Who is Yeonmi Park Husband? Divorce, Child’s Custody, Moving On, Early Life, Advocacy Career & Net Worth

Do you also get awe-inspired with strong resilient women? Well, Yeonmi Park is one of them. Her recognition is another thing but Yeonmi Park husband has also been getting hype because people are curious to know about him. Much to people’s disappointment the couple is no longer together and there’s not much information disclosed about their separation on social media.

Yeonmi, a North Korean defector had a horrible past which she shared with the world in her first advocate speech on the International Stage at the ‘One Young World Conference’ inaugurated in Ireland.

Her first speech caught the media’s attention like fire, she shared how many difficulties she had gone through during her time in North Korea, but finally decided to move on and migrated to the United States of America, settled there, and started life by marrying and getting divorced.

Her setbacks didn’t stop her and she fought against human Trafford seeking basic human rights. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into all the details about Yeonmi Park husband, how they got separated, did Yeonmi moved on, and her earlier traumatic life.

Who is Yeonmi Park Husband?

If you are familiar with this super lady, you must be wondering who is Yeonmi Park husband? Her husband’s name is Ezekiel, the couple hitched the knot on January 4th, 2017. 

But unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long, and parted ways just after 3 years. Yeonmi declared about her splitting ways with her husband in a Facebook post. 

But still, their time together had them conceive a little boy named James who would be 6 years old by now. 

Yeonmi and her ex-husband preferred to keep their private life under wraps and aren’t quite vocal about disclosing their personalities so we don’t know any further about Yeonmi Park’s husband.  

Is Yeonmi Park Husband Still In Her Life? 

No, Ezekiel isn’t with her right now despite him appearing on her Instagram page quite frequently.  Yeonmi didn’t like to talk much about her husband which indicates they have quite a nasty end.

He steamed a YouTube video in 2021, where she disclosed her divorce. Her video title was ‘Let’s Talk About Lies – North Korean Defector’. 

Who is Yeonmi Park Husband? Divorce, Child's Custody, Moving On, Early Life, Advocacy Career & Net Worth

Her divorce was further stamped true when she declined any connection with Ezekiel upon fans consistently asking about her wedding.

Did Yeonmi Park Husband Take Custody of Child?

No, that isn’t the case, the son who is the result of their 4 years of marriage solely belongs to Yeonmi Park. She gave birth to her son in 2018 later than she revealed her divorce with her husband. 

When she gave birth, she deleted her post from Facebook and YouTube but she continued posting on Twitter, one particular post says,

“The miracle that is life. I’d put up with being starved to become the mother of this beautiful angel”.

Who is Yeonmi Park Husband? Divorce, Child's Custody, Moving On, Early Life, Advocacy Career & Net Worth

She kept her optimism high, the tough circumstances didn’t let her down. Her difficulties in life didn’t let her lose her charm and she remained resilient despite all the negativities surrounding her.

Her social media specifically YouTube says she’s no longer in any connection with her ex-husband and she most certainly doesn’t allow him anywhere near her son.

Has Yeonmi Park Finally Moved On? 

Is Yeonmi Park husband still in her life and influencing her love life? Or has she finally closed this chapter and moved on? A lot of you may have been wondering about these notions so let me clear it for you. No Yeonmi is single and isn’t seeing anyone. 

Despite of media keeping tabs on her love life, there’s nothing juicy has been found about her being in a relationship with anybody.

She’s currently giving her utmost attention to her career, her advocacy career is burgeoning and the TED Speaker is bent on getting justice for North Koreans.

Ezekiel came into her life in 2017, when she got hitched but officially got divorced in 2020 because of differences in 2021 she claimed out loud that she’s single but has a son with her ex-husband whom she will nurture on her own.

Has Yeonmi Park Always Been An Advocate? 

No, she hasn’t been an activist for long, her traumatic life challenges pushed her into this career. 

She was born and raised in North Korea but her life there got extremely tough and they moved from there to China. 

But the liberation didn’t come easily to them, China proved to be more daunting as they were undocumented immigrants. 

They were looking for Safe refuge with the fear of being caught but remained persistent and found refuge in an asylum at the South Korean Embassy.

In the asylum, they learned a new language, adapted to the culture, and overcame her past traumas. These journeys and traumas compelled her to be an activist. 

She shared her viewpoints through her YouTube channel, and her topics comprise the dangers of socialism, and human rights which are argued with her witty remarks and eloquence. 

She has an immense fan following due to her courage and exposure to these scenarios.

Parents of Yeonmi Park 

Yeonmi is a resident of North Korea and was born in Ryanggang Province. Her parents had a profound impact on her upbringing, we won’t say the impact is pleasant as it has been traumatic.

Her father, Jin Silk was a smuggler and involved in illegal activities when she was young. He used to illicitly trade China-made products including stolen items and metals into North Korea.

He additionally used to trade products like cigarettes, rice, sugar, and clothing. But his illicit activities couldn’t stay hidden for long. 

Who is Yeonmi Park Husband? Divorce, Child's Custody, Moving On, Early Life, Advocacy Career & Net Worth

He was finally caught by the authorities and sent to a labor camp where he died due to colon cancer.

However, her mother, Keum Sook Byeon suffered along with her and remained in North Korea till they decided to unleash their capabilities to the world.

The net worth of Yeonmi Park Husband 

Yeonmi Park’s husband is being rumored all over social media that she left him but that certainly doesn’t affect her financial success. 

Her exact net worth has remained a mystery but still, her immense following and lifestyle acclaimed her having a decent fortune. 

Her estimated net worth is calculated to be either $1 or $3 M or maybe in between. However, we are unaware of the net worth of Yeonmi Park husband. 

Her financial success is all due to her diligence and determination she has weirded through her past traumatic experiences. 

She’s significantly impacting people through her advocacy and we are in awe of her commitment to bring a positive change in society.


In conclusion, Yeonmi Park husband has been over the tabloids since she announced her separation on her YouTube channel. 

She has been fearlessly pursuing her career as a passionate activist by giving insight into human rights and socialism’s negative impacts.

She has gone through traumas all over her childhood even in adulthood along with her mother as her father died after he was caught being involved in illicit activities. 

Yeonmi Park husband has been a sore matter for the lady which she has declined to discuss but has made several posts about him lying to her all along their relationship. The couple had a son together whom Yeonmi nurtured as a single parent.

Give it a food read to know all about Yeonmi Park husband, and what is your opinion about their separation? 

FAQs on Yeonmi Park Husband 

Who was Yeonmi Park husband?

She married an American named Ezekiel in 2017, their marriage lasted for three years and they parted ways in 2020.

Does Yeonmi Park write her books? 

Yes, as she is a social activist who escaped North Korea when she was a teenager. It’s impossible to escape from there due to government oppression.

‘She has written To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. She is highlighting the traumas she has gone through during her freedom.

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