The Case of DeOrr Kunz: The Great Grandpa Unsolved Mystery.

DeOrr Kunz is a mystery. DeOrr, a two-year-old boy from Idaho, went missing on July 10th in the Idaho mountains, and no one knows where he is.

DeOrr’s disappearance has captivated not only his home state of Idaho but also those who have never met him. DeOrr’s story has now gone national with big names like CNN and FOX News reporting on the case which remains unsolved to this day.

Missing Mystery of DeOrr Kunz:

Authorities are still investigating the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz Jr., a two-year-old who was last seen on July 10, 2015.

Throughout his short life, he lived in Idaho Falls with parents Jessica Mitchell and Vernal DeOrr Kunz Sr.; but when visiting Timber Creek Campground east of Leadore (Challis), Idaho for an afternoon tour with family members including great-grandfather Robert Walton, friend Isaac Reinwand also joined them according to sources.

A mystery that has perplexed investigators and left the family sorrowful is what happened next; it remains unknown as police continue their investigation without any leads or evidence about where little Derr may be now.

The whole family was on a fishing trip when the youngest child, DeOrr went missing. The decision to go camping with their son and daughter-in-law became Mitchell’s most destructive act of heading out into the forest near Stone Reservoir where they camped in tents at Timber Creek Campground by meeting upstream from it which ran alongside Jessica told authorities she assumed her great-grandson had been taken care of by his great grandfather who would have watched over him as he played alongside them.

The Case of DeOrr Kunz: The Great Grandpa Unsolved Mystery
Missing Mystery of DeOrr Kunz

DeOrr Kunz Jr., a toddler, disappeared on July 10th, 2015 from the Timber Creek Campground in Leadore Idaho. His parents were asleep when he vanished and they searched for him unsuccessfully until daybreak. He was wearing a camouflage jacket and blue pajama pants at the time of his disappearance.

The police questioned them separately about what happened but there seemed to be no evidence or leads that could help find DeOrr- clues about who took him had been scarce since then too! In January 2016, former Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman named Mitchell Kunz Sr as one of two suspects concerning this case based solely on circumstantial evidence; however, it seems there is not enough solid information against either person.

Suspicious investigators were recently cleared of their suspicions and innocent parents are now on trial against slander.

After months of testing at the FBI office, Quantico Virginia has announced that a bone found was not connected to Keith’s disappearance but belonged to some other animal entirely- leaving everyone concerned where he might be still unknown.

Sheriff Steve Penner is in charge of the unsolved case and has been for some time now. He’s a retired military officer who served as an investigator before he became sheriff, but this proved to be his most challenging investigation yet with no leads or suspects.

Was DeOrr Kunz seen at Timber Creek Campground?

When the four friends reached their campsite, Mitchell and Vernal set up chairs while DeOrr went fishing. Walton retreated into his trailer after going on a fishing expedition himself and then returned when he found out that DeOrr had gone missing.

Shortly thereafter Issac Reinwand arrived at the site looking for any clues as to where they might have misplaced him but left shortly afterward with no more information than everyone else who was present there that day—everyone except Jessica’s grandfather.

Mitchell says she shouted ‘we’re leaving’ while scanning around in vain for her little brother before heading off herself without even bothering about an explanation or shedding one tear.

In a tragic twist of events, the parent’s decision to take their two-year-old son fishing was what led to his death. The family had just finished enjoying sometime around the campfire and were walking down near the stream when DeOrr Jr.’s dad asked if he liked it better at Grandpa’s house or by them.

Little did they know that this would be one of their last conversations with him alive–because later on Walton said he saw him disappear while looking away only for “a little bit.”

How the Authorities Started Finding DeOrr Kunz?

DeOrr Kunz Jr. has been missing for over five years and during that time, there have been many searches performed to find him by ground, air, and water.

One of the most difficult parts about an extensive search is finding a body or any evidence at all in such a secluded area with so much land to cover- but this never stopped searchers from trying their hardest every year until they found something!

DeOrr is a one-year-old boy who has been missing for the past twenty months. Despite three private investigators conducting their investigations into the case, no solid evidence on DeOrr’s whereabouts has been produced which is making this disturbing situation even more tense and uncertain.

Where DeOrr Kunz Was Seen?

The group of investigators that was following the parents’ story soon found themselves 40-minutes down the highway in Leadore at a convenience store, where they thought to find Mitchell and Vernal Kunz Sr. with their son according to what witnesses had said there that day.

However, when asked later by police about this incident on December 9th, 1981 – which happened at 6:00 pm instead of 1:00 pm as previously reported by both parties involved – one witness claimed he saw a blond boy enter his shop around six o’clock but never heard any mention from either parent or child.

All three are presumed still missing today after an extensive search for them turned up nothing more than minor traces left behind near various landmarks across Idaho’s mountains.

War of Words in Case of DeOrr Kunz:

Brian Lantz, an investigating officer with the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office has said that he believes DeOrr Jones’ parents are hiding something. For years, the FBI has been investigating a well-known couple in hopes of solving one of their most high-profile cases.

For months they’ve undergone rigorous questioning and multiple polygraph tests but failed to come up with any evidence connecting them to the crime scene.

The investigation is ongoing as officials say that both have committed inconsistencies in statements according to sources close at hand on Wednesday morning who spoke off record about this sensitive case at work without revealing names or identifying information for self-protection purposes.

According to the words of Lemhi County Sherrif, “I believe his parents are hiding something. There is no doubt in my mind. We gave them every opportunity to explain if it was an accident of some kind, and they haven’t.

Bowerman believes the case “has to be a homicide,” and does not believe the boy is anywhere near where he vanished. The boy was said to be wearing cowboy boots that are too big for his feet, which allegedly kept slipping off.

Many speculated if DeOrr had been attacked by an animal or snatched; the boots would have fallen off due to their size difference with little effort from whoever did it. But there has been no trace of these extra-large shoes found so far and neither parent confessed what happened in detail either – even as time passed without any progress on solving this mystery further into adulthood

Bowerman believed the case “has” to be a homicide”.” There’s speculation about whether someone killed him or kidnapped him.

Private Investigation By Klein:

Klein Investigations and Consulting, a private investigation firm hired by the family of missing Idaho toddler DeOrr Kunz Jr., has reported that it found no evidence to support an animal attack or kidnapping scenario. The head of the company said, “We have ruled out any potential scenarios other than abduction.”

After announcing his opinion on the matter, Mitchell and Kunz fired him. After losing their lawsuits three times against KIC, they filed another lawsuit in October of 2019.

The allegations that Klein was negligent in speaking to media outlets about this case likely stem from slanderous accusations made by parents who were unhappy with how it progressed or a lack thereof.

“The death of two-year-old DeOrr Kunz is one of the most puzzling cases I have ever encountered,” said Klein. The investigation has been met with both praise and criticism, but for me, it was a sickening example of ‘deflection’ once again during this event that in my opinion seemed to be an accident and cover-up.

Further, he claims that they know how ’DeOrr died yet are unable to uncover any reason as to why his death occurred believing Vernal’s mother (the only other person who had access) to somehow be involved even though she admitted publicly not more than 10 years ago her belief that Vernal could also harm their child.

In their latest news, Klein is just the second person to be hired by the Kunz family and then quit; both continue to name DeOrr’s parents as probable suspects. This specific investigator believes that his death was more likely an accident with a cover-up rather than murder.

Suspicions Persons in the Case of DeOrr Kunz:

The last time DeOrr Jr. was seen, he had on a red and white striped pajama jacket with black stripes across the shoulders.

The next day, Jessica remarried and left their apartment in Idaho’s capital city of Boise vacant for weeks before investigators were able to seize several items from storage units she rented without getting permission from her ex-husband or paying rent during that period.

The police said they are now investigating what happened as either an accident where little DeOrr wandered off into the wilderness being killed by wild animals following his father who went camping alone -or- if something else is going on like foul play where somebody murdered him because they knew about the family fortune worth $100 million.

The parents of the missing boy continue to be under fire from investigators as there is no sign that their son was at the scene, and he has not been found with any evidence either. Even worse for them, despite this all being confirmed by a judge’s order – they were still hiding his jacket which would have given further proof!

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Age Progression of DeOrr Kunz:

DeOrr Kunz Jr. has been missing since July 10, 2015, from Idaho Falls and was last seen at the Timber Creek Campground with his family on that day before he disappeared when they were having lunch in a remote area of Lemhi County.

Four years later to this date, or De Orrs fourth birthday three days ago today, De Orrs family held a candlelight vigil for him where it is presumed by them as well as authorities that which would have been his fourteenth-year-old self age-progressed photo was released to celebrate the time frame after DeOrr went missing while exploring near campgrounds within an hour radius during lunchtime hours back then.

The Case of DeOrr Kunz: The Great Grandpa Unsolved Mystery
Age Progression of DeOrr Kunz

In 2015, three-year-old DeOrr Kanz disappeared during a camping trip with his father Todd in Idaho’s remote Lemhi County Forest Reserve near Timber Creek Campground where they were staying at Elk Horn Outfitters’ campsite area.

The only evidence found that could be associated with him was one set of footprints leading from the campsite towards nearby woods which ended abruptly after about 75 feet (23 meters).

What Happened After the Disappearance of DeOrr Kunz?

Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz’s engagement was the first to be disrupted by a family tragedy. Their son disappeared two years ago, leading them both into depression for months before they finally called off their marriage in order to find comfort with other people.

When investigators were given entrance to his former shared apartment for failure in payments, they found many clues that indicated he was still alive at one point – a camouflage jacket which both parents said belonged to him as well as several toy cars similar to those mentioned by both parents when describing what the child had with them on vacation.

Investigators also discovered some strange purchases made from this family friend’s credit card who testified about items unknowns to agents during testimony.

David Marshburn is a private investigator who co-founded the Search For Me Foundation. He became engaged in Michaela’s case, and his team of investigators uncovered new leads which have revealed items that were never found before.

With HLN’s Real Life Nightmare series reexamining this tragic story in November 2019, it has helped to shed light onto more evidence about where she could be located at now.”

In March 2020, a small bone discovered at Timber Creek Campground did not belong to DeOrr. Sheriff Steve Penner found the bone in June 2019 and sent it to Quantico for testing where tests could not rule out that it was human; however, more recent test results showed no DNA from humans on the bones which are likely an animal’s remains.

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 In Nutshell:

For many in Idaho, being outdoors is a primary aspect of their livelihoods. One favorite pastime? Camping! With 35 million acres of public land and an expansive selection from mountainous ranges to sun-bleached deserts, the state seems like it would be perfect for camping — but when disaster strikes on such a trip, that’s not always true anymore.

The relentless pursuit of the truth behind these two high-profile cases has led to a string of inconsistent statements, which is why they’ve both failed multiple polygraph tests. That’s how authorities came to name them suspects in January 2016. 

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