Sophie Swaney: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Education, Family, Relationship, Career, Net Worth

Who is Sophie Swaney? And what was the reason for her fame? She is an American health and wellness Blogger, Instagram sensation, and Hunter, or manager of wildlife. 

She grew up in the town of Eads, Tennessee. She attained a huge fan following on social media platforms by uploading pictures of herself and being involved in activities including net fishing, shooting firearms, and driving trucks, and other motor vehicles. 

She is qualified to build up more than 195K followers on Instagram. In addition, she uploaded fashion photographs of self-modeling. 

With her huge interest in physical workouts, several fitness wear brands partner with her. The content she published on her Instagram account was sponsored by Beretta, a company that produces various types of shotguns.

In this guide, we explore the in-depth biography of Sophie Swaney, her early life, physical attributes, education, family, relationship, career, and net worth.

Sophie Swaney & Her Early Life

Who is Sophie? And what was the reason for Sophie’s fame? She is a digital content creator and Instagram sensation from the USA. 

She gained prominence on Instagram for her engaging content associated with shotguns, motor vehicles, net fishing, bold pictures, and other advertising materials mostly outdoor shoots. 

Sophie started posting her sniper rifle-related photographs on Instagram in December 2011. When and where she was born? Her date of birth is 7 September 1994 and her birthplace is Arlington, USA. 

What is her ethnicity? She is an American citizen, and her religious faith is Christian. Her ethnic background is White.

Physical Attributes

What is Sophie’s height and weight? She has a height of 5 feet and 6 inches with an ideal weight of 57 kg. Her beautiful blue eyes and silky brown hair attract everyone.


What school and college did Sophie attend? She progressed through Houston High School for her early education. After completing her early education, she attends Lenior Community College. 

She selects the University of Memphis to study a Gunsmithing course. She finished her education there and achieved a degree at the end of her education. 

Still shooting to go for additional research because she was started when she began capturing great success on social media accounts. 

This encouraged her to decide to pursue a career in this field. Sophie also wished to go for veterinary medication as a field of study at the university.

Sophie Swaney Family Background

Who are Sophie’s parents and what education? Her father’s name is Randall Swaney, he is an entrepreneur and the holder of an Arlington-based steakhouse known as “Marshall Steakhouse”. 

Sophie appears to share her affection for shotguns and hunting with her father. She also posted numerous Instagram pictures where she was bearing firearms with her father as they set out on a hunting adventure. 

Her mother’s name is Grace Swaney, her occupation has not been disclosed yet. Reports indicate that she is not now married to Randall. 

Sophie’s parents both separated and finished their relationship a long time ago. Randall is presently in another marriage with Lori Swaney who is Swaney’s step-mother. 

She was raised alongside three sisters their names are Natalie, Sarah, and Jorja. Her two daughters are married and living a happy life with their partners. 

Sophie has a profound attachment to her grandparents, her grandmother’s name is Lois Bonds Swaney, and her grandfather’s name is Earl Swaney. 

Her grandmother found a foothold for herself in the entertainment world as a performer with an expertise in piano. 

She seems to be very close to her grandmother. In January 2019, she posted her photographs on Instagram, welcoming her fans to her grandmother.

Sophie Swaney Relationship

Is she married? No, she is not married yet and reports indicate that she has never moved down the walkway in her life. Although, she appears to be involved in the dating scenario. 

Her boyfriend’s name is Austin Justice, both became a couple in 2015 and have been showing up on each other’s Instagram account for many years. 

According to the latest reports, Sophie and Austin were separated when she was taken into custody in 2021. Their fans assumed that they had finished their relationship.

Professional Career

What were some of her notable achievements? Sophie holds multiple professions, she is a fitness motivator and model, digital content creator, radio show presenter, brand influencer, podcaster, and entrepreneur. 

Her profession as a fitness influencer motivated her to work with numerous fashion brands, particularly those that emphasize sportswear. 

Additionally, through photoshoots of high-quality fitness wear, the social media influencer has also represented Beretta-sponsored gun accessories. 

She is a brand endorser for various companies such as Freedom Holsters, Yeehaw Cowboy Boots, Lash Me Up Girl, Hostile Wheels, and Tate Bros Tires. 

She has been hunting and net fishing from an early age and has also become buddies with some female hunters. 

She is swiftly obtaining fame as a podcaster. Besides her best friend, Sofia Franklyn, she mutually hosts the podcast dubbed Call Her Daddy.

Sophie Swaney’s Net Worth

What is her net worth? According to 2024, her net worth is estimated to be 1.5 Million dollars. She has gathered her fortune through her professional career as a social media personality.


To conclude their biography Sophie Swaney is an Instagram sensation and digital content creator. Her creative work embraces weapons, motor vehicles, hunting, high fashion, and bold pictures. 

She has attained a huge fan following on her social media platforms because of her captivating and informative content. The investigation of “Sophie Outdoors” has uncovered the deep influence of immersing in nature. 

Her Outdoors function as an initiator for positive change, uplifting a developing community of nature enthusiasts who are dedicated to protecting the natural world and nurturing a peaceful relationship between civilization and nature.

Lastly, you get the life history of Sophie Swaney in this article.

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1: What does Sophie Swaney do for a living?

She is a well-known Instagram rising star and social media influencer. She becomes a sensation by uploading pictures of guns, automobiles, hunting, fish netting, fashion photos, and other adventure content.

2: Who is Sophie’s boyfriend?

Sophie is widely accepted to be in a partnership with an Austin Justice. He is also known as Johnny Justice. 

3: Why was Sophie arrested? 

Sophie was taken into custody for carrying a handgun and driving a car under the effects of alcohol.

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