Lamotrigine Uses: Understanding, Works In Our Brain, Consumption Pattern, Precautions, Storage, Side Effects, FAD Warning

Are you looking for detailed information about the most effective drug “Lamotrigine”? If yes, then read the whole article to increase your understanding. But the question arises what are the best Lamotrigine uses? It is used for the treatment of seizure disorder, epilepsy, and bipolar disorder. It also helps to reduce seizures and stabilize mood swings in people with these conditions. 

Additionally, the best use of lamotrigine depends on your specific medical condition and needs. It is a prescription drug and advances in four forms to be taken orally quick-release oral tablets, extended-release oral tablets, and chewable oral tablets. 

It is also known by its brand names Lamictal, Lamictal XR, and Lamictal CD. The generic name of this drug is la MOE tri jeen it usually has less price than brand-name versions. 

In this guide, we discuss lamotrigine uses, understanding, works in our brain, consumption patterns, Precautions, storage, side effects, and FAD warnings.

Lamotrigine Uses

Does Lamotrigine help to reduce the symptoms of mental health disorders? Yes, it helps to overcome the symptoms of particular types of mental health disorders. Here are some specific uses:

Treatment Of Epilepsy

Lamotrigine is mostly recommended as an antiepileptic medication to help control and prevent seizures in people with epilepsy.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

It is also utilized as a mood stabilizer in the treatment of bipolar disorder. It can help reduce the frequency and severity of mood episodes, such as mania and depression.

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

It may be recommended for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy that is initiated in childhood and is characterized by multiple seizure types.

Off-Label Uses

It is sometimes used off-label for other conditions, such as neuropathic pain, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and borderline personality disorder.

Understanding Of Lamotrigine 

What is Lamotrigine and its uses? Lamotrigine is an anti-epileptic drug that belongs to the drug class of Triazine anticonvulsants. Its brand name is LaMICtal, Subvenite, LaMICtal XR and its generic name is la-MOE-tri-jeen. It is used independently or with other medicines to treat epileptic seizures in young adults and children. 

It is also used for the treatment of mania and depressive episodes in patients with bipolar disorder. The immediate release of lamotrigine should not be utilized as an independent drug in children who are younger than 16 years old. Extended-release lamotrigine is utilized in adults and children who are 13 years old.

How Lamotrigine Works In Our Brain

How does Lamotrigine function in our brain? This drug is very effective and works very well in our brain. For instance, in patients with epilepsy disorder, this drug helps by decreasing the release of glutamate in the brain, which prevents neurons from becoming too active and can result in fewer seizures. 

The people with bipolar disorder, it can affect certain receptors in the brain that help regulate mood, possibility of decreasing the number of mood episodes.

The Consumption Pattern Of Lamotrigine

What is the best way to consume lamotrigine? The best way to take this drug orally is with a glass of water. You also read the instructions that are mentioned on the prescription label. Do not chew or crush this drug, in case if your stomach is disturbed so intake this drug with food or milk. 

Most importantly intake your doses regularly. Talk to your psychiatrist about the use of this drug in children. This drug is recommended for children who are at least 2 years older or older than 2 years. 

What happens if we skip our daily dose? 

If you skip a daily dose, take it immediately as early as possible. Do not take extra doses at once time, it is harmful for you. 

What happens if we intake double doses? 

If you take double doses of lamotrigine so immediately call the local Poison Control Center or search for emergency medical care right away.

Precautions Of Lamotrigine

Are there any specific precautions that we should consider before utilizing this drug? Here is a list of precautions that we should consider before taking this drug: 

  • This drug has inactive ingredients, which can cause severe allergic reactions and other problems. If you are allergic to this drug immediately inform your psychiatrist.
  • Before taking lamotrigine you should get your medical reports done, including those for your kidneys, liver, and heart. This will provide your psychiatrist with complete details about your health condition and help them create an appropriate treatment plan.
  • It is essential to control alcoholic beverages while taking medication. Additionally, if you are using marijuana (cannabis), it is crucial to talk to your doctor about it.

Storage Of Lamotrigine Uses

What is the best way to store the psychoactive drugs? 

  • Store the lamotrigine medicines at room temperature at 25°C.
  • Always keep the medicine away from light and moisture. 
  • Don’t store these drugs in damp places such as bathrooms.
  • ⁠Discard the medicine properly when it is expired or out of date.

Side Effects Of Lamotrigine Uses

Are there any common or intense side effects associated with lamotrigine? Here is the list of some common and intense side effects:

Common Side Effects

Common side effects are effects that generally do not need medical attention, but you can report to your psychiatrist if they are distressing:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness 
  • Trembling on one side of the body
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach Pain

Intense Side Effects

Intense side effects are effects that you should inform to your psychiatrist immediately:

  • Lack of ability to see
  • Fast or irregular heartbeat 
  • Skin Rash
  • Swollen face, tongue, lips, and throat 
  • ⁠High fever, severe cough
  • Liver injury, brown urine, upper belly pain, loss of hunger, fatigue
  • Bruising (black or blue skin)
  • Bleeding 
  • Suicidal thoughts, bad mood, empty mood, depression

FAD Warning Of Lamotrigine Uses

What is the warning list provided by the Food & Drug Administration? Here is the complete list:

  • The major effect of lamotrigine use is dangerous skin rash, particularly in children and in individuals who take heavy doses of this drug. 
  • ⁠Look for emergency medical treatment if you have a skin rash, eruption, scorching peeling, or swelling in your mouth or around your eyes.
  • Inform your doctor immediately if you have symptoms of other intense side effects, such as chill fever, swollen lymph nodes extreme muscle pain, bleeding, skin or eyes that are going to pale, headache, neck stiffness, vomiting, confusion, or increased sensitivity to light.
  • Some individuals experience suicidal thoughts when taking this drug, this is also an emergency so immediately inform your healthcare provider.


To sum up, Lamotrigine uses, it is used to treat epilepsy, bipolar disorder, Lennox Gastaut Syndrome and sometimes used to treat PTSD and personality disorder. It functions very well in our brain to control the activity of neurons.  It is an anti-epileptic drug widely known by the brand name of LaMICtal. 

This drug also has some side effects such as drowsiness, diarrhea, stomach pain, skin rash, and swollen lymph nodes. If you have any allergic reactions to this drug immediately inform your psychiatrist.

Lastly, you get inclusive information about Lamotrigine uses, if you have any questions regarding this article or any mental health disorders? Feel free to comment below.

FAQs On Lamotrigine Uses

1: Can lamotrigine cause weight gain?

Compared to other mood stabilizers, Lamotrigine is not likely to put on weight. According to clinical studies, less than 5 percent of individuals have a chance to weight gain. If someone’s weight is gained then it should be a symptom of his or her disorder.

2: What is the medicine lamotrigine used for?

Lamotrigine is a drug utilized for the treatment of epilepsy. It also helps to overcome the symptoms of bipolar disorder especially used for the treatment of depression (low mood).

3: Is lamotrigine good for the brain?

Yes, Lamotrigine has manifest capability for enhancing cognition in patients with serious brain injuries. It has positive effects on our mental abilities.

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