Alaskan King Bed: Introduction, History, Merits, Demerits, Factors To Consider & Comparison With Other Beds

Do you mind sharing your bed with others, oops did it come out wrong? I’m saying platonically but it could be amorously as well. If you and your partner are large sleepers and want ample space, Alaskan king beds are right at your disposal.

Doesn’t matter if you want extra space or comfort, going for such huge beds will make all the difference. 

Although, there are several types namely Alaskan, Texas, King, Wyoming, and Albert,  and all have a specification that beats others. But Alaskan king beds seem to get all the hype. 

If you got a big family and you want to accommodate others then this bed seems to reign almost others. 

In this guide, we will look deeper into Alaskan king beds, where they originate from, their pros and cons, points to consider beforehand, and their comparison with other types.

What Is Alaskan King?

As the name points towards the biggest state of America, the bed frames are inspired by its largeness. The luxurious bed frames are huge and accommodate many occupants. But again how huge an Alaskan king bed is, anyway?

The bed just leaves all other king-size bed frames behind when it comes to its measurements. It’s approximately 9 feet wide and 9 feet long taking up large space.

History of Alaskan King Bed

How did Alaskan king beds originate? Before the id 90s, only twin full beds were prevailing, and every home has that whether they were royals or commoners. 

But in 1949, king-sized beds made rounds in the market. They were king-sized as they were pretty huge.

In the 1960s, California King beds and in the Market, and people started choosing them because of their comparatively compressed floor space and regular size.

That’s how trends of beds which are accommodation and size-friendly come to the market. After California, Alaskan kings which were state beds originated and since then have been part of modern furniture and household accessories.

Like California was named after its birthplace, Alaskan got its title for its massive sizes, as Alaskan is hailed to be the largest state in the US.

Merits & Demerits of Alaskan King 

Why choosing an Alaskan king bed be a great idea? It has so many advantages that will incline you towards these huge beds, but again it comes with several drawbacks which you must look for.


  • It can accommodate many people especially if you are a couple and have more than one kid. If you are siblings and comfortable with sharing a bed, this bed will do.
  • If you have a large room and a regular king-size bed looks odd, having this huge bed will take up space and looks perfect.
Alaskan King Bed: Introduction, History, Merits, Demerits, Factors To Consider & Comparison With Other Beds
  • Do your furry babies seek with you? Then Alaskan king beds will give you plenty of space as they can cuddle you or even sleep at the foot of the bed by not suffocating you.
  • In America, 49% of pet cats and 43% of pet dogs love sleeping with their owners, so having these humongous beds will be super convenient.


  • The prices are sometimes ridiculous, but as the size is huge, the price will be huge as well. So be careful with your budget.
  • These are not widely available, you will have to research and then again customization will be required.
  • These can’t be carried around easily.
  • You will require bigger space to accommodate these beds so they don’t look out of place.
  • You may find it hell to find the right bedding as no regular-sized bedsheets suit these mattresses.

Factors To Consider While Buying an Alaskan King Bed

Are you waiting for a headway that gives you all the consideration you require while buying a mattress? There are many factors that you must not forget while making your purchase for an Alaskan King Bed. 

The bigger mattresses require specific  points to ponder, and here we will see which ones: 

Floor Space

Is the space surrounding the bed a priority for you? Then choosing an Alaskan king bed will not be a great choice as it leaves minimal space if your room Size is average.

It fits right into bedrooms 256 feet wide. As an average room is 15×15, placing this bed will leave no room for dressers and nightstands.

Alaskan King Bed: Introduction, History, Merits, Demerits, Factors To Consider & Comparison With Other Beds

So make sure you are on the board to understand which measurements your bedroom should have or which bed will go fine with the room. 

Number of Occupants 

It entirely depends upon how many people are going to share the bed. If you are a parent and order sharing a bed with your children or maybe your pets, then choosing these mattresses will be the perfect choice.

But if you live alone or just share it with your douse then having an Alaskan king bed is unnecessary and will only occupy space. 

Firm Mattress 

Firmness should be paramount, don’t you think so? It’s medically effective as well it’s a general preference of some people Astley sleeps better on one. 

However, if you are sharing a bed with multiple then you have to forgo this luxury. 

Alaskan King Bed: Introduction, History, Merits, Demerits, Factors To Consider & Comparison With Other Beds

But if sleeping with infants on this mattress, then make sure it’s firm enough as it’s recommended by the American Academy of Paediatrics

But again, these beds don’t come in various firmness options. 


Heavy beds need strategic lifting, that’s something you must be aware of if you ever move your furniture or migrate somewhere. 

Some Alaskan king beds can be dismantled and easily moved from one place to another. 

But again, be aware of the dimensions of your rooms and doorways before placing the order as these beds are humongous.  


Things of huge size demand higher prices. A big mattress is certainly accompanied by a high price tag. 

You should make up your mind an average Alaskan king bed costs $3000 but if you make some alterations prices will go as high as $10000. 

Forget you can have an Alaskan-sized bed by combining two large mattresses, that won’t work.

As you will remain short by two feet. Not a good choice, right?’ 


Mind it you won’t find Alaskan kings easily at the retailers nearby. You have to do thorough research to find these beds. 

Most of the customers customize it according to their needs. However, the stand ones come in types like latex, innerspring, memory foam, and hybrids.

But the customization doesn’t end on just mattresses, you will realize even bedding and comforters are hard to find. 

You will most likely end up customizing your furniture, bedsheets, and other accessories.

Comparison of Alaskan King Vs. Other Beds

When we talk about oversized beds, it means they are comparatively larger and take up much space. These Alaskans are not usually available and you will have to order to get your customized bed.

Let’s take a look at its comparison with other oversized beds.

Types of BedsLength (Inches)Width (Inches)Surface Area (sq. Feet) Room Size(Feet)Accommodation ShapePrice
King807642 2212×122 adults Rectangle $500-$10,000
California King 84724212×142 tall adultsRectangle $900-$7,000
Wyoming  King 98844914×142 adults & 1 childSquare$4999.00
Alberta King 96966415×152 adults, 2 children & petsSquare $119.99
Alaskan King 1081088116×164 adults Square$2,00-$7,000
Texas King 848054.4413×152 tall adults & petsSquare$3,299.00


In conclusion, the Alaskan king bed has got its supreme vibes due to its humongous size, shape, and how it accommodate four adult persons. 

Tall people who find difficulty in adjusting normal-sized beds will be delighted to know how it caters to them. It’s not particularly cheap but seeing its size and other particulates, it’s rather cost effective.

Give it a thorough read and share your opinion about it and other types of king-sized beds.

FAQs on Alaskan King

Is an Alaskan king bed the biggest?

Yes, it’s the largest one to accommodate families and is measured as 108 inches wide and 108 inches long.

How many people can sleep in an Alaskan king bed?

4 adults can easily sleep in that. People who prefer co-sleeping prefer these as it accommodate 2 adults and 3-4 children.

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