10 Mexican Best Tequila: Introduction, Points To Consider, Popular Brands & Types

Are you looking for the Best Tequilas for different preferences? If yes, then you are visiting the right place. Whether you prefer a smooth and mellow tequila, one with strong flavors, or something in between, there is a tequila out there for you. The sweet, spicy, and fruity flavors of tequila are written below, read it carefully to increase your knowledge. 

The luxurious and most expensive tequilas are Mijenta Reposado, Fortaleza Still Strength, Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo, Casa Noble Joven, Celosa Rose, and Codigo 1530 Still Strength Blanco. 

It is the perfect time to go back and enjoy some tequila. As a result of the explosion of small-scale tequilas and the wider availability of little-known Mexican brands, there are so many options to select from. In addition, ordering online makes it super convenient to explore a wide selection.

In this guide, we dig into the entire detail of best tequilas, introduction, points to consider, popular brands, and types. 

What To Seek Out In A Best Tequila

What are the major factors to examine when selecting the best quality tequila? Tequila is a creation of a particular origin that embraces all of Jalisco pleasantly as a few townships in the region of Michoacán, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, and Nayarit. Just blue agave, or the agave tequilana Weber azul root in Mexico’s most popular spirit tequila. 

The tequila-making company is undergoing joy at the moment as a result of celebrities promoting their products and spreading knowledge of the whole method involved in making the drinks. But you avoid purchasing tequila just because celebrities advertise or use the products. 

Simply the best flavor that tempts the tongue and nose when ingested on its own without the need for shakers. If the first sip is gone, is it something you will desire to drink again and again that means a more flavorful tequila?

The Hot Seller Best Tequila In The World

The Hot Seller Best Tequila In The World

Before explaining a summary of the best tequila in the world, it is essential to note that, it depends on how it develops, tequila can be divided into numerous classifications. 

The high-quality tequila in the world changes day by day according to personal choice and taste experience. Choose Mexican tequila brands to be assured you are drinking the best quality.

International Best Tequila: Fortaleza Still Strength

From its inception, Fortaleza has gained so much fame, hard its slot as a barkeeper favorite thanks to its tasty agave notes that are only acquired by the production of tahona. 

Additionally, Guillermo Erickson established the industry, his family was the only one who created the tequila name and was the foremost to cook blue agave with flow. There are recently four representations of the spirit obtainable: añejo, reposado, blanco, and Blanco remaining robust.

Leading Reposado Tequila: Mijenta Reposado

Leading Reposado Tequila: Mijenta Reposado

Mijenta is an exclusive brand that is dedicated to keeping up organic farming and the towns of Jalisco. It also comes about to craft some tasty drinks. Mijenta Reposado is the best-seller brand that provides you best offerings, paired with honey and orange. 

Maestra tequila Ana Maria Romero tequila is utilized with a combination of American and French oak, also rarer acacia wood casks. The tequila gets to rest for up to six months in this mix of barrels, allowing it to develop its flavors and aromas.

Hot Selling Añejo Tequila: Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo

Tres Generaciones Añejo is included in the list of best tequila, it is produced in limited quality that is rich in taste and a little smoky on the palate. It makes for an intricate whiskey efficient of satisfying folks who typically lead towards agave spirit.

A-List Celebrity Tequila: Casa Noble Joven

Partially recognized by superstar Carlos Santana, Casa Noble makes a variety of tasty handcrafted and certified organic low-lying tequilas. All are amazing but Casa Noble’s restricted production Joven lately caught the attention of our tastebuds. 

Bottled at 102 evidence for a flavorful, young sits in oak for just six weeks, which would efficiently make it a blanco. Overall, this bottle has a lavishness and sphericity that recommend dark chocolate, without the over-sugary vanilla and butter flavors.

Best Luxury Tequila: Gran Patrón Platinum

Best Luxury Tequila: Gran Patrón Platinum

It is appealing to play down Patrón, but desires if its triple purify blanco doesn’t touch our souls. It is only concisely casked in oak, so if you want to taste sweet vanilla flavors, Patrón directed its Platinum best tequila toward freshness. 

It’s silky, almost to the point of evaporating but sometimes rises with a long peppery finish of that hint of perfume left behind when somebody passes you by. The price could be a little difficult to digest but some tequilas slides down smoothly.

Best Additional Añejo Tequila: Laneta Extra Añejo

It is an extremely hot and appealing additional añejo, Laneta gains from over three years of maturing tequila in white oak former bourbon barrels. During that time, it acquires all types of sweet keepsakes such as toffee, milk chocolate, and a hint of marzipan.

Best Sugary Blanco Tequila: Milagro

Milagro is made completely from Blue Agave in the Jalisco mountains, Mexico, and is well known for its perfect mix of lively agave taste and superb silkiness. To chill the fresh flavor, the filtration uses both pot and continuous stills. 

The company holder, William Grant & Sons, said in 2020 that the brand would obtain a Mexican industrial plant increase the business’s production growth in the high spirits market, and receive the title of one of the best tequilas in the world.

Top Rose Tequila: Celosa Rose

Celosia Rose is a naturally high-end look that establishes a new degree of difficulty for the fast-expanding Cristalino group. The journey begins with a seven-year-old agave plucked from the mountains of Jalisco. 

The plants are filtered and matured for a long time in red wine barrels, and then the outcome joven is filtered and matured for a second time in French oak, giving the tequila a smoothness, a little tannic body, and a typical pink hue.

Best Tequila For Whiskey Lovers: Avion Reserva 44 Extra Añejo

When making the high end of your tequila collection, always keep a place for Avion 44. This butterscotch blast holds with it an end of nutmeg, allspice, and dried coriander. 

An amazingly complex tasting experience, assisted by a robust, smooth silky-like body, there’s also some spiced caramel and cinnamon flavor to mix well after the sip has gone down. This is particularly true for whiskey fans tequila completely.

Best Distinctive Tequila: Codigo 1530 Still Strength Blanco

It is single origin and bottled at 90 proof, Codigo 1530 Still Strength Blanco is distinct from anything else the famous brand has to provide. 

It provides a bunch of fresh-cut tulips and giggles the tongue with a flavor of mint and rainwater. Before the prolonged aftertaste, you will feel a nuttiness-toasted pepitas is the most definite similarity It will leave you desire more.


In conclusion, the investigation for the best tequila in Mexico is an inspection of taste, culture, and workmanship. They use the best quality organic agave tequilas, with a selection for blanco or reposado variation depending on your tastebuds. In this respect, Mijenta Reposado, Fortaleza Still Strength, Sauza Tres Generaciones Añejo, Casa Noble Joven, Celosa Rose, and Codigo 1530 Still Strength Blanco are included as the best quality Tequilas in 2024. 

Overall, it is always a good idea to discover different tequilas and taste the one that suits your liking.

Lastly, you get complete details about the best tequila in this article. I hope you find it helpful. Tell us which one is your favorite Tequila.

FAQs On Best Tequila

1: Which tequila is best for shots?

Tequila provides a wide selection of choices to accommodate all preferences. From colorful blancos to silky reposados and flavorful añejos. Still, añejo is most enjoyable as a slowly sipping tequila, straight up or on the rocks as it has a tasteful profile. If you desire tequilas for shots, blanco is the good going.

2: What are the 5 types of best tequila?

Here is the list of five distinctive types of tequila:

  • Ley tequila
  • Blanco
  • reposado
  • extra añejo
  • crista lino

3: How to drink tequila?

If you drink a sip of tequila that is chiller in temperature, always try tequila in undiluted form or other words little chilled. The tequila must be tossed or stirred with ice and then poured into a glass without ice. Or, if you want ice in your drink then sphere-shaped ice cubes look better.

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