Euro 2024 Qualifying Round-up Luxembourg vs Portugal Summary, Main Events and Ratings

In the Euro 2024 qualifying round up Luxembourg vs Portugal, Portugal got their biggest win by beating Luxembourg with a 9 – 0 record. During the match, Bruno Fernandes from Manchester United scored once in Portugal’s win while giving three assists during the round. 

Apart from that, Wales won against Latvia. The match was against Latvia. Aaron Ramsey and David Brooks were in the spotlight after securing a goal that led to their team’s win. Armenia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Liechtenstein couldn’t hold their ground against Croatia, Iceland, and Slovakia. 

Luxembourg vs Portugal: Fernandez Late Goal 

Luxembourg vs Portugal: Fernandez Late Goal 

After thrashing Luxembourg, Portugal has successfully made their place in the Euro 2024 Group J qualifying campaign and the fans are eager to see them playing afresh in the upcoming games. Although, Ronaldo is facing suspension and couldn’t join his team. 

Meanwhile, the team didn’t lower their morale and came into the ground after assembling their best team. Their play was quite dominant, particularly due to the assists hattrick, and goal of Estadio Algarve Manchester United Burno Fernandes. In the international victories till today, Fernandes put forward the biggest victory of the nation. 

After 12 minutes into the first round, Goncako Inacio and Paris St Germain took charge of their respective roles. Goncako Inacio opened the scoring while his other teammate Paris took the defense of the home side under his control. After having a pin-point delivery from Fernandes, Inacio headed in a fourth first-half blockage. 

Whereas, Roberto Martinez didn’t let up their side to the opposing team. Just before the hour, Diogi raced clear to fire home a fifth and found Fernandes. Within 20 minutes, Richard Horta added a sixth. He left when Diogi Jota slotted in. 

At that moment, Fernandes scored a goal with his presentation. Although the goal was late, it was well taken. Whereas, Joao Felix made six wins from six and finalized the rout.  

Game Information 

  • Location: Stade de Luxembourg
  • Timings: 11:45 PM
  • Date: 26 March 2023
  • Region: Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  • Attendance: 9,231
  • Referees: Radu Petrescu

Luxembourg vs Portugal: Goalkeeper and Defence Ratings

Luxembourg vs Portugal: Goalkeeper and Defence Ratings

In the game Luxembourg vs Portugal, the following were the goalkeeping and defense stats: 

  • Diogo Costa (6/10)
    • Diogo Costa had a dormant role as he only needed one save to make. Most of the time, the defense line remains unhinged or not permeated. 
  • Nelson Semedo (7/10)
    • Nelson tried to play his best and sometimes complicated things. However, his actions were more like to get the attention of the manager. 
  • Ruben Dias (7/10)
    • On the other side of the ball, Dias had little to do during the rounds. Yet, he made the most passes in the game. 
  • Gonçalo Inacio (8/10)
    • Goncalo Inacio plaid his third international cap and took his first international goal. However, his performance and rating were much better in his second International cap. 
  • Diogo Dalot (7/10)
    • Diogo Dalot had a reliable performance, showcasing his promising future as he’s fit to be kept in the team. Dalot showcases a disciplined performance allowing Leao assistance and surging forward. 


During the game, the following were the ratings of midfield players:

  • Danilo Pereira (7/10)
    • Danilo Pereria did what was needed in the match, keep the ball moving and don’t let it get trapped. Although his moves were not inspirational, but left a mark on the game. 
  • Bruno Fernandes (9/10)
    • Fernandes was the man of the match, assisting in three of the eight goals of Portugal. Before full-time, he made his own goal and received a loud applause for dictating the game. 
  • Bernardo Silva (7/10)

Silva wasn’t in his natural position, however, but still left no crumbs playing well in between Pereira and Fernandes. Fernandes acted as the creator, Pereira as a destroyer, and Silva was the legs keeping the midfield attacks active. 


Luxembourg vs Portugal attack ratings are the following:

  • Diogo Jota (8/10)
    • In the first half, Diogo Jota hit the bar and exhibited his energy. In the second half, Jota scored a goal and then another, both were cool to watch. 
  • Goncalo Ramos (8/10)
    • Goncalo had received a chance to once again represent his World Cup success. As Christiano Ronaldo was on suspension, Ramos didn’t let the energy of the team go down and kept it afloat. Just like his other tournament performance, he served the opportunities to take his goals decently. 
  • Rafael Leao (8/10)
    • Rafel Leao was electrifying and sublime during the game, his assistance to Ramos was astounding. Ramos charged with stamina, left the defenders in the dust, and took the spotlight as a tough attacker.

What was your favorite moment during the Luxembourg vs Portugal Euro 2024 qualifying round-up, comment. 

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