Portugal National Football Team vs Luxembourg National Football Team Lineups and Christiano Ronaldo Suspension

Are you looking forward to the Euro Championship and wondering what will be Portugal national football team vs Luxembourg national football team lineups? Will Ronaldo play in the Euro Cup and much more will be discussed in the article.

The European Football Championship is one of the most celebratory championships of football. Fans are eager for Portugal to win the Euro championship, despite the suspension of Christiano Ronaldo. Ronald was suspended in the game of Portugal against Luxembourg, which the team won with high altitudes (9-0 routs). 

In the earlier games of the J group, Christiano Ronaldo accumulated multiple yellow cards. After obtaining a particular amount of yellow cards, he was suspended from playing the next game. The Portugal team didn’t lose composure and planned the lineup for the next match to win the match. 

Portugal vs Luxembourg Team Lineup

Portugal vs Luxembourg Team Lineup

Portugal national football team vs Luxembourg national football team lineups include the following players in order. 

Portugal Team Lineup

  • Coach
    • Roberto Martínez 
  • Goalkeeper
    • Diogo Costa (22)
  • Defenders
    • Nelson Semedo (2)
    • Ruben Dias (4)
    • Goncalo Inacio (14)
    • Dalot (19)
  • Mid liners
    • Bruno Fernandes (8)
    • Danilo (13)
    • Bernardo Silva (10)
  • Attackers
    • Diogo Jota (21)
    • Goncalo Ramos (9)
    • Rahael Leao (17)
  • Substitutes
    • Rui Patricio (GK) (1)
    • Jose Sa (GK) (12)
    • Antonio Silva (3)
    • Gomes (5)
    • Joao Palhinha (6)
    • Pedro Neto (7)
    • Joao Felix (11)
    • Ricardo Horta (15)
    • Otavio (16)
    • Ruben Neves (18)
    • Joao Cancelo (20)
    • Vitinha (25)
  • Suspension
    • Cristiano Ronaldo

Luxembourg Team Lineup

  • Coach
    • Luc Holtz 
  • Goalkeeper
    • Moris (1)
  • Defenders
    • Rohnert (4)
    • Jans (18)
    • Chanot (2)
    • Michael Pinto (17)
    • Mahmutovic (3)
  • Mid liners
    • Day Sinani (10)
    • Barreiro  (16)
    • Rupil (20)
    • Borges Sanches (6)
  • Attackers
    • Curci (5)
  • Substitutes
    • Sckhon (GK) (12)
    • Pereira (GK) (23)
    • Gerson (7)
    • Ikene (8)
    • Dardari (9)
    • V. Thill (11)
    • Carlson (13)
    • Korac (14)
    • Dzogovic (15)
    • Elshan (19)
    • S. Thill (21)
    • M. Martins (22)
  • Suspension
    • C. Martins 

Which Teams are in Group J?

Group J of the UEFA has 6 qualifiers in the team according to their highest points in the matches. The European qualifier teams are the following:

  • Portugal with 30 wins (Ranking first)
  • Slovakia with 22 wins (ranking second)
  • Luxembourg with 17 wins (ranking third)
  • Iceland with 10 wins (ranking fourth)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina with 9 wins (ranking fifth)
  • Liechtenstein with 0 wins (ranking sixth)

Will Christiano Ronaldo be able to Perform in his best Condition?

Will Christiano Ronaldo be able to Perform in his best Condition?

In the sports betting site Bet Victor, Lebeouf asserted that Portugal is one of the main contenders for the Summer’s European Championship. Lebeouf made a statement that Portugal would win only if Christiano Ronaldo didn’t play in the championship. 

Although he acknowledges the efforts of the GOAT player to take football to another level and show the best performance over the years. However, he’s no longer passionate enough and young to play like before. Therefore, he has gone to the Saudi League to play for the lesser leagues and earn more. The same is the case with Lionel Messi at the end of his football career. 

Both were astonishing players and the competition between them made it more fascinating to watch the football tournaments. However, one should respect their choice of not playing in the major leagues as they are no longer in their top-notch notch conditions. 

What’s Next for Ronaldo?

The end of Ronaldo is hard to anticipate. His move to Saudi Arabia has improved his goal numbers which were becoming difficult to replicate in European leagues. In the 54 Al Nassr appearances, he has 48 nettings, while the league trophy might be beyond his grasp this season. Al Hilal’s runaway title charge will make it difficult for him to take full charge, but the next season of the Saidi League will surely fall into his hands. 

What’s your take on the Portugal national football team vs Luxembourg national football team lineups and Ronaldo suspension, comment below. 

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