Contexto Answer: Understanding, Play Method, Today’s Game, Helpful Tips, Alternatives

Do you love playing word-guessing games? If yes, then what do you think about the new release game called Contexto Answer? It will provide you with more fun compared to other word games. The admiration of everyday word games appears no signs of falloff and with this new release, gamers try to find out the Contexto answer today. 

It is a word-guessing and Wordle-inspired game where individuals do their best to discover the answer with a couple of guesses and given hints. Once a guess is put forward, the game classifies it based on how nearby it is to the final answer.

In this guide, you get complete knowledge about the Contexto game, its understanding, play method, today’s game, helpful tips, and alternatives.

Understanding Of Contexto Answer Game

Is Contexto a word-guessing game? Yes, Contexto is a word-guessing game in which the last reply is identified by considering the context, not the alphabetical letters independently. 

The game has endless guesses and the extent of similarity to the last hidden word is settled by an Al (Artificial Intelligence) algorithm. For example, # 544 “Surgery” As the word surgery is challenging to sort out, here we give some hints for Contexto 544 to aid you in resolving it, which are given below:

Hints For This Game

First Hint

Here are some of the words that are familiar to the hidden word, confirming to Contexto:

  • The 20th word in the list today is ‘CATARACT‘.
  • The 15th word in the list today is ‘COSMETIC‘.
  • The 10th word in the list today is ‘LIPOSUCTION‘.
  • The 4th word on the list today is ‘SURGEON’. (Closest Answer)
  • The 2nd word in the list today is ‘SURGICAL‘. (Closest Answer)

Second Hint

It begins with the alphabet S.

Third Hint

The correct answer has a total 7 alphabets.

Fourth Hint

It is not a plural word, it is a noun.

Fifth Hint

The division of doctor practice, who give treatment to injuries, diseases, and malformation by the physical removal, and readjustment of organs and tissues, also including cutting into the injured body parts. 

I hope the example and related hints help you a lot to play this game smartly.

Contexto Answer Today’s Game 

Hints And Solution For 13/April/2024

What is today’s Contexto word? Today Contexto word is #573 “Station”. Sometimes Contexto games are difficult to play, but don’t worry in this section we provide you complete knowledge with hints. Here are smart hints for Contexto 573 to aid you in resolving it:

First Hint

Here are some of the words that are familiar to the hidden word, conforming to Contexto:

  • The 20th word on the list today is “LOCATE”.

Locate ( little relation)

  • The 15th word in the list is “TELEVISION”

TELEVISION (Little Relation)

  • The 7th word in the list is “LOCAL”

LOCAL (Little relation)

  • The 4th word on the list today is “BUS”

BUS (Some relation)

  • The second word on the list today is “RADIO”

RADIO (Very close to the answer)

Contexto Answer: Understanding, Play Method, Today’s Game, Helpful Tips, Alternatives

Second Hint

It begins with the alphabet S.

Third Hint

The answer has a total of seven letters.

Fourth Hint

It is not a plural word, it is a noun and verb.

Fifth Hint

A location on a railway line where trains daily stop so that travelers arrive and get away.

How To Play Contexto Answer Game

Are you interested to know about the play method of the Contexto game? If you are unsure where to kick off then read the whole section carefully to develop the understanding. After signing in to play Contexto, we should have some knowledge about some steps that are essential to keep in mind when start playing. 

  • In the first step, visit the official website of Contexto
  • Later, you easily input a word into the type-a-word box and press the Enter button. 
  • It is based on what you enter, you will see that word near a number and a color.
  • These both relate to how near the word you have guessed is to the answer in context, the correct answer is highlighted with green color. If your answer is red, that means your guess has little relation to the answer. Yellow shade specifies some relation. 
  • You start to keep entering words as you try to get closer and closer to the right answer for today. 
  • For instance, if the answer for today would be ‘Kitchen’ you would get a better outcome from something like ‘stove’, ‘spoon’, or ‘cooking food’, hinting you closer and closer towards the correct answer, this is the whole game.

Helpful Tips For Contexto Answer Game

Have you never played this game before? If yes, then no problem these helpful tips make you a pro in this game. So, before you succeed in everyday Contexto challenge, let’s discuss numerous super useful tips that can help you answer quickly.

Learn Familiar Letter Combinations

First learn and utilize the familiar letter combinations for instance, sh, ch, and th. Then you easily find the correct answer in minutes. Additionally, you focus on prefixes( added at the front base of the word) and suffixed( added at the end of the word) such as -ful, un-, re-, dis-, mis-. They can assist you in forming extra words and completing Contexto way faster.

Don’t Be Nervous To Fail

In Contexto, individuals have a limitless number of tries. Your aim should be to generate as many words as possible but don’t be nervous about responding incorrectly. So, enter as many words as possible, even if it doesn’t have a visible impression.

Stay Relax & Attentive 

When playing a virtual game, it is essential to stay relaxed and attentive to think intelligibly. If necessary be at ease so you can invent new ideas. This helpful tip works for you in Word Games, and we bet it can aid you.

Alternatives Of Contexto Answer

Here are some famous games that you can play or enjoy if your contexto answer game is not accessible. Here are some famous games:


In conclusion Contexto answer game is a word guessing interesting game. There are so many Contexto lovers who are playing Contexto daily. Everyone loves this game because there are unlimited guesses for guessing the correct word. You can continue to speculate until you discover the right or closest word. 

Anytime you speculate a word in the game, you will see the ranking of how closest it is. Only ranking helps you get to the correct word. With its unique combination of difficulty, amusement, and mental stimulation, it must be your new favorite word game obsession.

Lastly, you get complete knowledge about the Contexto Answer game in this article. So, what are you looking for? Go away and start guessing!

FAQs On Contexto Answer

1:  What is the point of Contexto?

Contexto aims to puzzle out the secret word. But everyone has limitless attempts to do so, not like in Wordle, in which you have only six. The secret word can be any number of alphabetical characters and anything such as Cafe, Cardio, Theatre, etc.

2: What are the 5 main context clues?

There are different types of context clues. The major five clues are Definition Clues, Example Clues, Synonyms Clues, Antonyms Clues, Punctuations Clues, and Inference Clues. 

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