Jon Scheyer Wife-Marcelle Provencial: Early Life, Physical Appearances, Family, Marital Life, Career, Net Worth

Celebrity spouses often get recognition and are prodded over media. Jon Scheyer wife gets attention due to the same reason. Jon Scheyer is recognized all over the world due to his remarkable achievements on the basketball court. Currently, he has taken over the position of head coach at Duke Blue Devils in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). 

His collegiate basketball career had a profound impact on Jon Scheyer’s life, that’s where he got the breakthrough of his career and got his love lady. Besides being a celebrity wife, there is much to Marcelle Provencial’s life. She is a certified nurse with years of experience in patient care. But as the saying goes it’s always a woman behind a man’s success, we can validate by Marcelle’s influence. 

She is the biggest supporter of her husband and balances a perfect professional yet personal life. She has three adorable children. The couple prefers keeping their intimate life out of the media’s eyes, but still, we have gathered some tidbits about her life.

In this article, we will delve deeper into Jon Scheyer wife, her early life, education, family, marital life, profession, and total net worth. 

Early Life of Jon Scheyer Wife

Where Jon Scheyer wife grow up? The American native, Marcelle Provencial was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in July 1987. However, we aren’t certain about her exact date of birth. Marcelle grew up in a loving household with entrepreneurial and medical lineage. 

She belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and follows Christianity by having strong faith in Jesus. She met her husband in 2013 during her graduation.

One thing led to another and now it has become a past thing, as the couple is growing together with grace and love. 

Educational Background of Jon Scheyer Wife

Following her family’s footsteps, Jon Scheyer wife navigated to the medical field. She must have gotten her high school education at a native school in Florida as not much is revealed about her early education. 

She studied medicine and family nursing at the Duke University School of Medicine located in North Carolina. She graduated in 2016 and started practicing family nursing. She has served for 11 years in this field and has carved a successful path for her. 

How Jon Scheyer Wife Look Like?

No wonder Jon lost his heart to Marcelle Provencial, she is stunning and has flawless features. She stands at a scale taller than average women, 5’8”. She weighs only 56kg. Marcelle has twinkling brown eyes and glossy hair enhancing her beauty. 

Considering her professional career,  Jon Scheyer keeps herself fit and regularly does exercise to keep herself in shape.

Family of Jon Scheyer Wife

What kind of family does Jon Scheyer wife belong to? She has a strong lineage of entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals. 

Marcelle Provencial grew up in Florida along with her loving and supportive parents.  She was born to Russell Provencial and Alberta Provencial.  

Jon Scheyer Wife and Marcelle Provencial with Family | Whatsmind.com

She has two sisters, Michelle Provencial and Noelle McInerney and shares a loving bond with them. 

Her grandparents inspired her, her grandmother was a nurse who just inspired her and her grandfather owned a restaurant and was a successful businessman. 

Marital Life of Jon Scheyer And His Wife

The love could bloom anywhere regardless of animosity.  The same happened with Jon Scheyer and his wife. Jon recognized as a Duke legend in basketball from the Duke University lost his heart to the medical student at the University.

Both got their heartstrings together and tied the knot in 2017 by taking vows to cherish each other for a lifetime. His teammates also attended the marriage hinting at their tight bond. Their marriage also diminishes the grudges both of the institutes have for each other. 

The couple likes to keep their personal life under wraps but still, we get some of the tidbits satisfying our curiosity. 

Their love solidified when they welcomed their first child in  2018, a daughter named Noa Marie Scheyer. They welcomed their son 2019, Jett James Scheyer. After 2 years, they were blessed with James Russell Scheyer. Their family comprises over five. 

Marcelle is not only a supportive wife navigating the professional journey with her husband but also a caring and loving mother. 

Marcelle is quite private about disclosing her life, but Jon occasionally shares pictures with his family telling much about their tight bond. 

Career of Jon Scheyer Wife

The reason behind her popularity is not just being Jon Scheyer wife, but she has a personality of her own. Jon Scheyer has a tremendous record in the basketball field but his wife has served at the front end of health care facilities for over a decade. 

She is a registered nurse in family practices in America. She has been serving at Rush University Medical Centre in the Cardiac and General ICU unit. 

Expanding her growth and experiences, she has started practicing in the Women’s Wellness Clinic. You may find this couple inspiring as one is exceptionally serving the basketball arena while the other one is serving humanity in the medical field. 

Jon Scheyer’s Wife’s Net Worth 

Marcelle Provencial hasn’t disclosed her fortune yet. She is a dedicated healthcare professional and has made a successful career in her field. We assume she must have a huge net worth, although we are unaware of the exact amount. 

However, Jon Scheyer himself has a net worth of $3-$7M, all contributing to their growth together. 


In conclusion, Jon Scheyer wife, Marcelle Marie Provencial was born in Florida to a loving and well-educated family. 

She’s not famous just because of her talented husband who is currently Head Coach at Duke Blue Devils and has been giving exceptional performances in the basketball field. On the other hand, Marcelle is a certified nurse with experience exceeding 11 years. 

Give it a thorough look to know all about Marcelle’s biography, and share your opinion about this superwoman.

FAQs on Jon Scheyer Wife

Who is Jon Scheyer married to? 

He wedded Marcelle Marie Provencial in 2017 and the couple is having their happily ever after.

Is Jon Scheyer religious? 

Yes, he strictly follows his father’s religion, Judaism.

Where is Jon Scheyer coaching? 

Jon has signed a contract with Duke Blue Devils in 2023 which will be valid till 2028-2029. 

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