Election of 2020 Presidential Election

As it is a hot topic nowadays in America that, who will win the election of 2020?   

There is just one month left in the election of 2020 and the president would be announced. But there is farrago condition in the united states of America that maybe Donald Trump would be the next president for the USA because by seeing the history of the united states we can easily say that most of the presidents of USA have completed eight years of presidency.  

Elections of 2020

 It means most of the presidents complete two tenure. Therefore, without any doubt, we can say that it is pretty easy for Trump to win this election of 2020.   

Election of 2020: 

Now the next came is that in the election of 2020 Joe Biden also has good support but Trump is elevating.   

Trump said on his presidential debate that he has done more in 47 months than he (Joe Biden) has done in 47 years. Now the perceiving point is that he said this very confidentially and received a very vital response.  

But on the flip side, a prominent point is that too many people would believe that he (Trump) is a snollygoster. He just wants to benefit himself and his family and he is bamboozling the people of the united states of America.    


The most dominant and prominent thing about this particular topic is that “Racism” is the most common altercation in the era of Donald Trump. This could harm his campaign. Every black American is not supporting him and this is an edge for Joe Biden. It is the most discussing point in the election of 2020.  

After the death of George Floyd, they all protested against the police of the united stated and demanded justice.    

For justice, they all were hoping that President Trump must help them but he did nothing. In other words, we can say that he also doesn’t like black people in his country. Even he doesn’t want them to be in a position of doyens. Now it is really an uphill battle for him to get a vote from them.   

In the four years, we noticed president trump never followed his words. He says other things and does others. He just knows how to convince people with the help of debate and words. Another grudging point is that in the era of Donald Trump there was a huge threat of WAR.    

It would be correct to write he didn’t notice on international relationships. By knowing the fact that without international understanding or good relationships with your neighborhood countries you can’t run your country.   

You must need their products, or might be possible you would have to do business or investment with that country. Your country can decline in the future. If you wouldn’t have a strong plan or relationship with them then it would be very difficult for your whole nation.   

Remember it you are running a country now! Not your business. Your one wrong decision can break all the economy of the country and all the people would be affected.

You will be responsible. Civilians will ask you. We gave you our vote but what you did to us?  We have to choose a worthy president in the election of 2020 who will raise our country worldwide.

This was the biggest mistake ever that President Trump did during his government. He messed with Afghanistan and after their attack did sorry.   

In addition, he also said we want peace so I hope now Afghanistan’s government will understand it and raise a hand of friendship with us. Actually, he came to know that it was plunder done by me and would affect the whole nation.  

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The hot topic nowadays, who will call the white house or president trump will continue in the election of 2020? It is a dilemma for every Andy of America. To whom they will give their vote? It’s a very important decision for your country. 

By rest assuring all these points we can make america great again!

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