Kevin Gates Instagram Story: Fans’ Reactions, Speculations, Biography, Family, Career, & Net Worth

Why people have gone into a frenzy after seeing Kevin Gates Instagram Story? The popular rapper has posted quite controversial graphic content on his social media. People are shocked and are wondering about his intentions of sharing graphics content without warning. 

The NSFW video clip surrounds a woman giving birth, which the father of the child caught afterward. People have made numerous speculations regarding the video. Some suggested that’s the clip of his wife and a personal clip that got leaked. But that’s not the case, as the clip belongs to a page named, @Indiebirth.

People have shown mixed responses to his Instagram post. Some are shocked and angry by his content sharing, while some are supporting his intentions. Women have shown dismay as they weren’t happy with him sharing such intimate content. People have objected that he should be responsible while sharing content as he has a huge following. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Kevin Gates Instagram story, fans’ reactions, speculations made around the post, his biography, family, and his career.

Controversial Kevin Gates Instagram Story 

What exactly was there in Kevin Gates Instagram Story? If you haven’t seen that you must be curious about the memes and tweets going round and round. The video was of a pregnant woman named; Kendra giving birth naturally with the help of her husband. 

Kevin shared it on his social media with a personalized caption. His intentions are unclear. But whoever saw this was horrified as the clip shows graphical violence due to its intimate moment. 

People found that disturbing, were horrified, and were quick to object to Kevin’s actions. People made weird assumptions, relating it to him somehow. But that wasn’t related to him, he shared another page’s story. 

Fans’ Reaction To Kevin Gates Instagram Story

The netizens went crazy after the NSFW post of Kevin Gates. People became stunned with Kevin’s audacity to post such sensitive content and that too without warning. 

One of his fans got to Twitter and tweeted, 


it got everyone’s attention. There were contradictions in people’s responses. Another person tweeted, 

“just seen dat Kevin Gates video… i respect each and every one of you women ????‍ thank you god for making me a man.” One tweeted, “I let curiosity get the best of me. Why did I see it”.

Another responded by captioning the same warning not to see his post by sharing a meme. Some people displayed their disbelief on why Kevin has shared the content while others took it to the humorous side. 

He has a pretty huge fan following, that doesn’t see a trend increase in the view rate of his post. 

Speculations Around Kevin Gates Instagram Story

When Kevin Gates Instagram story became viral, people were quick to make assumptions. Although the assumptions were wild, the most plausible one we found. People assumed the woman who was giving birth was none other than his wife, Dereka Haynes.

They are shooting the birth of their child. Did you assume that so? Well, this assumption was void because he posted that from another page named @IndieBirth. Moreover, this was posted on April 15th, 2023, while Kevin’s posted the clip on May 7th, 2023. 

The post was captioned, 

“In celebration of black maternal health week, Kendra is sharing her birth video and she offers this wisdom from this amazing birth experience.”

So obviously, it wasn’t their content. Why Kevin has shared it? We only assume he intended to share this glorious moment, but it turned out quite surprising. 

Who Is Kevin Gates?

Regarding his early life, he has many controversies to his name. His birth name is Kevin Jerome Gilyard, which he changed to Kevin Gates when he came into the entertainment industry. 

He has mixed ethnicity as his father was African-American while his mother belonged to Puerto Rico. His family migrated to Louisiana and finally resided in Baton Rogue when he was young. 

When he was barely a teenager, he was arrested for illegally joyriding a vehicle that was stolen. He lost all contact with his father in the prison. When he turned 14, his father died due to AIDS. 

Where did he get his education from? He got his high school education from Baton Rouge Community College. During his prison sentence, he completed a master’s degree in Psychology.

Regarding his religion, he’s practicing Islam along with his wife. He even went to Mecca to perform Hajj. 

Family of Kevin Gates

How Kevin Gates behaves with his fans and family. People gush over his tight bond with his family members. He was close to his parents. Although information about his siblings is scarce. 

However, his personal life has always been a hot topic for his fans. He has claimed to have children from other women besides his spouse, but we aren’t certain about the trueness of it. 

He has a long-term dating relationship with his spouse, Dreka Haynes. The couple finally tied the knot in 2015. They have two daughters together, named Khaza and Islah. 

Some rumors are circulating the couple in 2022, that they have split ways. But Kevin has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors. 

The Career of Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates had a breakthrough in his career in 2007 when he started practicing music with the local musicians, Lil Boosie and Webbie. He became popular when he released his single in 2008, titled “Get in the Way”.

Kevin Gates Instagram Story: Fans’ Reactions, Speculations, Biography, Family, Career, & Net Worth

People wondering what he is up to now. Currently, he is in a country with his upcoming 12 concerts lined up. He will perform at JJ’s Beer Garden & Brewing in Fayetteville. Afterward, he is going to perform in Nashville. 

Kevin Gates’s Net Worth

Whenever a celebrity gets famous, people become curious about their net worth. The same thing happened when Kevin Gates Instagram story was questioned. His estimated net worth is $1-$3M as per recent records. 

You must be wondering that’s pretty less if we compare it with other music artists. So yes, that’s the case. He spends quite lavishly and has a notorious record of trials and sentences. 


Concluding the viral Kevin Gates Instagram story that has confused netizens. People are speculating about his intentions behind the intimate post. The post is of a woman giving birth. It was both intimate and quite graphical. Some are shocked and regretting seeing the post. While others are appreciating sharing such wholesome content.

Give it a thorough look to learn people’s reactions and give us your opinion reading this sensitive post of Kevin Gates. 

FAQs on Kevin Gates Instagram Story

Did Kevin Gates deactivate his Instagram?

Yes, he deactivated his IG in December 2022. He claimed in an interview that he wanted to end his life and left a cryptic letter.

Who is Kevin Gates?

He is a popular songwriter, music artist, and entrepreneur. He got the hype due to his controversies.

Where is Kevin Gates from?

He is from Louisiana, United States. 

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