Multicultural Aspects of Cricket and the Rise of African Players in England Cricket Team

Cricket is a passionate game with fans around the globe supporting their favorite teams. Often, multicultural aspects of cricket make it more than just a game as it has a significant influence on society. In cricket, fans from different regions experience the tournaments and matches in multiple locations around the world, primarily England, Australia, India, Dubai, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and some others. 

Moreover, players from different countries participate in various leagues. Hence, they mingle with other players and have friends from different cultures. As a result, they get to experience multiple cultures, traditions, and values. Cricket is therefore known as a game that promises social harmony, as it cuts over language, region, religion, and cultural barriers. 

Multicultural Aspects of Cricket

Cricket isn’t just a game, but it’s a language that unites individuals irrespective of their nations, languages, and cultures. The sight of a cricket match not only invokes nationalist spirit, but the fans have their favorites from teams of different nations. 

There are some all-time favorites like AB De Villiers, Adam Zampa, Steve Smith, Shahid Afridi, James Anderson, David Warner, Imran Khan, M. S Dhoni, Babar Azam, and Virat Kohli. Who’s your all-time favorite cricket player and cricket team?

Whether the cricket match takes place in the parks of Sydney, streets of Mumbai, grounds of Lahore, or rural areas of England, the sight of the match invokes a sense of unity and passion among the onlookers as well as the players. Cricket is a hobby to some people, while others take it as a way of life. 

In the 20th century, cricket was only popular in the countries that sent their teams to tournaments. However, with the internet and the migration of people to different nations, many countries are showing their interest in the sport. Americans have been interested in it since the Civil War.

However, with the recent increase in South Asian migrants to different nations, particularly the U.S., Germany, France, and other countries, the popularity and awareness of cricket are rising significantly. 

James Anderson and Mark Butcher, the England cricket team also cited the structural shift of multicultural people. Before, there was a dwindling number of black cricketers in England’s top-flight team. Meanwhile, there are significant black players in the team which is well appreciated by the players. 

Majorly, multicultural aspects of cricket denote overcoming social, linguistic, and ethnic boundaries. The following aspects will further elaborate the cricket as a universal game:

Integration and Community Bonding 

Cricket fans are hyper and passionate about their teams in the World Cups and Asian Cups, however, they support and integrate normally. Sometimes, natives of Australia support their opponents more than their team while showcasing community bonding. 

Different communities that love watching cricket have a higher capacity for social cohesion and integration. Local cricket clubs play a crucial role in promoting integration as they gather players from numerous backgrounds, races, statuses, and regions to watch, play, and enjoy the sports. 

Multicultural Aspects of Cricket and the Rise of African Players in England Cricket Team

The clubs, youth sports events, and under-18 matches offer a venue for social gatherings, interaction, solidarity, assimilation, and belonging among different communities. The heat of the strenuous physical activity and teamwork inspires the audience with a fiery passion. 

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion 

How does cricket celebrate diversity and inclusion? Whether it’s on the pitch or off the pitch, the players transcend national and ethnic boundaries, showing their friendships, celebrating festivals together, and posting videos. 

The player’s efforts to showcase their friendship with other players from different teams can break stereotypes about their regions and cultures.  Cricket is a sport that pro its inclusivity among underrepresented groups, poor youngsters, refugees, and differently-abled individuals who can showcase their skills and talents. 

Social Accountability and Charity 

Additionally, the sport promotes philanthropy and social responsibility. Players endorse several humanitarian aid and social welfare institutions. Their projects associated with welfare and charity institutions wield the power to solve major issues, such as poverty, healthcare, and juvenile education.

Likewise, their fans and multiple brands associated with them also participate in philanthropic acts following the cricket stars. Henceforth, it starts a chain of money distribution among needy and impoverished people all around the world. Apart from that, they also help in raising voices on various social issues. 


Fans also make bets during the championships and tournaments of cricket. On online forums, betting sites like, chat groups, and discussion communities, people interested in cricket teams place their bets.

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The system of placing bets is similar to bets in other sports and the winner takes all. The betting sessions add liveliness for the cricket enthusiasts and they anticipate who will win the match until the end. 

Multicultural Aspects of Cricket for Black Players 

Mark Butcher says that cricket is a clean and multicultural game, just as the England team that won the World Cup. However, there were various issues regarding race, participation of black players and coaches, and structural problems. 

According to him, the number of African professional players is going down due to multiple factors – structural and generational. The blame can’t be placed on one faction as this initiated the removal of cricket from state schools in the ‘90s. Therefore, young kids from the Afro-Caribbean weren’t very familiar with the sports. 

What do you think about the multicultural aspects of cricket, comment below. 

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