Bert Kreischer Daughter: Biography, Parents, Sibling, Arrest Reason, Net Worth

Who is Bert Kreischer daughter and why she is famous in the headlines these days? Let’s uncover the whole story in detail. He is famous for his fascinating comedic stories but accidentally becomes the center of public attention due to a dispute involving his daughter, Ila Kreischer. 

His daughter, Ila Kreischer was put in jail in 2021 for driving under the effects of alcohol and other drugs. The arrest was widely publicized in the media, and Bert also voiced about his daughter’s fight with addiction. Bert genuinely speaks about his daughter’s arrest and he wants to raise consciousness of the issue of addiction. 

Overall, Kreischer’s story is a crucial reminder that addiction is a major issue that can affect any person, despite of age, race, or economic status.

In this guide, we delve deeper into the story of Bert Kreischer daughter, arrest reason, biography, parents, sibling, and net worth.

The Reason For The Arrest Of Bert Kreischer’s Daughter

Why Ila Kreischer is arrested? The reason for Ila’s arrest was that she was driving under the influence of alcohol. In June 2022, the debate encircling his daughter came to the front line of the public eye. Bert shared the video on Instagram regarding his daughter’s anxiety, purposely charging particular incident information confidentially. 

This video stimulated serious matters quickly becoming a hot topic across numerous media channels. But accurate information is difficult to track down, many have searched on the internet, to get enough detail about the incident.

Who Is Ila Kreischer

Did she become famous because of her parents? Yes, she is famous as Bert Kreischer daughter, and LeeAnn both are famous actors and media personalities. Her father is a comedian, actor, TV host, and podcaster and her mother is an actress and a podcaster. Her name, Ila, has a French heritage, which means From the island, but her family hails her name llaker. 

She is very similar to her mother, LeeAnn. Ila’s date of birth is 19 July 2007 and her birth place is California, Los Angeles. What is Ila Kreischer’s ethnicity? She belongs to American nationality and her ethnic background is mixed with a religious faith of Christianity. According to some reports, Ila attended a Private School in California to finish her early education and study at Walter Reed Middle School. 

Bert Kreischer Daughter: Biography, Parents, Sibling, Arrest Reason, Net Worth

Despite this, she showcases a strong fondness for music and painting. What is the leisure activity of Ila Kreischer? She is a golfer lover and shows a strong passion for sports. She currently takes part in a golf event for Louisville. There are various career paths ahead of her to select from.

Ila Kreischer Family Background

Does Ila Kreischer come from a well-off and noteworthy family? Yes, Bert Kreischer daughter Ila comes from an impactful family. Let’s uncover her family details:

Ila Kreischer Father

Her father’s name is Bert Kreischer, he is an American uprise comedian, reality TV host, actor, and podcaster. He is popular for his Rolling Stone article released in 1997, The Machine in which he was title with the Top Partyer at the Number One Party School in the Country. 

He participates in many comedy and fiction films such as The Machine, Comfortably Dumb, and Razzle Dazzle. He also appeared as a host in numerous TV shows such as Hurt Bert, Bert the Conqueror, and Trip Flip. His famous podcast name is Two Bears One Cave with Tom Segura. He is an influential figure among comedy fans and is applauded for his talent to engage with his fans.

Quick Facts Of Bert Kreischer

  • The Date of birth of Bert Kreischer is 3 November 1972 and his birth country is St. Petersburg. 
  • He has completed his graduation degree from Florida State University with a graduation in telecommunications.
  • He set up his professional career as a comedian at the start of the 2000s.
  • He is a founder of the comedy carnival The Machine Shop.

Ila Kreischer Mother

Her mother’s name is LeeAnn Kreischer, she participated in the entertainment industry as an actress and digital content creator.

Bert Kreischer Daughter: Biography, Parents, Sibling, Arrest Reason, Net Worth

With her charismatic performances and pleasing online presence, LeeAnn has enlightened her fan following and made herself a famous figure in entertainment and electronic media.

Sibling Of Ila Kreischer

Ila Kreischer is the younger sister, her elder sister’s name is Georgia Kreischer. Her date of birth is 8 June 2004 and her birth country is Los Angeles, California. Both sisters have very strong relationships, and love and support each other. 

They take pleasure in spending time together, getting ready for watching movies, shopping, or just chilling out at home. Ila and Georgia both are very smart and talented, Ila is a master in art and music and Georgia is an expert writer and actress. 

Bert Kreischer Daughter: Biography, Parents, Sibling, Arrest Reason, Net Worth

Georgia completed her graduation degree from high school and now she is ready to attend college. Ella is studying in middle school and also improving her talent in art and music. She also appeared in a couple of TV commercials, and Georgia plays a role in a few short films. Additionally, they are active on social platforms to share their talent and creativity with their fans.

Net Worth Of Bert Kreischer Daughter

The future star is right now too young to start a job, she is a depend on her parents for financial support at this time. In addition, both her parents are rich with considerable wealth. 

Her father Bert Kreischer’s net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars generated from his role as a comedian, podcaster, actor, and host. Her mother, LeeAnn Kreischer, net worth is estimated to be 1 million dollars.


In conclusion, Bert Kreischer daughter’s arrest for Drugs Under The Influence (DUI) highlights the primary importance of searching for help for addiction and substance abuse disorders. Defeating addiction is a difficult but attainable goal, but seeking assistance is the major step towards regaining a healthier future. 

Ila parents are well-known social media figures, her father Bert Kreischer is a famous comedian and her mother LeeAnn is an actress. She is very close to her elder sister Georgia, both sisters are very talented like their parents, and showcase their talents on the internet.

Finally, you get inclusive information about Bert Kreischer daughter in this article. Tell us in the comments which celebrity kid information you want later. Thank You.

FAQs On Bert Kreischer Daughter

1: How old is Bert Kreischer daughter Ila?

His daughter lla Kreischer is 17 years old according to 2024, her date of birth is 19 July 2007.

2: Is Bert Kreischer still married?

Yes, he is still married and resides in Los Angeles with his beautiful wife LeeAnn, and their two daughters Georgia and Lla Kreischer.

3: How much does Bert Kreischer make per show?

He earn admiration and wealth by making various TV and talk show arrivals and earning 10,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars per show. His vibrant comedy style embraces physical staging that usually includes on-the-spot.

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