What’s Ice Spice Age, Birthplace, Career and Boyfriend 

Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Drake praised a young rapper, Ice Spice. After receiving shootouts from the top rappers in America, Ice Spice has been making headlines for a few months. The article will delve deeper into her personal and public life, Ice Spice age, bio, wiki, family, career, and relationships. 

The young rapper is new to the rapping industry, however, her constant gatherings with A-list celebs are making her popular around the globe. Ice Spice has already been featured in collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Pink Pantheress, and Taylor Swift, and fans are eagerly looking forward to her appearance in other artist collaborations. 

What’s Ice Spice Age and Real Name?

Ice Spice landed on the earth on January 1, 2000, in the Bronx, New York. In 2024, the Ice Spice age is 24 years. Her ethnicity is Nigerian and Dominican. The songstress revealed her ethnicity when her fans tweeted about her resembling the Nigerian tribes, Igbo or Chisom. At first, she asserted that she specifically doesn’t know what ethnicity in Nigeria she belongs to and will update her followers later. 

Ice Spice’s real name is Isis Naija Gaston. A friend of Isis Naija revealed her real name by posting a picture of their High School yearbook. The rapper was also included in the photograph. Later, the girl revealed that she came up with her stage name at the age of 14. 

Isis Gaston first thought of her stage name Ice Spice when she made her Finsta account. Finsta is commonly known as fake Insta and people use it to publish spam posts, informal chatting, and locked chats with close friends or followers. 

When did Ice Spice Start Collaborating with A-tier Singers?

When did Ice Spice Start Collaborating with A-tier Singers?

In 2023, she ranked in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 rankings. Whereas, her songs from all three collaborations were among the top 10 hits. In the “Barbie World” movie, her song in collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Europop band Aqua became the biggest hit of 2023. 

How Did Isis Gaston Get Famous?

In 2021, Ice Spice posted a challenge on her TikTok, the “Bus it” challenge went viral and she grabbed the attention of netizens. After the challenge, she grabbed the attention of fans on her social media. Later, she launched her music and beautician career. Apart from that, her collage with Nicki Minaj, Pink Pantheress, and Taylor Swift added fire to her career and popularity. 

Is Drake Dating Ice Spice?

Is Drake Dating Ice Spice?

Drake and the New Yorker have been spotted partying often. In Toronto, the pair was partying and both were quite close to each other. When the party videos were exposed on the web, fans took notice of the young rapper with Drake. 

Later, when rumors began to rise about them, Drake unfollowed the girl on his Instagram despite their apparent closeness in the leaked party videos. However, the girl is still following Drake on her Instagram account and has signed her song with him in 2023. 

After the launch of her song, she once again grabbed the attention of social media. However, it’s presumed that she’s no longer close with Drake. 

Are Spice and Caleb a Couple?

Isis Gaston has recently joined the league of best American rappers and has insisted on her first celeb relationship as well. Reportedly, Spice and Caleb McLaughlin from the Stranger Things series are dating. According to an insider, the pair has recently started dating and are presently enjoying their passionate relationship. 

Caleb McLaughlin is a 2001-born, and currently 22 years old. The actor is famous for his role in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, as Lucas Sinclair. Moreover, he began his career playing Simba in the Broadway musical The Lion, along with some minor rules in Television. 

Although it’s well-known that the couple is dating, yet both haven’t confirmed their relationship. At Cardi B’s party in New York, both were captured together. 

Social Media Accounts

Ice Spice has her Instagram account @icedpice, while her TikTok username is @icespice. 

Ice Spice age, birthplace, career, fame, and relationship are extensively discussed in the article. The young rapper has not revealed much about her family and private life, it’ll be updated as long as there’s any information about it on the web. 

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