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Who is Danny Duncan? 

Danny Duncan is one of the well-known accomplished American YouTubers. He has a large fan base around the globe because of his funny content on his own YouTube channel. His full name is Garry Winthrop, famous as Danny Duncan. He is a 29-year-old guy as of 2021, born in Eaglewood, Florida, where he had spent much of his childhood. 

Danny Duncan is famous for? 

Danny Duncan is famous as a Youtuber and has 6.32M subscribers and his fan following has reached 3 million on Instagram, which is consistently increasing with the passage of time. The 29-year-old YouTuber has earned extensive fame through his humorous content which includes stuff like comedy skits, road trips, Vlogs, Prank videos, and some sorts of challenges.

With this kind of content, he got a million views with the passage of time, which has increased his fan following. Now almost all videos have touched a million views. The channel has been rising consistently over the years ranging up to millions of views.

Most of his followers are more attracted to the content of skateboarding and prank videos based on sarcasm. No doubt that his content is wholly based on comedy combined with sarcasm and nothing to be taken seriously. 

Duncan has cut a specialty for himself in an attempt that has acquired him such a huge acknowledgment. He has been entertaining his fans through his humorous content like pranks, since 2014. 

The YouTuber also fancies himself as a growing musician and posted the song, “I’m Upset”, in July 2018. 

Early life 

After graduating from secondary school, Duncan began working at Walgreens. Notwithstanding, he found the position unsatisfying and left it a couple of months after the fact to venture into YouTube. 

Rise to Stardom 

He initially started uploading videos of skateboarding and tricks to overcome ankle injuries. Around a similar time, Duncan turned into the mentor of entertainer Jason Lee, who additionally turned out to be a previous skateboarder. It was not some time before Jason saw that Danny had a profound sense of sarcastic humor, and encouraged him to take a stab at going about just as building his YouTube channel.

Duncan regarded Jason’s recommendation and quickly collaborated with individual vlogger Christopher Chan. So, he started his channel in 2014 and began uploading the content of pranks and funny videos by 2016. With the passage of time, he enchanted his fan following and subscribers on his socials because of the humorous content that he posted on his own YouTube channel. 

Viral hits 

Some of Duncan’s viral hits on the channel include: 

• Falling with some 30,000 Pennies which was uploaded 4 years ago and has reached 30 million views 

• Danny Duncan/Best of 2019 which was uploaded 1 year ago and has reached 20 million views 

•Danny Duncan/Best of 2018 which was uploaded 2 years ago and has reached 14 million views 

• Surprising My Sister with a New Car! which was uploaded 3 years ago and has reached 12 million views 

• Grocery Shopping with Danny Duncan 4 which was uploaded 3 years ago and has reached 10 million views 

The overall views on his channels are around 1.4B, which is eye-catching. 


YouTube: @dannyduncan69  

Facebook: @DannyDuncan69  

Twitter: @DannyDuncan69 with 184.6k followers 

Instagram: @DannyDuncan69 with 3 million followers 

Website: dannyduncan69.com (online store) 

Net worth  

His net worth as of 2021 is around 7 million dollars which is consistently increasing. A large part of his earnings is through the monetization of the YouTube channel. In addition, he also collaborates with paid sponsorships and extra endorsements from brands like KETNIPZ, ZUMIEZ, and VIRGINITY ROCKS

Source of wealth 

Most of the earnings come out from his YouTube channel with a huge fan base. But the YouTuber also has a line of merchandise that he launched in 2017 under his personal brand name “Virginity Rocks”. Danny went on his first-ever nationwide tour to popularize his brand ‘Virginity Rocks’.

The tour was held around the United States on July 13, 2018, started in Los Angeles, which covered some major cities like Dallas, Nashville, New York, and others, and culminated on August 2, 2018, in Chicago. 

He also earns by selling his merchandise like T-shirts, hoodies, etc. In addition to it, he also launched a clothing line in collaboration with Killer Merch in 2019, which is available on Zumiez.  

He also co-founded another clothing brand Ketnipz with Harry Hambley. 

Duncan also has an official online store by the name, of “Danny Duncan”, which is currently available at dannyduncan69.com. 


Danny Duncan aims at becoming an actor and he strongly believes that YouTube is the right platform to initiate his career in the right direction. Also, it’s the best platform to share your talents and skills around the globe without investing a single penny. 


The YouTuber holds a witty and charismatic attitude and this is the reason he is famous. The popular YouTube star broke down in tears when he gifted a car to the woman worth $2,500 in time for Christmas. 

Danny Duncan is viewed as raising support for Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity. 

Youtuber Vs Tiktoker 

It is found out that Danny Duncan will be part of the boxing battle between Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom, but no one knows who he’ll be up against. 

The fight is basically about a war of social media influencers, with the intended goal of recognizing who is the best of the two categories. Tanner Fox, Nate Wyatt, Tayler Holder, Faze Jarvis, Deji, Vinnie Hacker, Michael Le, and DDG are among the other famous internet personalities about to appear. 

This fight will not only prove attention-seeking to these inventors, but it may also offer them a substantial financial reward. Bryce has commented in the past that he was given $5 million only to take part in the show. 

Respectable internet personality 

Danny Duncan, a kind-natured and generous YouTuber, endeavors to have a positive impact on society. He further fathoms that he’s a decent web character who can change or shape opinions. He has decided to utilize his superstar status to affect positive change, particularly among adolescents. One way he tries to accomplish that is by wearing shirts empowering abstinence and responsible sexual direction. 

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