Top Strategies for Google’s Helpful Content Update in 2024

Google updates came in March 2024, and many will come in the upcoming month. However, many websites lag after the updates due to their lack of quality content and AI-generated content. Hence, one should know how to recover Google’s helpful content updates. 

Google’s Helpful Content Update (HCU) is an automated system that prioritizes high-quality, valuable, and original content in search results. The machine learning model operates on a site-wide signal that’s assessed on Google’s ranking strategies. 

How Does Google’s Helpful Content Update Work?

If you generate helpful content, you might not need any strategies. Whereas, if there is a traffic change due to the system, you will need to assess and follow strategies to improve the content. Google’s system classifier runs repeatedly and its purpose is to determine unhelpful content. The algorithms periodically improve the classifier removing unhelpful content in the long term. 

After that, the search engine generates a Google’s helpful content update and the previous updates no longer remain relevant due to new modifications and updates. 

Key Points of Google’s Content Update

  • The Google updates are no longer site-wide signals in 2024
  • If your site gets affected, it will only affect a few pages on your site, but not the whole website
  • Your entire website might not be categorized as unhelpful. 
  • Your overall search performance can be affected due to high amounts of unhelpful content 
  • If there’s a single keyword that specifies your content as relevant to a query, then your content will rank to that keyword 
  • You will be responsible for third-party content on the committee  
  • Analyze your forums, reviews, and advertisements hosted on your subdomains 
  • The HCU also impacts the Google Discover appearances 
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Top Strategies Google’s Helpful Content Update

Several strategies help improve the recovery of the website which are pinpointed after analyzing various specific web pages through web history archives. Moreover, the comparisons among the improved versions and the domain’s performance before the update are analyzed. Later, the results brought about enhancements that you can implement on your site:

Specifying the Title 

The title must be specific, containing numbers, and specific keywords such as “21”, “Mexico”, “2024”, “USA” and “9 tips.” Such specific keywords add specificity, timeliness, stimulating click-through rates, and SEO optimization. 

  • Use numbers for specificity
  • Include relevant locations, regions, or places 
  • Add the current or upcoming year
  • Add facts and numbers 

Personalize Your Introduction

Personalize Your Introduction

A personalized, systematic, and to the point is necessary to add to the content. The specific, complete, and concise introduction showcases the experience and quality of the information which fosters trust and engagement (fundamentals of SEO). 

  • Share the background of the topic 
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Connect with your audience
  • Share infographics and statistics 

Optimizing Header Image

You should remove the large dark header image as it enhances user experience and SEO. Additionally, it begins the content above the fold to attract an audience. 

  • Use relevant and high-quality images
  • Avoid long and distracting headers
  • Prioritize content visibility
  • Utilize optimized headers 

Minimizing Social Media Icons

Minimizing Social Media Icons

Google removed numerous social media sharing icons to concentrate on reducing distractions, adding quality, and strengthening SEO. 

  • You need to limit the number of icons
  • Place icons strategically and systemically 
  • Ensure content quality is the main focus

Exhibit the Author

If you add a personal author with authentic images, it creates a huge impact. The relevant image will add credibility and boost user experience. 

  • Use a professional author photo relevant to the content 
  • Share a brief author bio
  • Connect the author to the content
  • Share the author’s social media handles 

Include a Table of Contents

You must include a tale of contents, so the reader can get the overview of the content and doesn’t get distracted. Moreover, add jump to links, so they find the content easily accessible, improve navigation, and boost user experience.  

  • List all main sections, main headings, and subheadings 
  • Use jump-to-links for easy navigation
  • Update the table as the content evolves or gets edited 
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Expand Your Content

Depth is one of the most important factors for adding relevant SEO ranking to your content. Hence, add personal experience and other necessary information. 

  • Cover related subtopics
  • Provide comprehensive and inclusive information
  • Regularly update and extend content

Highlight Top Picks

The top picks, usually the first 3 highlight the most relevant and user-friendly content. Hence, the information that you require will be most probably in the first three links to various websites on the browser. Apart from that, the best results are available on the first page of the browser. 

  • Feature top recommendations and tips 
  • Provide concise, complete, concrete, and valuable information
  • Update picks based on changes or new information and trends 


Google’s helpful content update is crucial to website owners as it can affect the reach and rank of the domains and block their access if it deems them unhelpful and untrustworthy. Google frequently updates its system, hence, one should keep their eyes on it to keep their content optimized and relevant to the new helpful updates. 

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