Ilan Tobianah: Early Life, Physical Appearances, Family, Marriage, Career, Assets & Net Worth

Curious to see the doppelgänger of Zeus- the Greek God? Zeus may be a mythical creature but Ilan Tobianah has real-life Greek beauty. It’s not just his looks captivating the media’s attention but his extravagant lifestyle has been in the tabloids as well. This French model has multiple sources of income. 

He has been gracing multiple fashion runaways, and campaigns and even has his way into production studios. He is a successful real estate agent and has made multiple assets namely vintage cars and a posh bike. He has made huge net worth that is unsurprising seeing his relentless struggle. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Ilan Tobianah, where he grew up, his educational background, his family, marriage, children, his extensive career, assets, and his net worth. 

Early Life of Ilan Tobianah

Ilan Tobianah, the widely recognized French lawyer, model, actor, and film producer graced the world with his presence on November 22nd, 1971. He’s pretty old to be a woman’s crush though. But his striking features and mythical figures made him a heartthrob in the entertainment industry. 

As he was born in France, he possesses French nationality but he belongs to mixed ethnicity.  He has roots in Italy and descends from Italian-European ethnicity.  

An interesting thing about him is that he’s quite fluent in Italian, French, and English. He has pursued multiple career pathways that have exposed him immensely to different cultures and traditions. 

Physical Appearance of Ilan Tobianah

It’s not the height we are talking about when we compare Ilan Tobianah with a Greek God. He doesn’t possess a towering figure exceeding 6 feet but he stands at a pretty average height for men, 5’8’’. He takes great care of his physique and weighs around 71 kg. 

Physical Appearance of Ilan Tobianah | Whatsmind.com

He has a white heavy beard, not the stubble you will most likely see on models. He pulled off his gray hair gracefully and his black eyes authenticate his appearance to mythical Gods. The resemblance is too uncanny that he is known by Zeus more than Ilan. 

Family of Ilan Tobianah

Many of you must be wondering about his family. Unfortunately, we couldn’t gather anything regarding his parents and siblings. 

He never revealed anything about his personal life and even his social media never captured anything of his family. 

However, we guess his Italian roots come from his father and his English roots from his mother’s side, but still, we aren’t certain. 

Is Ilan Tobianah Married?

As many of you are curious about the marriage of Ilan Tobianah? Is he married or not? Yes, the multimillionaire French model and lawyer is lawfully married but we don’t know to whom. 

He’s pretty secretive about his family and doesn’t like to share any information about her. Even though we have come across this information that he has children how many? We don’t know. He respects their privacy and prefers keeping them out of the media’s eyes. 

However, on his Instagram you nay see him posing along different models that raises questions about his fidelity to his wife. 

The career of Ilan Tobianah

Ilan has versatile career pathways and all are profitable explaining his massive net worth. He has pursued the entertainment industry and made his place in real estate. 

Career In Movies

He made his name in the entertainment industry when he joined hands with production studios and produced two exceptional short films. 

  • One of his movies, Ahibak premiered in 2020 and features the story of a young guy who is tangled between his modern lifestyle and tradition. 
  • Another movie Wisteria premiered in 2022 features the complex love story of two individuals with different backgrounds. Both follow their heart and land in unexpected circumstances. 

Currently, he is working on making a full-length movie that promises a great storyline and exceptional visuals just like his previous projects. 

He has been featured in several movies and seasons namely Game of Thrones, Casino Royale, and The Da Vinci Code. 

Career In Real Estate

Ilan Tobianah studied law at the University of Paris and officially pursued his career as a real estate lawyer in 1999. He even had a specialization in investment and property development when he joined Moet and Associates firm. 

Ilan Tobianah Career In Real Estate

His real estate career reached new heights when he worked on high-end projects like the purchase of Canary Wharf Tower in London. He even worked on the renovation of the Hotel de Carillon in Paris. 

Career In Social Media

Ilan as Zeus has amassed huge popularity on his social media platforms. He has a website called zeusmythicalfugure.com where he sells products like perfumes, clothing, and shoes. 

He has a YouTube channel with the name ‘Zeus Mythical Figure’ where he shares vlogs of his traveling around the world. 

On his Instagram handle, he shares his aesthetic lavish pictures and shares some glimpses of his personal life. He has 1.8M followers and is awed by his fitness regime and lavish lifestyle. He has a huge fan following on Twitter as well. 

Besides social media, he is a well-known French model and his striking features landed him in several high-end magazines like Vogue, Esquire, and GQ. 

Do Ilan Tobianah Possesses Personal Assets?

Ilan Tobianah surely possesses many valuable assets that may make you envious. He owns luxury cars, a yacht, properties, bikes, and many more personal belongings. 

However, his extensive collection of exotic cars is impressive. We have discovered that he first became viral when he was seen running his bull aka Lamborghini Aventador barefoot. 

His car collection can be broken down into: 

Lamborghini Urus, the car worth more than $233K and has a turbocharged engine that could generate 600 horsepower, Impressive, right?

He owns a Black Lamborghini Aventador worth approx. $825914. It has an aesthetic appearance and quick speed gaining everyone’s attention when it roars on the streets. 

He owns a Ferrari as well but we aren’t aware of the model he possesses but that is worth $429815.

His Orange Lamborghini Aventador has beautiful shades that grab attention whenever he takes it out on the streets. He owns a Delage D21 and is one of the few owners in the world possessing it as it costs $2.2M. 

He has another limited-edition car, Devinci that is quite expensive and his Ducati Bike can be the dream of every bike lover It costs approximately, $15-$65K.

Ilan Tobianah’s Net Worth

As now we are well aware of the profitable careers and impressive assets, we are certain he earns much. He has a net worth of $50M.

We are sure he has set his sights on multiple other limited-edition fantastic assets and possesses the guts to achieve all that with his whopping net worth. 


In conclusion, Ilan Tobianah is a popular French actor, model, film producer, and real estate lawyer who has been working relentlessly for more than 2 decades. 

He has been living a lavish lifestyle, all thanks to his huge net worth exceeding $50M. He has an impressive collection of luxury cars and bikes. He has multiple assets validating his bank balance. 

Give it a thorough look to learn all about Ilan’s lifestyle and what are your opinions about it? Do let us know what you would like to read next and we will come up with that!  

FAQs on Ilan Tobianah

Who is the French Zeus? 

Ilan Tobianah is the French Zeus who became popular as a model, influencer, and actor and gas a successful career in real estate law. 

How did Zeus the billionaire make his money? 

His net worth greatly comes from his investment and legal dealings. Besides that, he is a model and actor and worked with several production companies. 

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