Nerdle: Today’s Game, Brief Detail, Play Method, Objective, Colors Meanings, Strategies

What is Nerdle game and how we become the master of this game? These are very common questions that are usually asked by math supporters. Let’s explore the answer, this game is a twin of the actual game, Wordle, implicating a puzzle math guess instead of a word. 

The regulations are identical to Worlde, providing players with six attempts to comprehend the puzzle series. Nonetheless, the digit series has eight slots and the keypad is reserved for digits and arithmetic symbols rather than alphabets. 

The solution requires to be mathematically accurate, just like the letters in Wordle. According to game creator Richard Mann, the digit ordering will most absolutely based on an equals = sign, and the digit on the right side of the equation will always be the number. 

The written equation is like that: 3*7+9=30. The tile will brighten in green color if the guess is accurate and at the right spot, black if the answer is completely wrong, and purple if the place is false. For all the arithmetic fans, the competition can be enthralling.

Start having fun with the game here, if you are a math enthusiast.

In this guide, you learn the skills of how to play the Nerdle game, its brief details, today’s game, objective, color understanding, and helpful strategies.

Brief Detail Of Nerdle Game

Do you like mathematics? If so, then you must enjoy this game. It is a digital number game launched and expanded by London-based data scientist Richard Mann jointly with his kids and software creator Marcus Tettmar. 

Players have six tries to speculate an eight-symbol computation. Later feedback provided for every guess in the arrangement of shaded tiles reveals when the selected symbols or arithmetic characters pair or settle the accurate position. 

The game was encouraged by the widespread online “Wordle” game and the creators who are great devotees of math subject. 

This game has one daily answer, with all performers trying to guess the same numbering. For instance, in the traditional 8-symbol tasks the everyday math difficulty could be figured out like 7*4+5=33.

Today’s Nerdle Game (12, July 2024)

If you are searching for Today’s answer to this game, you visit the right site because we keep the recent and previous answers for your game difficulties. 

Built up by Wordle, it is a digit-guessing mystery game in which you have to guess an equation. This is effortless said than accomplished and to assist you, here are some clues along with the solution to today’s game.

Today’s Game Answer Clues

Breaking down the game answers can be tough because of the lack of traditional numbers to direct you. It’s primarily hit-and-miss, if you are ready for the game, here is a useful clue to get you jumped:


The equation adds digits dual 1, dual 7, and 9.


It implicates addition.

Today’s answer (July 12, 2024)

The Nerdle answer for today’s game is 1+7+9=17.

Previous Answer (July 2024)

July 10: 3*6-10=8

July 7: 8+4*8=40

July 6: 38-13 = 25

July 5: 1 + 6 + 6=13

July 4: 3+8*6=51

July 3: 372/62=6

July 2: 6+6+2=14

July 1: 744/93=8

How To Play Nerdle Game?

To enjoy this game and for everyday math challenges, simply follow these four straightforward stages:

Comprehend The Vision Of the Game

If you had fun with identical games earlier, you will figure out this game instantly as an everyday math riddle. 

But if this is a fresh game layout for you, look over our directory below on how this game works.

Visit The Website

In the first step, you visit the official website of this game

Open The Game 

Open the game and take the first step, it is more easier game than you believe and we swear the math is not difficult. 

Because it is an easy calculation game. Simply make several guesses and notice how you move.

Formulate The Strategy 

By using your abilities of assumption and by puzzling out a few everyday games, you will quickly see your everyday scores getting better.

Carry On Nerdling

Move toward back on the next day and have fun too.

What Is The Main Objective Of The Nerdle Game?

The objective of the game is to find out the invisible numbering in a few guesses as feasible and use the guidance given after all guesses. Accurate tiles are exhibited in green – so your objective is to spin them all green.

The Design Of Game

The design of the game simply comprises two portions:

The Game Panel

The first portion of the game is a panel, where you join your guesses and where the panel exhibits shaded feedback clues that tell you about how near your last guesses are to the everyday answer.

The Keypad

You can utilize your screen keypad or your gadget’s keypad to write down your guesses.

What Numerical Bases Are Helped In Nerdle Game?

Some easy numerical bases helped a lot in this game. So, must have basic math knowledge before starting this game:

Useful Symbols

The estimations of the game are based on the next symbols. For instance, useful symbols are 0123456789+-*/=.

Proper Computation

All guesses have to be calculated accurately before they can be written down.

This symbol “=” should be added after all numbers, not after it. It is the end of the characters.

Ruling Of Procedures

Ideal ruling of procedures applies, so compute multiple *, before plus + and Minus -. 


Interchangeable answers are acknowledged. For example, if today’s solution is 25+20=45, then 20+25=45 will also be acknowledged. Although the interchange law only directs to when everything else compares with today’s mark answer.

Fairly Clues By Color Changes 

What is the actual meaning of the colors in the game? The game delivers fair indications by color differences, which enable you to purify your responses. For example which answer is correct, wrong, and close to an answer. 

After every guess, the pigment of the tiles exhibited on the game panel will alter to show how near your guess was to the mark estimation. Here is the list and meaning of the colors:

Green = accurate symbol, in the proper place.

Purple = accurate symbol, in the false place.

Black = wrong symbol.

There are particular laws for look-alikes, if there are two of the same symbol in the response or a guess.

What Strategies Benefit Every Gamer To Win At Nerdle Game?

Your Foremost Guess

Go to earn as much knowledge as you can in your foremost guess. For instance, a guess with multiple additional digits and two diverse mathematical operators such as +, and-. 

Your Second Guess

If you are fortunate, you may directly understand sufficient to figure out the answer in your second guess. If not, utilize your second guess to find new knowledge.

Climax Of The Game

Now it is the moment to pertain to your reasoning. Your abilities of assumption play a crucial role in winning a game. 

Try to manipulate all the knowledge you have obtained from the last guesses to achieve the response in as rare tries as feasible. Solving a mathematical problem in three or four guesses is incredible. 

But some games are more manageable than others and some days you will be more fortunate than others. So regardless many tries you require, just have joy maintaining that brain exercised and try the next day.

Successfully Win The game

The game panel does a short prom when you decode an answer. Later, it’s up to you, to take a well-rounded achieved rest and come back hereafter. Or have fun with any of the other games that are offered.


It is an interesting part of the game if you participate in a more pleasant contest. You can share your marks, such as an easy visualization of how you had fun without a warning from the victory porter. Are you interested in challenging your companions and family to win against your score?


In conclusion, Nerdle is an everyday arithmetic game that is puzzled out by reasoning and a minor mental calculation. It delivers players with a chance to put out their vocabulary, routine remembrance, and Problem-solving guessing talents. 

Regardless of its shortage of mathematical scope, this game provides a beneficial gameplay experience that attracts players of all ages. 

Whether you are an everyday gamer who examining for enjoyment to pass the time or a devoted number Q puzzle lover striving for a new test, it offers hours of amusement and mind concentration. 

With the availability of this game over numerous platforms and its ever-changing collection of puzzles, this game starts again to fascinate and please players globally.

Finally, you collect information about Nerdle Game in this article. Have you ever played this game before? If so, then share your experience with us. Thank You!


1: Is Nerdle a real game?

Yes, in 2022, Richard, Marcus, Alex, Imogen, and Gavin established this game. It is an online maths mystery game encouraged by their joint excitement for puzzles, and numbers game lovers. 

2: Is this game available on mobile devices?

Yes, this game is open in mobile applications for both iOS and Android mobile phones. It authorizes players to take pleasure in the game on mobile phones and tablets.

3: Can we play this game offline?

Some editions of Nerdle game may need an internet connection to unlock specific segments or updates, many mobile applications deliver offline gameplay opportunities for comfort.

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