Adrenal Cocktail: Introduction, Recipe, Advantages, Adrenal Fatigue & Possible Risks

Is your brain getting foggy and feeling drained? You might know this or not but it’s your adrenal glands you should blame. Adrenal Cocktail has been claimed to be a great solution in this regard which calms down your winded glands. 

However, sometimes I feel these glands are innocent as we put excessive pressure on them with next to no break and they taxed up with all the stress. 

But there’s no need to get so worried over it as this cocktail seems to be a great sipper with not even an ounce of alcohol and contains all healthy ingredients making your body glow from the inside out. 

This viral drink has amassed huge popularity and renews your stressed adrenal glands  

You might be worried about insomnia and tiredness caused by adrenal fatigue and worried about how to get your body back to its maximum potential, so here’s your cue.

In this guide,  we will look deeper into an adrenal cocktail, how it works, its recipe, its benefits in the human body, adrenal fatigue, and possible risks.

What is An Adrenal Cocktail?

With all the fuss created over it, you deserve an introduction to the adrenal cocktail. What is it, anyway? It’s a hormone-regulating drink originally cane around to regulate the adrenal glands’ function. 

It proves to be an effective drink to balance electrolytes and hormone levels within the body but I’m not certain about its origin which is not even important anyway.

This cocktail mainly deals with regulating stress, which is a leading cause of diseases. 

Not gonna lie, but I advocate this drink for its metabolic benefits. Its ingredients are not even that complex to get worried about its sneaky effect on the body. 

The adrenal cocktail contains vitamin C from orange juice or any citrus drink you choose, coconut water, or cream of tartar to get a sufficient amount of potassium and sea salt which is rather controversial but a high-quality salt regulates electrolyte balance.

Adrenal Cocktail Recipe

With all the hype going on and the viral trends, we have finally gotten our hands on a simple and quick adrenal cocktail recipe. You just have to mix in these three basic ingredients and a potion for your declining health is here: 

  • ½ cup freshly squeezed orange juice
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • ¼ teaspoon cream of tartar

You can add additional ingredients to make this recipe more worthwhile. 

  • Add some collagen to make this adrenal cocktail amino acids rich. 
  • Incorporate full-fat or low fat either shipping cream or coconut cream to satiate your cravings and keep your blood sugar level in check.
  • Use Himalayan pink salt which is iodine-free and contains 84 essential minerals a boon for your adrenal glands.
  • You can swap coconut water with lemon or cranberry juice which is potassium-rich but in the case of coconut, you might need to ass vitamin C powder.
Adrenal Cocktail: Introduction, Recipe, Advantages, Adrenal Fatigue & Possible Risks

When do you need to have an adrenal cocktail? Drink it once or twice a day but again make sure you are fully aware of how your body responds to it. 

In the beginning, drink only once a day and at the time when the mineral level in the body is at its lowest. It’s usually at around 10’o clock in the morning and 2’o clock in the afternoon. 

People with adrenal fatigue or insufficiency are usually sensitive to supplements and new foods so observe your body’s reaction and make decisions accordingly.

Advantages of Adrenal Cocktail 

What are some pros of making adrenal cocktail an essential for your body? If you ever feel like you are facing adrenal fatigue symptoms just get on board with the adrenal cocktail. 

It even helps in giving both enough energy and regulating stress hormone aka cortisol.

Balances Out Minerals 

This drink works wonders in regulating your mineral intake which subsequently balances your hormones functioning.

You have observed our daily diet is loaded with sodium instead of potassium these days all thanks to ultra-processed food which doesn’t produce adequate aldosterone.  

Low levels of aldosterone make you tired but potassium from coconut water balances out the production of aldosterone and even improves electrolyte levels within the body.

Increasing the level of electrolytes improves the absorption of nutrients and keeps your body energized.

Even the salt and cream of tartar contain enough potassium to keep your adrenal level stable. 

Good Source of Carbohydrates 

As we are busybodies we can’t wait hours for the carbohydrates to get digested so orange juice seems to be a perfect option to give a quick boost of energy. 

Adrenal Cocktail: Introduction, Recipe, Advantages, Adrenal Fatigue & Possible Risks

Orange juice can be digested within minutes, unlike complex carbohydrates which take a comparatively long time. 

Adequate Amount of Vitamin C

You might not know this but your adrenals are sucker for Vitamin C. This nutrient can be abundantly found in orange juice, and it helps greatly in regulating your stress level. 

Vitamin C also has its role in improving the immune system and making the liver absorb sufficient glucose.

All of these merits point towards keeping your vitamin C level maximum all the time. 


Another thing that will make you obsessed with an adrenal cocktail is how convenient it is. Our fast-paced life cells for a quick burst of energy which usually misguided us to unhealthy food in most cases snacks.

But this drink allows you to have sufficient vitamins and minerals all with few basic ingredients and that too at home with little to no effort.

Drinking once or twice a day gives sufficient support to your adrenal glands.

What Is An Adrenal Fatigue?

Is adrenal fatigue real and how adrenal cocktail help with it? Many healthcare professionals don’t even consider it a medical term let alone its impact on the body. Many pieces of research say it’s just a myth no science claims to back it.

But does that mean you will neglect it? No, it’s believed to be a condition that is mild for adrenal insufficiency. In Lyman terms, it influences your body but not quite severely and can’t be detected in blood tests.

This adrenal fatigue like every working organ in the body winded up with all the stress your body causes by taxing it up greatly. 

Adrenal Cocktail: Introduction, Recipe, Advantages, Adrenal Fatigue & Possible Risks

Several conditions give away that you have adrenal fatigue, such as a foggy brain, craving sweet and salty eatables all the time, and constant tiredness.

As per the doctor’s observation, adrenal fatigue spikes up cortisol levels within the body and your body lags in responding to certain situations, and hormone production declines.

Is Adrenal Cocktail Harmful? 

No there is no harm associated with the adrenal cortex in general. So may everyone drink it? Well, that’s a tricky question, but if you are drinking coconut water, citrus juice, or a little amount of salt, it’s safe to drink for everyone. 

But again if you have kidney or metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes should be careful as certain ingredients may not be entirely safe for them.

However, coconut water contains less sugar and doesn’t spike up blood sugar levels, and replacing orange juice or pineapple juice with lemon juice seems to be a wise choice here. 

But if you have a coconut allergy which is pretty common avoid coconut water and go for a cream of tartar or banana. 

Long story short, adrenal cocktail is way better than conventional sodas and carbonated beverages which only seem to spike up the glycaemic index.


In conclusion, an adrenal cocktail has the potential to treat adrenal fatigue and adrenal inadequacy.  It might not be widely recognized as a medical condition and therefore not properly treated but has its optimal effect in treating chronic stress and regulating mineral intake and homeostasis within the body.

All the basic ingredients including citrus juice,  coconut water, or sea salt have benefits that work wonders in your body and regulate adrenal functioning. 

But again coconut water may contain sugar so diabetics must be cautious and sea salt contains sodium which could be a matter of concern for hypertensive patients.

A minimal amount of each ingredient is found but again consulting with a Dietitian is strongly suggested especially if you are on medication 

Give it a thorough read and share have you ever felt dizzy? Do you think your adrenals are only taxed up? 

FAQs on Adrenal Cocktail 

What is an adrenal cocktail?

It’s a drink made up of orange juice, coconut water, and sea salt and was originally meant to nourish you’d body and reduce cortisol levels. 

Is an adrenal cocktail the same as electrolytes?

The drink contains two main electrolytes sodium and potassium along with vitamin C which replenishes nutrients it gets minimized.

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