Is Jaden Smith Gay? Jaden Smith Says Himself, He is a GAY!

Celebrities reputations often get sullied due to their sexual orientation. The same happened with Jaden Smith. Are you also unsure about, whether Jaden Smith is gay or these are just rumors? 

But despite all the speculations made by fans, Jaden didn’t come out as gay, one of his representatives resented all of the rumors by saying, there’s no truth to it. 

The speculation first started when the 16-year-old actor-rapper made a tweet where he made a lovey-dovey confession to fellow rapper Tyler the creator,

“@fucktyler I Think I’m In Love With You, I Don’t Know I’m Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday.”

Jaden Smith

It might be just a harmless exchange of messages between a friend and not a hint towards his sexual orientation but the rumors that are spread about his relationship with Julie have been denied by both there’s a long list of dating history of 10 years with multiple women which can’t be denied.

Jaden has a never-ending journey where he has been tangled in many rumors all accidently pointing to his gender identity. As of now 2024, Jaden still hasn’t spoken about it. However, his bold fashion choices where he advocates for fluidity in fashion and identity which has soaked interest in opinions about acceptance. 

Stay connected with me here to understand how these rumors about Jaden Smith Gay? imbued, who is he in person, and his long list of dating life.

Is Jaden Smith Gay Or Transgender?

The question made rounds all over the internet in 2017 Is Jaden Smith gay or transgender? What is his sexual orientation? The rumors came to the forefront when he casually declared he was in a relationship with Tyler the Creator. He further declared, that Taylor was his boyfriend and they had been dating throughout life, Tyler didn’t confirm nor deny this.

So the seed of doubt remained and then after three years, Jaden won a Grammy award, and Tyler tweeted saying his boyfriend got a Grammy win which somehow confirmed the two are a thing.

But there’s confusion as besides these incidents, he never openly talked about his sexual preferences in fact he has dated numerous women in the past.

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Jaden Smith Says Himself, He is a GAY!

In 2016, Jaden wore a skirt and ramp walked in a Louis Vuitton Womenswear campaign giving encouragement to gender-neutral fashion and later became the face of such campaign, however, if he had any anterior motive behind this, that still remained a secret.

What does Will Smith say about Jaden’s sexuality? He has shown an accepting attitude towards it, he further added he’s not in a place to judge his children about their preferences and won’t impose his opinion on them. 

Amid all of this doubt and speculation, neither his family nor him confirmed or denied his sexual identity. 

Who Is Jaden Smith?

Well, who isn’t aware of the popular Smith family? The family has been widely recognized in the entertainment world as a celebrity and high-profile family. Will and Jada Smith have three children, but Jaden seems to get the most hype, it’s due to his exceptional acting and controversial remarks he made over social media that point towards his ambitious sexual orientation.  Do you also wonder Is Jaden Smith gay? 

The speculations made over the past years about Jaden’s sexuality have suggested that he is gay. The rumors got many responses from Jaden himself where he denied he isn’t gay but these statements were nullified when he publicly announced Tyler the creator was his boyfriend

Is Jaden Smith Gay? Jaden Smith Says Himself, He is a GAY!

It has made people curious to know if Jaden Smith is gay or deliberately makes controversial statements to stay in the limelight.

Despite these rumors, Jaden never designed it necessary to clarify his sexual orientation whether he’s gay, straight, or bisexual. 

But again he has been advocating equality in fashion and identity and challenged fashion norms but hasn’t labeled him as gay nor revealed his sexual identity and we are all in this to give him privacy so that he expresses it whenever he feels he’s ready. 

Jaden Smith’s Relationship Timeline

Despite rumors that is Jaden Smith gay or bi, we just can’t neglect the dude has dated some stunning ladies from the entertainment world.

He may be straight because all of his partners till now have women besides his alleged proclamation of calling Tyler the Creator his boyfriend.

GirlfriendsRelationship Timeline 
Madison PettisMay 2010 – August 2011
Stella HudgensJuly 2011 – July 2012
Sofie RichieNovember 2012 – January 2013
Kylie JennerMarch 2013 – March 2014
Amandla StenbergJuly 2014 – July 2015
Sarah SnyderAugust 2015 – January 2017
Sab ZadaSeptember 2020 – Present

His first love lady was Madison Pettis whom he met in 2007 the duo started official dating in May 2010 but unfortunately, it lasted one year and they parted ways in 2011.

A failed relationship didn’t deter him from pursuing love again, even a month earlier than the official parting with Pettis, he got tangled with Stella Hudgens but neither was serious and their on-and-off relationship couldn’t last long and they broke up in 2012.

Later that year in November 2012, he got into a relationship with Sofie Richie, who is the daughter of Kionel Riche but the relationship couldn’t last long and both ended just after 3 months.

After two months, he started dating Kylie Jenner in March 2013 and it lasted a year while Kylie founded her successful and hilarious cosmetic business venture. After his breakup with Kylie, in the middle of 2014, he was Amandla Stenberg which could be leaked by the pictures leaked from Amandla’s prom party.

His last relationship had been reported from 2015-17 when he dated Sarah Synder, a popular actress and model. In 2020, he started pursuing Sab Zada and we can’t deny how pretty the duo looks together. Zada’s high maintenance as an influencer can be clearly seen from her stunning appearance. 

Amid the long tales of his dating history, all the speculations made over his sexuality, that Jaden Smith is gay or bisexual, has been overlooked somehow but it still can’t validated his actual sexuality until he makes a clarifying statement which he has no plan to make so far.


In conclusion, we have debunked rumors about speculations made, about Jaden Smith being gay despite him giving no clarification.

The young dude spread has a strong background, he’s the son of Will and Jada Smith both of his parents support him in his career and his gender identity.

But Jaden has kept it a secret and dated a fair number of women in the past but when he shared tweets about claiming his love for Tyler the creator and called him his boyfriend, fans got confused about where his sexual orientation lies. He might be straight or just exchanging a friendly conversation or a transgender who swings both ways, we still aren’t certain. 

Do give it a read and share what is your opinion about Jaden’s sexuality. 

FAQs on Is Jaden Smith Gay

What’s Jaden Smith doing now?

He’s currently working on a new music album and has assured his fans a new release is on its way. He further declared earlier this year that he has been in a relationship with Sab Zada, a social kwdua influencer with a whopping fan following. Zada also released a music debut in the summer of 2023. 

What happened to Jaden Smith?

He got tangled in another controversy where Facebook posts and YouTube videos claimed him to be dead but by his recent statements, it’s all been negated.  

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