Stacie Zabka- Lowkey lifestyle of William Zabka’s spouse

Stacie Zabka captured the media’s attention when she married acclaimed celebrity William Zabka who has played roles in TV shows and movies. By her profession, she is American and kept her lifestyle rather private, and never revealed much to social media. And By few resources, it is assumed that the couple are together for more than a decade and are blissfully spending their lives. By few resources, information has been gathered regarding her personal and professional life.  

Stacie Zabka’s age & ancestry 

Stacie was born in the United States of America in 1974 and is 48 years old by 2022, although her unerring date of birth is not known. Stacie’s hometown is Los Angeles, California United States. Stacie Zabka is of American ancestry and belongs of white racial descent. Her religion is Christianity.  

Stacie Zabka- Lowkey lifestyle of William Zabka’s spouse

How Stacie Zabka looks like? 

Stacie stands out as a beautiful woman and her caring nature and balanced life make her more ethereal. Her age has done nothing to subdue her beauty. Her captivating brown eyes make her intriguing and pretty bleached blond hair adds a bewitching effect to her personality. She has a perfect curvaceous body and stands at 5’3. Her body weight is 58 which goes pretty normal with her height.  

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Stacie Zabka Education 

As all American parents are highly conscious regarding their children’s education, Stacie’s family tends to think the same. For this reason, Stacie initiated her early education from a tender age. Stacie has completed her schooling in her hometown, Los Angeles, California. Although, the school’s name is not known. Her profession demands her to be educated, so she has been qualified and attended college but her graduation and institution’s information remains out of the public’s eye, as Stacie Zabka prefers her life to be private.  

Stacie Zabka dating life & Marital status 

As the tight-lipped American beauty has successfully managed to keep the media away from her intimate life, there is not much information regarding her amorous life, but as much has been gathered she was dating William Zabka before being married to him. Her marriage to famous William Zabka caught her under the spotlight. The couple tied the knot in 2008. Couple has been blissfully married for more than a decade and has two healthy kids together.

The couple has never shied away from flaunting their love for their children and loving them dearly. And the couple has managed to keep their marital life away from the paparazzi as much as they can.  

Stacie Zabka- Lowkey lifestyle of William Zabka’s spouse

Stacie Zabka Profession 

Stacie Zabka is a businesswoman by profession, but the reason for her popularity is her marriage to William Zabka, who is a famous Television actor. She has kept her business details out of the public’s eye and prefers to be lowkey professionally. There is one thing the couple never hesitated to share is their love for their children. Stacie is a caring and loving mother and is managing pretty with her intimate by moderately running her business.  

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Renowned spouse of Stacie Zabka 

Stacie Zabka- Lowkey lifestyle of William Zabka’s spouse

Stacie’s reason for fame is her marriage to her husband, William Michael Zabka, who is 56 years old by now. He has been starred in some of the dynamic movies and TV shows during the peak time of his career. He is an imminent American director, producer, actor, and scriptwriter. His career has been running in his family and it will not be wrong to say that he is running off a legacy by playing such roles. His parents were prominent figures in Hollywood.

He has been featured in a popular TV show, Kobra Kai and Karate Kid I & Karate Kid II. He has been featured in some of the top films and TV shows during his time. His acting career runs in the family where his father William and mother Nancy were both famous in Hollywood. During his career, he featured in one of the most-watched TV series, Cobra Kai.  

He has also been awarded an Oscar in the Best Short Film, Live Action genre along with Bobby Garabedian. 

Stacie Zabka’s net worth 

As Stacie has been running off her mysterious business, she earned $100 k per annum. Although her husband’s net worth is $300 million. Stacie living off a comfy and luxurious life.  

FAQs on Stacie Zabka 

Who is Stacie Zabka? 

Stacie Zabka is an American businesswoman, who caught the media’s attention after being married to a renowned actor William Zabka. 

Who is Stacie Zabka’s husband? 

William Zabka is Stacie’s husband, who is a prominent person in Hollywood and gained popularity by starring in live-action TV shows and films, prominently, Kobra Kai, Karate Kid I, and Karate Kid II.  

Does Stacie Zabka belong to a popular family? 

Stacie’s in-laws are really popular in Hollywood, although her parents and siblings have never come to the media’s attention.  

How many Children does Stacie Zabka have? 

Stacie has two sons with his amor William Zabka.  

How much Stacie Zabka earns every year? 

Stacie’s net worth is $100k, although her business is not known.  


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