Education as a leading weapon?

Education is the most powerful weapon around the globe that you can use to change the world and the one’s life who is suffering. In this article, we will discuss education and the leading countries.  

Education and 3 enthusiastic leading countries.

There is no denying that if you want to see the system of any country that how’s it is working and achieving the success then check their education system first so you will come to know about the pivotal point of that country’s success.   

Education In The Prestigious Empire Of Japan: 

Here we can take the example of Japan. Who aggrieved from their bad days. When America blasted the bomb in Hero Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it ruined all their country, and a number of died.  

Education and 3 enthusiastic leading countries.

After that they were not able to run their country anymore because that blast disturbed everything in Japan, even President couldn’t do anything in the favor. That was the most indigent era in Japan.  

Here the most dominant and prominent thing about Japan’s people is that they didn’t give up! After this, they decided to build their country again and rule the world.  

So, the very first thing they did after that is “Teaching”. They said to America that we don’t need your money. You just have to educate our youth. It was not a big deal for the united states that’s why they agreed. 

Now, the result of this certain and stellar plan is that they educated their youth without any special demand. After that, they (Japanese) came to know about each and everything because as I mentioned earlier that just a single person can change the world and rule on it just by education

Then America came to know that we did a very mammoth mistake by proving them tutoring. They built their country with the help of enlightenment.  

And now Japan is the most powerful country in every perspective. The visa for Japan is the World’s most powerful visa. Japan is at the top in marketing and production. This happened just through Education.  

At that moment they realized that now the mere thing that can build our nation is “pedagogy”.  And the literacy rate in Japan is 100%. Here the question arises that when did education becomes compulsory in Japan. In 1907 learning becomes compulsory in Japan. 

Importance of Education in Religions: 

If we take a look at Islam then we come to know that the very first verses of the most honorable locution Holy Quran was “Read by the name of Allah who created you” in other words “Education“. 

Regarding the domain of Islam, the very close companion of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) Hazrat Ali (R.a) said that the person who teaches me even a single word is my teacher.  

So, we can imagine the worth of Education. It is the part and parcel thing in every religion, especially in Islam.   

How Politicians Are Thwarting The Education: 

As far as the point is concerned about our politicians, they are just diddling to their nation and making them enthusiastic so that it will be easy for them to get support because without Education you cannot decide the difference between true and wrong.  

They are trying to snatch the conscience power that gives us the sense to choose good and bad. They all know that if we will provide them education then they can easily choose the right one and we cannot bamboozle them at all.  

Germany, A Land Of Free Education: 

If we look ahead in Germany, education is totally free and that’s a very pulsating thing. For-example if someone wants to study but he cannot pay so it is really an uphill battle for such a person to continue their studies.  

Because now he is compelled to leave his study. Germany is just overcoming this problem and succeeding day by day.    

Education and 3 enthusiastic leading countries.

There is an elegance quotation that Iraq says “In the book market books are left open in the street at night just because Iraq says, the reader never steal and the thief never read” such an impeccable line. 

Is Germany Education Superior to America? 

As too many people would believe that America is providing a pretty stellar education system than any other state or country of the world.  

And it’s a dream of plethora students all over the world to get education from the united states of America and they burn the mid-night oil in order to get admission in the top ranked universities of the America so that they can move one step ahead and influence this world in a pretty exceeding way than any other students of the different universities. 

Education and 3 enthusiastic leading countries.

But here the integral part is that Germany is providing better and totally free education than USA which helps students to complete their dream of education

Most of the students choose USA for study just because of the fact that it’s world super power country and ruling the world but the fact is that no one knows that in education it does not matter.  

You should choose the country which is proving education cheaper and superior, which is the most focal point.

The German students learn many of the numerous basics as the students of the USA but their education paths split earlier than the students in the US. 


Education gives everyone a huge and fruitful knowledge of the globe around us and elevated it into something better.  

Especially about this particular thing is that it enhances in us a perspective of looking at life in a more beautiful way so that we can decide what is good for us.  

And also, I would like to write that Education gives us a right to ponder on any particular thing and decide about it according to our interest. 

The last but not the least point is that it is the sole thing that gives us the knowledge in order to live better.  

It is also the one and only thing that gives us the sense to recognize our own self and the purpose of our life that why God sent us to this world and what is the purpose of our lives.  

In all domains of life, it gives you a special sense to iron-out all the matters of the life in a very decent way and makes you a paragon. 

The day when the education will be ubiquitous and accessible to every civilian of the country or the world will be a day of great success and pyrrhic for humanity and humans will start living together without any grudge. 

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