Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard- Darryl Baum: Early Life, Family, Friendship Tale, Shooting Incident, Death & Net Worth

Being involved in the wrong crowd may cut short your life, agree?  Darryl Baum fell into this same theory when he became involved with felonies and gang membership. He got his hands dirty with a criminal, Damion Hardy, and got himself killed. 

He was shot in the back of his head, his wound was open, he bled out and died in 2000. Before his death, he rose to notoriety when he shot 50 Cent 9 times outside his grandma’s home. Another thing contributing to his fame is his close-knit friendship with Mike Tyson, a popular boxer. Besides being friends with Tyson, he was also his bodyguard and the most wanted criminal in America. 

He was into drugs and got into fights with rival gang members and that led to his death. His brother tried to avenge his death but got killed in the process. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Darryl Baum’s early life, family, his friendship with Mike Tyson, why he shot 50 Cent, and what led to his death.

Early Life of Darryl Baum

How Darry Baum’s earlier life was shaped? How did he rise to stardom? Where did he grow up? These are questions you all must be curious about. Darryl was an American native. Baum was born on Aught 20th, 1965 when he was born in the borough of Brooklyn, New York. 

Baum descended from mixed ethnicity, African-American. He falls into Leo regarding his zodiac sign which says much about his daring personality. 

Since his childhood, he dreamt of becoming a successful entrepreneur. We aren’t sure whether he took education or not. There is no information about his qualifications was revealed neither in his life lifetime nor now. 

During his trek to business ventures, he got tangled in the drugs business and ended up making rivalry with rival gang members. He was sentenced to prison in the 1990s and that’s when he met Mike Tyson, a boxing ring legend who widely goes by the name, ‘Iron’.

This friendship has an immense effect on Baum’s life and career. Mike promised to offer him a secure position beside him and he kept his promise by taking him in his security. But he died at a relatively young age as a result of his illegal activities.

Family of Darryl Baum

There isn’t much information we have gathered about his family yet. However, he had a supportive parent who used to encourage him to pursue his dream of being an entrepreneur. But their identity was never disclosed. 

He has two siblings, a sister named Zakia and a brother named Tyrone Baum. Tyrone took on the difficult path to avenge his beloved brother but was brutally killed in the process. But still, it such much about his sibling loyalty and the love among family. 

How Darryl Baum Was Related To Mike Tyson? 

What led to their friendship has intrigued people for a long time. You may be surprised to know that Darryl Baum and Mike both were raised in the same neighborhood. They grew up through thick and thin and have been close friends since their childhood. 

The coincidence was when they got into prison at the same time around the 1990s. Both confide in each other and develop strong bonds as cellmates. 

Mike promised to offer him the job right after his release. Mike Tyson kept his vow and offered him a role as his confidant and bodyguard, which shows how much he trusted Baum. However, Baum has a short lifespan which ended with him being shot due to his rivalry. 

Mike never ceased to show his dedication and love for Darryl even after his death. He dedicated his 30-second knockout against Lou Savarese and even offered a reward who would find the suspect of Baum’s murder before the real culprit was revealed. 

Mike is still in contact with Baum’s sister, Zakia, and cares for her out of his friendship with Darryl Baum. Aren’t you fascinated by this unconditional friendship that seems few and far between in this world today? 

Why Darryl Baum Shot 50 Cent?

Darry Baum was widely known as ‘Homicide’ in America. Why? He sullied his reputation or should we say made his way into headlines when he allegedly shot 50 Cent outside his grandmother’s house. Do you also wonder why he took that step? What was his rivalry with 50 Cent? 

The incident was the highlight of Darryl’s life. He shot 50 Cent nine times on his arms, legs, face, and chest in South Jamaica, New York. People speculated much about this shooting incident but remained clueless until the actual reason was revealed. 

Mike Tyson’s Bodyguard- Darryl Baum: Early Life, Family, Friendship Tale, Shooting Incident, Death & Net Worth

Are you aware of 50 Cent’s involvement in the illegal activities? He was notorious on the street due to his involvement in drugs and crimes. He made rivals in the gangs and was charged with the child molestation act once. 

His rivalry with the wrong people can be the reason. However, another reason is his accusation of negatively calling out Kenneth McGriff, a gang leader in his unreleased song. The rumors are McGriff ordered Baum to kill 50 Cent. However, this theory seems more valid. 

50 Cent was badly injured and took 5 months to get back on his feet. However, this shooting incident didn’t affect his terms with Mike Tyson despite Baum being Mike’s bodyguard and pal. 

Is Darryl Baum Dead? 

You must be curious about what exactly led to his murder. Although, it’s clear from his previous records that he didn’t meet a natural end. His life was taken in an empty alleyway where he was passing by. He was shot in the back of his head. The wound gashed out and he wasn’t given immediate medical attention led to his complicated death. 

Regardless of him being an American felon, his murder still made people mourn over it. Prosecuting his murder, it was revealed that the culprit behind his death was Damion Hardy. Two other men, named Eric Moore and Zareh Sarkissian were accompanying him as well. 

Damion was the fireman, he had quite a rocky past. Hardy was romantically involved with an American musician, Lil Kim but got involved in the drug business. Both Baum and Hardy tangled in a violent confrontation regarding the dirty business and took Darryl’s life. 

His murder is a stark reminder that getting your hands dirty in the crimes will not have positive outcomes. However, your struggle for notoriety may take your life. 

Darry Baum’s Net Worth

Darryl’s source of income was his position as a bodyguard and his illegal activities. It is speculated that Baum had made quite money in his life. 

We aren’t certain about his exact net worth. It is roughly estimated to be $70,000. 


In conclusion to the biography of Darryl Baum, he grew up alongside Mike Tyson in the same neighborhood. Both of them supported each other even in their childhood. But the bond deepened when they confided in each other as cellmates. 

Mike Tyson promised to help him financially once they got released. Tyson, the legend of the boxing ring offered him to be his confidante and bodyguard. Darryl Baum protected him with his life. But their parting came sooner than later when Darryl indulged in illegal activities and met his demise at just 34 years of age. 

Give it a thorough read to know all about Baum’s life and what did you grasp by his tale? Give your opinions and suggest what you would like to read next!

FAQs on Darryl Baum

Why did Darryl shoot 50? 

There are many theories about his intention to kill 50 Cent. It could be due to personal rivalry, and drug trade but the one that seems more valid is that a gang leader, Kenneth McGriff ordered him to attack the notorious rapper. 

Did Mike Tyson order the hit on 50 Cent? 

As Darryl Baum is the right-hand man of Mike Tyson, it may be speculated. But no, Tyson didn’t order the hit. He has no rivalry with 50 Cent.

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