few real root causes of where we are now. If we don’t change ourselves, our perception, and how we live our lives, we will be doing nothing but sticking a band-aid on a running water tap.

Now, here the question arises, What are the global challenges? Here I want to discuss some 7 global challenges and their solutions. How we can fix them?

Global challenges

Which 7 Global Challenges are Fatal?

  • Health
  • Poverty
  • Climate change
  • WAR
  • Unemployment
  • Racism and hate for other nations
  • Corruption


The first point in 7 Global Challenges and their solutions is health. The very first and foremost issue or global challenge of this world in which we (humans) are living is “Health”.

 Due to our bad health, we are not able to do things that are pretty necessary for life and the lack of health is creating deaths. According to a survey in 2018, in Bulgaria, the death rate is highest instead in any other country around the globe.

 Now, we have to realize that if we want to influence the world or do something elevated then we have to focus on our health rates. If civilians of the country would be healthy then they can do jobs, business, or whatever to make that country an impeccable place to live. Our immune system is so poor that we cannot bear pretty high disease. We can take the example of Coronavirus.

As the coronavirus came in 2019 and disturbed the world, science became useless in front of this virus and couldn’t confront it. This virus was ominous for all humans if we would ruminate on it. And covid-19 is the new challenge that the world is facing with these 7 global challenges.


Instead of focusing on health, we are focusing on other puerile issues that are not so much important than health. If we were focusing on it from the beginning then we could compete for the coronavirus very easily. And could stop it from the 7 global challenges.

What do you perceive about health? What is the definition of health according to you?

Health is a state of absolute substantial, mental, and social comfort. Rather than just the absence of disease from the human body. Not at all! We just say that if there are no symptoms of fatal disease in our body then we are completely perfect and fit.

No, it is just our illusion. We have to completely fit from every aspect then we can say that I am a healthy person.

As I mentioned earlier we will discuss the global challenges and their solutions. What would be the health solution? I would like to discuss health problem solutions according to my perspective.

The indispensable thing regarding health solutions is a healthy diet. If you would take a healthy diet then your immune system would become more and more strong. The biggest benefit of being healthy is having a happy life.

If your life is happy and there isn’t any stress you will live a very calm life that will also affect your body and mind and the result will be that your life will improve and you can do some extra things to make your life more prestigious.


Poverty is the most prominent issue around the world. Countries like Africa, India, Uganda, and Yemen, etc. are facing poverty, and just due to the poverty, the people over there are living a very tough life with the lack of every fruitful thing. Poverty is proliferating day by day and it’s a great challenge or looms for human beings.

Due to the lack of revenue, most of the necessary things are still inaccessible to them. And the result of this is increasing indigent.

The main disadvantage of poverty is, that crime is also becoming ubiquitous because people are trying to feed their children and folks by hook and crook. They are compelled to commit crimes to feed their kids.


How we can overcome these 7 global challenges and find their solutions?

It is the responsibility of the Government to take some obstinate steps to denude poverty. It is my enunciated view that if we generate entrepreneurs from our societies, they will do business worldwide and generate capital in the country.

The government should also invite different businessmen to invest in their country by telling them there will not be any jeopardy for them. The government will support them with all their visions.

This is the mere thing that government can do to iron out the poverty. In 7 global challenges and their solutions, poverty is the most important point. If we were able to control poverty in the world then it would be possible to control all others around the world.

Climate Changes:

If I talk about climate change, it is the biggest challenge for all countries around the globe especially for Europe and the United States of America because it is the world’s most powerful and leading country.

If people would face any problem or global issue then at the very first, they seek help from America just because of the advanced technology and pivotal scientists and doctors.

But the most focusing point in the 7 global challenges is that America is still not able to overcome climate change. Even the billionaires of the US and philanthropist Bill Gates support them from every aspect to overcome the climate challenge that the world is facing and every other disease.

Climate Changes

Now, the question is what is climate change in simple words?

Climate change just describes a change in the average condition of the weather. Such as temperature, rainfall, and every other reason that badly affects the weather. As a result, the temperature of the earth is increasing day by day which is very harmful to all the living organisms and badly affecting the lives on this planet.


Water is the most important and integral part of the life of every living organism and due to climate change, it is becoming filthy and increasing the number of diseases in the body.


 It is an understood thing; we cannot survive without water. 70% body is made up of water. We are not taking offense to this. It’s a very serious and noticeable thing and the government should also take some steps to overcome this challenge from the 7 global challenges that we are discussing.


Pollution is the second but a fork in the life of humans. Wherever we go we can see the pollution in the air or around us. This pollution is creating the diseases of asthma, lung cancer, and black cough, in simple words we can say that pollution is the pivotal point for every disease.


The government should take action against it and it’s also the responsibility of the World Health Organization to call some doyens from several countries and take steps to control pollution from the earth.

You can consider it a sub-branch of 7 global challenges.


First, we should rest assured that war is heck! It brings terror, hunger, destruction, devastation, orphan children, untold suffering, injuries, widow daughters, economic challenges and hate, etc.

These all are the most common deafening issues caused by the war. Intelligent nations never follow or support the war. War kills many innocent people. By the passage of time, the world is heading towards war.

Many countries are spending more than 50% of their income just on purchasing new and latest fighting jets, guns, and bombs. Instead of spending this income on education or other needs, we are consuming it lame.

If we would spend this income on overcoming poverty and education then it would not be a big deal at all.


Do you know? More than 70% income of America is just from the tools of war like new technology guns jets etc. America is the most powerful and richest country in the world.

If their government would spend this income on other destitute countries like Nigeria, Africa, and India then America can make a new history of spreading prosperity and love but the prominent point is that we just want thunders and control the other nations according to us. If we do not stop and continue this heck, the world will end and there will be hate everywhere.

If war can be started by hate and misguidance, it can be stopped by love. And overcome this challenge from 7 global challenges.


If we think that we can raise our country’s economy by taking it lying down then it is like to flog a dead horse. Unemployment is increasing rapidly especially in Canada and even in the United States which causes poverty, bohemian, theft, snatching, and other death threats just because of the small valued things.


If you will not provide the necessary things to your civilians then they will be compelled to commit crimes to fill their tummy and finish the hunger in their houses.

It is also causing health issues and unemployment is a significant thing for every crime. It creates inequality, anarchism between the same nation, and hate.

  • Racism and Hate for Other Nations:

Racism is at daggers drawn nowadays in the United States. It is an Achilles heel in the government of President Trump. After that black people protested and blocked all the roads of America.

The converging statement is that they all become against their police. Black people chewed the cud that Donald Trump should support them at that certain moment but he didn’t show his interest and support for them. Now in the elections of 2020, he will pay it through his nose.

Racism and Hate for Other Nations

The government of the country should play an exemplary role or take a bona fide step to create love and prosperity between all of them. Otherwise, it will affect the whole country or maybe the whole world!


As far as the point is concerned about corruption, we can take the example of China. If we look at the previous days of China, their officers were bewildering the whole nation by doing corruption in every field wherever they could do.

President Xi Jinping took a cumbersome step just for his nation to finish the corruption from his country’s deepest roots. Do you know what he did? He hanged the hundreds of his government officers who were corrupt and were thwarted in the way of success. They knew that now this was the last resort.


And now you can see that China is leading all the Countries around the globe and sailing their products worldwide. 

The nutshell is that, if there are clumsy officers in your government and they are diddling the whole nation then you can never cross the road to success. You have to make some difficult but beneficial steps for your people who are doing their best effort.


According to my perspectives of 7 Global challenges and their solutions. If we would be able to overcome the unemployment from this globe by taking several steps by every country.

We can solve all these problems and make this planet heaven for every person. Then there wouldn’t be any need to shift the life to any other planet. 

We have to try to understand others without any avarice or personal interest. Every time try to give benefits to other people and help them personally if you can.

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