How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies At Home? 4 Effective Ways & Identification of Fruit Flies

Summer might be full of delicious produce but what’s the catch here? The fruit flies are hovering everywhere and believe me nothing is more annoying than these. How to get rid of fruit flies by simple methods?

Well, first things first we need to identify these fruit flies are what we assume them to be as they can easily be confused with gnats and drain flies which are pesky pests that start proliferation once they invade your home.

Mind it, they won’t be easily rid of, as they hover into a home when summer starts and remain till it lasts, which is a pretty long time. 

They usually come into your home by the fruits and veggies you bought from local vendors and farms, if you are lucky these could be discarded when you wash the produce thoroughly. 

But if they already hatched eggs then alas they will get an adequate place in your kitchen and will set up a camp that will be extremely inconvenient and unhealthy.

If you ever find fruit flies around your kitchen drain and the bowl of fruits, then first you need to opt for natural remedies before getting help with chemicals (including apple cider vinegar even), put your goggles o,n and start searching where your fruit flies are hovering around.

In this guide, we will unravel how to get rid of fruit flies with possible natural or chemical solutions and identify the difference between fruit flies and other pests. 

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies At Home? 

There are multiple steps you can do at home without any professional advice. 

Thoroughly Clean Your Kitchen Area

How to get rid of fruit flies from your kitchen is entirely possible by cleaning it. Discard any rotten or overly ripened food from your kitchen where there is a higher risk of fruit flies hatching their eggs. 

Keep your kitchen island clean by using a disinfectant and free of rotten food. You might think you are wasting food by doing so but no it’s way better than eating the pest-infested food where the fly larvae get into feed, would you prefer eating that? No right! 

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies At Home? 4 Effective Ways & Identification of Fruit Flies

Until you are certain that your kuchen vicinity is free of bugs, thoroughly wash any produce and make sure to store it in the fridge. 

But what if there’s no rotten food lying around? Then there’s a higher chance these fruit flies have camped around the trash can. Discard the Trash regularly, if not possible then at least on alternate days. 

To remove any stuck-on garbage in the Trash cans, put some ice cubes inside them, and then wash them with hot water. 

Clean the counters at least once a week so that no female fly lays its eggs on the kitchen counter. 

Trap the Fruit Flies In A Bottle 

Wondering when your wine or fruit bottles will come in handy? So here’s your cue, trap the flies in the bottle where only a few dregs are left behind, and cover it with plastic wrap.

Tighten the wrap with a rubber band and the pole some holes into it. 

How to get rid of fruit flies with these Bottle traps? Very simply, flies will attract to this heady fruity smell and climb right into bottles where they won’t find a way to exit and eventually die while stuck inside. 

It’s one of the most convenient and cheapest DIY methods to trap fruit flies.  

Use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

Deep cleaning the kitchen might be the best trick to get rid of fruit flies but it’s not an instant solution. So how to get rid of fruit flies buzzing around the entire home? They still are living inside the home for a week or two even after proliferation has been subdued. 

It’s possible now by using apple cider vinegar. Why we use it instead of white vinegar is because it smells fruity and easily lures the fruits’ flues in. 

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies At Home? 4 Effective Ways & Identification of Fruit Flies

Pour some dust soap into ACV, microwave the solution for 20 seconds, and then place it where there are many fruit flies. 

The surface tension of vinegar is reduced by adding dish soap and fruit easily draws towards it and gets drowned. Change the solution when it gets filled with fruit flies. 

Premade Fruit Fly Trap

What if any of the trapping methods doesn’t work including ACV use and DIY tactics? You can buy fruit fly traps then. How do They work? They have a liquid which is poured onto an apple-shaped trap and the bugs get lured into that smell on the trap and eventually drown in itm 

Besides that, there’s Flypunch which comes in a container resembling a spice jar, you just need to take off the lid and keep where the fruit flies are hovering to trap them inside. 

How To Get Rid of Fruit Flies Within Minutes? 

There’s no method that is quick to get rid of fruit flies within minutes, it takes longer to eliminate the proliferation. 

However, for a quick killing use a fine mesh or fly swatter or you can spray isopropyl alcohol.

But remember, it’s not a permanent solution and will still require you to deep clean the kitchen and regularly discard rotten or overly ripened food on the counters as that’s a hub of pests proliferation.  

How To Identify Fruit Flies? 

Well, there’s confusion about are fruit flies are the ones you are assuming or something else. Gnats aren’t fruit flies but the small brown bugs with red eyes can easily be disguised as drain flies or fungus gnats.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies At Home? 4 Effective Ways & Identification of Fruit Flies

Drain flies are seen hovering around drain pipes, and garbage cans, and have large V-shaped wings while fungus gnats are seen around the soil of houseplants where they lay eggs. 

The tricks to get rid of them are the same as the ones used to kill fruit flies. 


How to get rid of fruit flies? There’s not any one solution that helps you to get rid of these pesky flies for good. You can opt for many methods including DIY traps, apple cider vinegar, or premade fruit fly traps. They catch them and help to get rid of them in the meantime. 

But again it isn’t possible overnight or within minutes, if someone says so then it’s purely a scam as getting rid of them requires constant efforts and they can return any time. 

There’s just a moment of negligence where just one egg or larva finds its way into your kitchen, finds a spot, and starts proliferating there then it will become extremely difficult to eliminate them as one female egg lays 500 eggs on each hatch.

But it doesn’t only require cleaning just the kitchen counter, cleaning drain pipes, ceiling cracks, and crevices. 

To get rid of these vermin, go through the guide mentioned over here and share how you tackle these bugs. 

FAQs on How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies 

What is the quickest way to get rid of fruit flies? 

The most effective and quick method is using apple cider vinegar mixed with dish soap and it kills the fruit flies exponentially as it has a fry smell that lures flies towards the mixture and drdrownshem. 

What smells make fruit flies go away? 

The scent of herbal tea bags playing around the house and the smell of eucalyptus, lavender, and Peppermint helps in keeping flies away or you can put some essential oil over the cotton balls and place where you see most flies.  

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