Walmart Tiny Homes: Advantages, Disadvantages & Points To Consider

Are the paramount prices of homes seem to be a burden for your budget? Don’t fret anymore as Walmart tiny homes seem to be a reasonable choice when you want cozy homes at affordable prices. 

Traditional renting and mortgage options come with many shackles you might not be ready for. 

Considering this trend of tiny homes in the U.S. many leading brands have come up with options that could be easily purchased.

Walmart also has taken up this initiative to introduce its sheds that can easily be turned into tiny homes and prices to be great havens for customers.

Believe it or not, it’s a great investment, and people with small families often dwell into this opportunity which requires multipurpose furniture and seems comfortable enough.

Although downsizing furniture may be a turn for some people it opens doors for creative storage strategies.

Again these tiny homes are budget-friendly and offer a canvas where you can do your designing and customize accordingly.  

You can have fireplaces, reading nooks, and much more in such small places that will awestruck you.

All these tiny places are available at prices below $25000 and seem to be convenient options with all their unique features and can be shipped to you within weeks with no delay.

In this guide, we will look deeper into Walmart tiny homes, the merits,  demerits, and the points to consider before making a purchase.

Best Walmart Tiny Homes To Buy

There are some of the pretty options available on the Walmart website. You can choose the one that suits best your needs and place an order and it will be delivered to you.

Pinewood Wood Storage Shed Kit

This is one of the most useful Wood Storage kits available on the website and is priced at $8834

This tiny home Hartwood floor is meant for storage although these are pre-built and prepared for painting and pre-primed for insect damage and decay. 

You might also get your hands on this portable space where you can transport seasonal belongings from the lower space so that it feels more homely.

Brandon Wood Shed

This is one of the cheapest Walmart tiny homes and is available at the price of $4092. This house seems to be a great choice who want it for temporary living and customizing it to their liking.

This 12×16 home has wall framing, a pre-primed roof, and doors that allow personalized insulation.

Walmart Tiny Homes: Advantages, Disadvantages & Points To Consider

You can make this home warm during winters and cool when the scorching heat of summers is right over you. 

Camp Reynolds Wood Shed Kit

Such kinds of sheds can easily be bought as Walmart tiny homes. This one is particularly priced at $19260 and is measured as 16×28. 

The space is pretty with two stories and has an L-shaped staircase, storage nooks, insulated windows, and much more.

This one seems to take the ordinary sheds-turned-tiny homes to another level as there’s also a multi-k8t room designed for living comfortably.  

Arlington Wood Shed Kit

Want a cozy home experience without spending much? This Walmart tiny home is available at just $8700 and includes a loft with panel shutters, and pocket doors, there’s much more to have a homely experience. 

The overhead loft seems to negate the compressed space, as there’s enough space to personalize it to your preferences and make good use of it. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of Walmart Tiny Homes 

There are some things you must go through before you decide to pack your suitcases in the Walmart tiny homes. 

Tiny homes may be a great way to live your life economically yet efficiently and they look super cute on the facade.

But are they for everyone? No, not many could adapt to such compressed spaces. Let’s have a look at the possible pros and cons of living in tiny homes.


The merits of living at Walmart tiny homes are: 

Maximised Storage Space 

Have you ever lived in a tiny home, or ever thought about it? You might know that these portable tiny homes feature little spaces that can folded into themselves and give maximized storage. 

Stairs pull out and become drawers to place things, while your dining table can fold up and become part of the wall.

Walmart Tiny Homes: Advantages, Disadvantages & Points To Consider

You will be amazed to know every single cupboard, cavern or even sofa cushion can be used to store up something. 

It’s a great way to put your strategies muscles to work but if you aren’t into decluttering and organizing things regularly, then such kind of homes aren’t for you. 

They are great to live inside if you own multipurpose furniture. 


Spending tons of money might seem overwhelming, won’t it? Walmart’s tiny homes cost way less and are rather economical. 

Several architectural reports have speculated that an average tiny home costs approx. $100000 if you are customizing it but if it’s pre-built then it may cost even less.

But again cost varies as per extravagance and luxuries you desire. Such tiny homes can be even rented if you don’t have long-term plans of living inside one. 


Living in such homes isn’t always a luxury, sometimes you may face some consequences that aren’t particularly cozy. Such as: 

Downsizing Furniture

Are you thrilled to move into Walmart’s tiny homes? Although it seems super cozy to move your house around and live on a bandwagon that looks cute there’s a downside to it.

You will have to forgo 90% of the furniture because it won’t be compressed into such tiny homes. 

Walmart Tiny Homes: Advantages, Disadvantages & Points To Consider

There are tiny homes of dome brands that are only 2.5 meters wide to be transported via trailer so be mindful of it beforehand.  

Bid Farewell To Luxuries

If you are in favor of spending less money then keep in mind you will have to compromise over luxuries.

These are way cheaper to make a living but say goodbye to the majority of the luxuries.

Points To Consider Before Buying Walmart Tiny Homes

There are certain factors you must consider before clashing into such tiny cramped spaces. Here are a few to ponder: 

  • These homes come with less space and are extremely cramped. The ceiling hung low even the walls were super thin. 
  • If you are living all on your own or may have a single housemate, then it’s good. But if you have a big family then never go for these Walmart tiny homes.
  • If you are hospitable and like inciting guests or friends over then it may not be a good choice for you.
  • Be aware of your country’s laws and regulations that allow your country allows live in tiny homes or not as the regulations vary from street to street.
  • Tiny Homes become viral due to convenience and the customization you can make. Make sure these customizations are appropriate and environmentally friendly or not.
  • Tiny homes do not come with the luxury of utilities. 
  • Some of the homes don’t even have the wiring system so you might need to have an electrician at hand.
  • You will have to find ways to get a particular system for acquiring water, sewage, and electricity facilities that align with your country’s standards.


In conclusion, Walmart tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes even in budgets. You can buy as high as $25K or as low as $4K. All the houses come with cramped spaces but give room for great creativity and versatility. 

You can customize the homes as per your preferences and make good use of small spaces. Although you will have to throw out your extra furniture or even forgo luxuries. 

Give it a thorough read to know which Walmart tiny home will suit best your aesthetics and when you need to buy one.

FAQs on Walmart Tiny Homes 

What is the lowest price to build a tiny home?

The cost varies as per the condition of the House, its size, and quality. If it’s a pre-built one, it will be available between 6k-10k. But if it’s custom-made the prices will go as high as $100k. 

Where are tiny homes legal in the US?

It seems to be legal and preferred in North Carolina, Utah, Arizona,  Washington, and New York.

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