Do Business: 04 Life-changing Fruitful Strategies

If I would talk about business then let me begin by write today every person is focusing on jobs instead to focus to do business.

The milestone of every student is just to get a job rather than focusing to do business and be a good businessman in the future and influence the economy of the country in which they are living their lives and get good fame.   

Do Business

The main problem in our society is that while studying our parents always says us to be the topper in the class and after that, we will able to get a very good and ravishing job that would be very fruitful for us and they compel us to do this without knowing the aspect that is it an interesting field for us or is that we can do that certain course. 

Without focusing on all these facts, they just insist their children do it so that they can get a good reputation in the society. So, they can say to their folks or relatives that my son/daughter is doing blah blah job in a multinational company or whatever it is.

And they are paying him/her a very captivating salary. It is a very bounded thought. Just because of this reason we are not growing financially and it is affecting our economic system.   

The vital difference between Job and Business And Why To Do Business? 

If I recapitulate the difference between a job and to do business, there is a mammoth point that elevates the business than a job. Here we can take an example: let’s suppose you are doing a very prestigious job in a very big firm.

You are burning the midnight oil to get a good position over there and after some time you achieve that milestone for a good seat in that company and now getting a very pulsating salary. 

 You are living a handsome life. But here the one point I also want to discuss that you would not be able to live your life according to your choices.

Because now you are compelled to follow the orders of your owner.

Yea, that person is now your owner. He purchased you in that amount and using yourself and your mind in order to achieve his avid and dreams.

Do business!

But you don’t have freedom now. You can’t enjoy your life or get a chance to consume that money.

Ok, let’s suppose you can consume it but rest it assure that you will never be satisfied, you will always wish to live a life like your boss that you will become a mental disorder person.

Your salary is the bribe that your company or boss gives you just to forget your dreams. On the flip side that I was discussing before you are working like a machine and doing work day and night without caring about your health. 

If you would die! Did you ever think what will happen after that with your family members and how they will survive?

It is clear that after you, your family will face many financial problems. Now, just think for a moment that if you would be doing business then such a situation never happened.

After yourself, your son/daughter can run your business or there would be a huge saving.

It is very clear that a job person can never beat a businessman because he always has a good strategy for making money and making money never relates to a smart person, most of the smart persons never make money, making money is just a strategy or a skill.

Even you don’t need a college degree for it. Look ahead in Google 40% of Google employees don’t have a college degree.  These are the most prominent benefits to do business.

Think big!

Types of People To Do Business:

There are four types of people in the world or 4 fruitful strategies in which by focusing you can grow up your business and can do business very fastly.

  1. First, they have time but not money.  
  1. Second, they have not time but money.  
  1. Third, they have neither time nor money.  
  1. Fourth, they have time as well as money.  

T= Time M= Money  

You can look at the table. Here I mentioned these four types of people. 

T (True)
M (False) 
T (False)
M (True) 
T (False)
M (False) 
T (True)

Now, as a germane with these four types of people, the first and foremost point is that in these types of people three persons are not successful. Even they are earning a very handsome salary but it’s no success at all.

If I define success then the definition is that Success is not just having money and it does not matter you have time or not.

But success is having both time and money so that you can enjoy your life and fulfill your every dream that you ever want in your life.   

As I mentioned earlier that, let’s suppose you have enough money to hang out but just due to your job routine you can’t!

Because you are bound and compel to follow the rules and orders of your boss otherwise, he will fire you up from the job. So, in the nutshell, you can’t live your life even you have enough money that’s why to do business.  

Here comes that captivating, paragon, and a successful person who has both time and money.

Actually, he is a successful person! For this, you must have to be a businessman.

Other people will work for you instead of you will work for another person to achieve a successful life by sacrificing your whole life but all in vain.  

How to Do Business?  

There is an illusion in our society that you just need a good investment if you want to start a business.

I am not denying this fact at all. There is no doubt in it that you need some investment for the business but Money is always the last step in the business.

The first thing you need is creativity, a business mindset, and a perfect business plan.  

If you really want to start a business and be an entrepreneur then you have to be very industrious and sincere with your work.

Always rest assure it that if you want to do something big that you never did before then you must have to do something that you never ever did in your life. After that, there will be a lifetime piece.  

If we take the example of labor. He does the hard work that no one can but his income is just some dollars.

On the other hand, there is an entrepreneur who did this hard work in his early ages just for five to seven years and now he is living a luxury life.

The focal thing that must come into your mind is that instead of the hangout at your early age just for four to five years spend that four to five years on a certain task and do your best then there will be a lifetime enjoy. 

  • Conclusion 

Before starting a business, the first thing that comes in our mind is which business idea we should proceed and it is the most important step to start a business. Here I am going to tell you very friendly which business idea you should translate.  

As germane with this, business is the name how to help other people and how to provide them easy access for the products and services. You have to understand this strategy.  

Do Business

In the first place you have to look over your society in which you are living and analyze the problems of the people which they are facing nowadays.

Then sit and ruminate on it how you can help them in order to solve their problems. Make a chart of your plans with the help of internet or your partner.

Then be sincere with that and work hard on it. If you would be able to solve their problems in a very eloquent way then they will definitely provide you a good price.  

The problems of the people will be solved and you can earn a good profit because everyone wants solutions of their problem by any cost. They want to save their time. 

Now, go and focus on your society’s problems how can you iron out it?

You will be a good and successful businessman and society will also respect you because you are also helping them to solve their problems.

Amazon is the biggest example of how jeff Bezos slot out the problem of shopping and now you can buy just with one click. 


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