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Nicholas Barclay was playing basketball with his friends when he called home to ask for a ride. His mother and older brother said no, so he never made it back home before disappearing on June 13th, 1994 in San Antonio, Texas. Authorities believed that Nicholas Barclay had left of his own accord because this wasn’t the first time but they were wrong as this disappearance lasted over one day without any word from him at all.  

He was a very difficult child to manage. You could often hear the police car pulling up outside his house in response to loud arguments and he would sometimes hit or curse at his mother, but she had tried everything under the sun – from counseling sessions for both of them separately as well as together, psychiatric visits with him alone then again with her accompanying- without any success whatsoever.

That is until one day when his mom’s brother moved into their home so that he wouldn’t be completely on his own anymore; miraculously enough this finally seemed like it made an impact because ever since they’ve been living there things have started getting back on track.  

Nicholas was frequently truant, as well as a troublemaker when he did attend school. He has had various run-ins with the law – from breaking into convenience stores to threatening teachers. The day before his sentencing hearing for these crimes at age 14, Nicholas vanishes without any trace of ever being seen again…  

Nicholas Barclay's life - an elucidated review by whatsmind

Nicholas often skipped out on classes and caused mischief whenever he attended them too; by age fourteen this led him to have several brushes with the juvenile justice system: stealing shoes from one store while brandishing a weapon against another teacher is just two incidents in his long list of bad behavior that required punishment through incarceration or group home placement. It’s possible there were no parents involved since they would not allow their son such freedoms.  

Nicholas Barclay’s older half-brother was pretty convinced and he saw Nicholas trying to break into the family garage. Though nephew denied it, police searched for hours but couldn’t find him. The brother and mother don’t believe their son had in fact seen his younger sibling try to rob them so they were able to continue on with life as if nothing happened at all.  

Nicholas, a missing child from Texas was found in Spain. After three years and four months of searching for the boy who disappeared without a trace on October 27th, 1997 (just days after his 9th birthday), FBI officials received an anonymous phone call about Nicholas Barclay living at Youth Shelter in Linares, Spain.

The caller said that they believed he had been abused there for many years before escaping because their client could not remember what happened to him during this time period due to amnesia or trauma-induced memory loss. When authorities contacted local law enforcement, it turns out that one man really did go by the name “Nicholas”–they recovered children’s clothes with items of identification matching those reported stolen when Nicholas went missing back home!  

Nicholas’s mother was so convinced that the brown-haired stranger who claimed to be her son, Nicholas; demanded a DNA test. Many other people were suspicious of his claims because he had dark hair and eyes with an accent from Europe – which is not where they lived in America.

He said that this could have happened after being kidnapped for many years by Europeans who chemically altered them as well as language patterns picked up while living there also contributed to it, however, no one knew if these stories were true or false until the group tested their blood samples together…  

Nicholas Barclay’s mother believed the man claiming to be her child might actually just say anything at all because he has such different features than what you would expect from a typical American family like theirs.  

The unidentified man who had been kidnapped refused to cooperate with the FBI by giving them his fingerprints or blood samples. He also wouldn’t reveal any information about where he was from, so they tried and got a court order for him to give up some necessary evidence in February of 1998 that would help identify him.

They found out it was 23-year old Frédéric Pierre Bourdin (nicknamed “The Chameleon”) who is known as one of France’s most prolific con men because he has 500 different aliases – 3 are cases involving missing children! But this time around, The Chameleon wasn’t posing as Nicholas; instead, after kidnapping an individual named Nicholas during a drug deal gone wrong on November 10th, 1997, Bourdin.  

Pierre Bourdin, a French con man and serial imposter who was in jail at the time of Nicholas’ disappearance, confessed to making up his confession. When he got out two years later on parole, he returned to court claiming that there had been an agreement between him and British police officers not to prosecute him for impersonating Nicholas Barclay while under their supervision if they didn’t tell anyone.

Then when confronted by reporters with evidence about his previous statements during interviews after being exposed as Nick’s fake father — including admitting knowing nothing about the case—then he completely changed the whole course by saying “I knew something but I don’t want it public.”  

In 1998 Pierre Bourdin pleaded guilty for passport fraud and perjury: admitting that he had posed as missing boy Nicolas.  

Bourdin, the man that caused so much pain to a family with an already missing child was finally caught and sentenced. It would have been six years of misery if he wasn’t found out and there is no telling what else this sick individual could do in his time on earth before we put him behind bars for good. Bourdain’s sentence will most likely be more than three times greater due to the harm he caused Barclay’s family members who are now left without their son Nicholas forever.  

When Nicholas Barclay’s mother was addicted to heroin, she would disappear for days on end. She claims that this is what happened when her son vanished in 1994, and the investigators never found any evidence of foul play. However, the detectives were not satisfied with her polygraphs: two said she passed them while one failed because it turned out they asked about thefts instead of Nicky’s disappearance; he died from cocaine overdose before his brother disappeared anyway…  

The disappearance of Nicholas Barclay has been a mystery since he was only 13 years old. His family and friends, who are still searching for him over 3 decades later, suspect that foul play may have caused his death or abduction by a stranger. He is one in an estimated 800 cases nationwide where the person’s whereabouts remain unknown after disappearing under suspicious circumstances (Frost).  

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How and when did Nicholas Barclay go missing?  

Nicholas Barclay was about 13 years old when the first time he went missing. His friends had just been playing basketball and Nicholas left the game to go home, but then disappeared.

Frederic Bourdin is a Frenchman who has since admitted that this wasn’t his first time luring an unsuspecting child away in order to steal from them but it would be his last as well! He claimed he became lost while looking for gas and pulled into the wrong driveway where little Nicholas Barclay opened upon him with kindness before going back inside of their house without realizing what they were about to experience next…  

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Has the real Nicholas Barclay been found?  

In 1994, Jason died of a cocaine overdose. He had been considered a possible suspect in his brother’s disappearance and was being investigated when he overdosed on drugs. There has never been any information about where Nicholas could be found or what may have happened to him since then, so the case remains unsolved today.  

The most asking question is, How do you guess imposter?  

The last is about Nicholas Barclay. One of the best ways to figure out who The Imposter is is by keeping an eye on their taskbar. A smart imposter will probably stand next to a panel and pretend they’re doing tasks, but once those tasks are completed in real-time, the taskbar should fill up again with what’s currently going on. 

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