Cameron Friscia: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Education, Military Journey, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Who is Cameron Friscia? And what is the reason for his fame? His full name is Cameron James Friscia. He is a foregoing Military Manpower and presently working in the investing and banking field. He is from New York City, he was born with inherited wealth. That’s why he had never faced any issue regarding wealth and particularly health. 

He has attained a considerable successful outcome after his association with Katherine Clare Timpf. She is a well-known news journalist at the Fox News Channel and a TV personality. It is not a secret from anybody that the cheerful reporter got married in 2022. He was a truly successful person before his marriage but his relationship with Katherine took hold the recognition of their fans and TV watchers. 

Additionally, he loves to explore new locations and he is also an adventurous person. His leisure interests in dancing, singing, and playing lacrosse. He also puts one mark on numerous business ventures and collaborations with celebrities and media influencers. He also served his dedication to Afghanistan country and member of the 101st Air Force. Overall he is a very hardworking and loving person, who is not only fortunate in his career but also in his marriage relationship. 

In this article, we discuss about Cameron Friscia, early life, education, physical attributes, career, military Journey, relationships, and net worth.

Cameron Friscia And His Early Life

Cameron is a former American Brigade commander and Assistant Operation officer. But presently he is a dealer at Coatue Management. When and where Friscia was born? Friscia’s birth date is 10 August 1986 and his birth country is New York, United States.

According to his birth date, his astrological sign is Leo. On 10 August, 2023 he celebrated his 36th birthday with his wife. What is his ethnicity? He is an American citizen, and his religious faith is Christian. Cameron’s ethnic background is white Caucasian.

Cameron Friscia Physical Attributes

He has a very healthy and muscular persona. He has an ideal height of 5 feet and 8 inches with a balanced weight of 76kg. Cameron looks charming because of his brown eyes and black hairs. He is a very victorious person, but he is attached to following a modest lifestyle.

Cameron Friscia Education

Cameron completed his early education in high school in his motherland NYC. After the 11 September terrorist attack of 2001 in the US he decided to join a Military institute. Because he actively wants to serve his dedication to his beloved country. Later he completed his graduation degree in Science from Military Academy. He also ended his 17 weeks of schooling in the Infantry Officer line from officer training school.

Cameron Friscia Military Journey 

Friscia has worked very diligently during his 15 years of assistance in the United States Military Academy. Cameron gradually made progress from being the assistant operation officer to enhancing the Palton leader. Military Provocation stamp is a mark of honor and for him, it is the most real remembrance of one’s experience in the armed forces. 

Cameron Friscia: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Education, Military Journey, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Cameron Friscia, a talented American soldier resigned from the military in 2014 after 14 years of his service. The vigorous militaries and retired soldiers can sustain and nobly present them, they are heavy-duty and light.

Cameron Friscia Professional Career

Cameron gathers his bachelor’s degree of bachelor in the discipline of science from the U.S Military Institute. As a consequence, he got involved in military forces. Where he was employed as an Executive Assistant to the Brigade Commander, Company Executive Officer, and Assistant Operational Officer. Nevertheless, he becomes resigned from his military position in 2014. 

After that, he moves forward to appoint a professional as a dealer at Smith Inc. and Merill Lynch Peirce Pennee, a US investment bank. Currently, he is working as a Research Associate at Coatue Management, a famous investment management company in NYC. Coatue is promoted in both the personal and public retail. It has become prominent in telecommunication, media, and technology as well as the consumer and health care provider.

Cameron Friscia Relationship

Is Cameron married? Yes, he is married to Katherine Timpf, she is a well-known American Columnist, Comedian, TV Personality, and reporter. The couple was blissfully paired in May 2021 and brought up a strong and affectionate bond. Both spend very good moments with each other and with their precious pet dog. But they don’t have kids yet. Kat Timpf’s connection with her husband changed her emphatically. 

In an interview, she expressed

“I am so excited to continue to grow with him and have the best time doing it. I never wanted kids, nor did  I understand why anyone ever would, but now, being with him, I feel like I could have his kids. So we will probably do that in a few years. He has changed me for the better, and it’s the best feeling in the world”

Katherine Timpf

How And When Cameron And Kat Meet?

The beloved couple first time met on the internet dating app “Raya” It’s a private dating app for actors and developed in 2015.

Cameron Friscia: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Education, Military Journey, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Kat made public her engagement to Cameron in August 2020, at this time she also let out her promise ring on the Greg Gutfeld Show. Both exchanged oaths in a personal ceremony on 1st May 2022.

Cameron Friscia’s Net Worth

How much is Cameron’s net worth? According to 2024, his net worth is estimated to be 3-4 Million Dollars, firstly through his existence in the US armed Forces. His valuable forte includes a luxurious penthouse in New York City and a BMW car. Partnerships in different businesses also put up his banking status.


In conclusion, Cameron Friscia is a renowned former military army officer and a research analyst at Coatue Management. He is a warrior and not terrified to hold up for what he is confident in, even when it is hard. He is a very successful person in his career and relationships. He came in to spotlight after he married Katherine Timpf. Currently, she is a co-host at Fox Channel. He is a country-loving person that’s why he started to pursue his career as an army officer. 

His phenomenal work in the year 2012, he served in Afghanistan as an operational officer in the Air Force. He is an inspiration for his beloved country, family, and his wife because he never gives up and continues to fight for the sake of the security of his country. He has multiple sources of income but still, he loves to spend his life in a simple and sophisticated way.

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1: What is the occupation of Cameron Friscia?

Professionally he is an American banker, investigation officer, foregoing military officer, and research assistant at coatue management in NYC. But he came into the spotlight as the husband of Kat Timpf.

2: How much is Kat Timpf’s Husband’s net worth?

His net worth is approximately 4 Million dollars. But his monthly income is 50 thousand dollars.

3: How tall is Cameron?

Cameron is 5 feet and 8 inches tall but his wife’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches.

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