GOLO Reviews: Introduction, Merits, Drawbacks & Pricing Plans

What’s more tempting than getting healthy but without cutting short on calories? Nothing, right?’ To fulfil this unrealistic dream which has become doable now we have a GOLO diet.  The GOLO reviews are persuading enough as it’s developed by a core team of researchers, pharmacists, and nutritionists who developed this in 2009 which needs to be followed along with a supplement,  Release.

As per guidelines, you need to ingest 1300-1500 nutritionally sound calories which helps in regulating metabolism and efficiently deals with insulin resistance. It also balances your cortisol level and the hormones involved in hunger.

The company focuses more on reversing insulin resistance a hallmark of prediabetes and diabetes mellitus, and helps in curbing stored fat. 

Its reviewers have claimed it decreases PCOS symptoms, diabetes, and cholesterol levels.

In this guide, we will delve deeper into GOLO reviews,  it’s description,  potential benefits, drawbacks, and how much you need to pay to get it. 

GOLO Reviews By Customers 

GOLO Reviews By Customers 

Having positive GOLO reviews has helped greatly in making an informed purchase decision. 

But there are some complaints which have made people to sue this product altogether. Let’s get a gist of reviews given on Amazon about it: 

“Since incorporating more brain foods into my diet, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my health. This cookbook has been a game-changer for me, providing delicious and easy-to-follow recipes that are packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients. I highly recommend it!” ~Mary Medley, U.S.

People are inclined towards this recipe plan because of its customization and how conveniently it fits into the kitchen. One designed it perfectly by saying,

“In the last year, I have been trying to find a meal plan/recipes that fit us. The plan is easy, recipes are simple and healthy. Most important the recipes use many kitchen staples you already have!” ~ Darby, U.S.

You don’t need to get rushed while getting started with this plan, about which a reviewer said,

“The author makes it easy to follow the guidelines of the GOLO diet so you can start slow and ease your way into it and know what aspects are the most critical/ beneficial.” ~ Shelia Seals, U.S.

Some people are neutral about using this product and have compared it with another multivitamin brand, GNC stands for General Nutrition Centres. 

“Bought this product when GNC released it 30 years ago. If you eat heavily then will lose, but if not eat much then you will gain weight.” ~ Lisa Smith, U.S.

But one complaint may outweigh its benefits as it was damaging to a person’s health, a lady added a review, 

“I used this product for about 3 weeks when I then had a bowel blockage. I’m 62 years old and NEVER had a blockage before. I wound up in the ER with a “life-threatening episode” and a $9,000 bill….and a LOT of pain and suffering!! 

I really should be suing GOLO, and I just might, but for now, all I am asking for is a refund, and they won’t even talk to me. Once to ask for a refund, they instantly deactivate your account. 

I tried doing a credit card dispute to no avail, so now I have filed a Better Business Bureau, as many others have had. 

This is a sleazy company and an eve sleazier product, but donl;t take my word. Ask your doctor. I wish I had, but now I have permanent bowel damage.” ~Mano, U.S.

What Is the GOLO Diet?

The idea came in 2009 but still, it hasn’t been revealed who discovered this diet there’s one certainty pharmacists, dieticians, and researchers team joined hands and revealed this holistic approach. 

The only people who were displayed in the market were a group of people categorized as the working team and its CEO, Jennifer Brooks. 

The word GOLO is abbreviated as Go Lose Weight but the positive aspect is you don’t need to be reliant on calorie intake and how much needs to be ingested and from which food group. 

Intact the diet focuses on keeping your blood sugar level under control which helps in regulating your gut system.

An optimal metabolic system helps in losing pounds and doesn’t disrupt your hormone level. You don’t indulge in weight cycling commonly called yo-yo cycling.

If your metabolism slows down, it leads to insulin resistance as your cells in muscles and liver don’t react to insulin and it causes weight gain. 

GOLO diet and supplement help in curbing sugar during activities so it doesn’t accumulate and you use energy effectively helping in losing excess weight. 

Benefits of the GOLO Diet

What’s the positive outlook you can have while getting on the GOLO diet? There are GOLO reviews that will encourage you to eat this gut-friendly healthy diet.

  • The complete Golo Diet plan comprises whole grains, nuts, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables as per a researcher in America automatically making it a boon for diet-conscious people.
  • There will be no reliance on overly-processed as you will be filled with a healthy diet making it a perfect approach for cell metabolism.
  • Eating fresh foods helps in losing weight, as you won’t need to overly stuff your body. 
  • As everything’s organic, you no longer need to worry about keeping count of calories and carbs.
  • The GOLO Diet comes with a full-fledged plan with recipes that are rich in fiber. 

Side Effects of the GOLO Diet 

Side Effects of the GOLO Diet 

There’s always room for some disadvantages whenever you start a diet as each supplement comes with its own set of side effects. 

GOLO reviews have been circulating about its effects experienced by customers, some are in favor of using while others have complained that it does nothing whatsoever. 

  • Common drawbacks faced in resultant of supplements are nausea,  headaches, bloating, and dizziness.  
  • These conditions are usually temporary and go away within no time, but if persist then contact with a healthcare professional. 
  • How to be on the safe side? Always take the dosages that are recommended to you. Never take it as an alternative of a balanced diet as it doesn’t contain varied ingredients and may make you deficient in other nutrients.  
  • If you are a pregnant and lactating woman, avoid it altogether. 
  • But again consult with a Dietitian about your dietary needs and suitability.
  • People with diabetes may experience damaging effects by correlating with this weight loss supplement. 
  • There is little research backing up the effectiveness of the Golo Diet and its supplement.
  • Preparing the meals and consuming them in portions can be really tedious and frustrating for users.
  • You have to completely skip dining out and having processed meals, which may increase the cravings more.

You should closely monitor your supplementation and diet to ensure your well-being.

Pricing Plans of GOLO Diet

The Golo diet doesn’t come alone, you will get a guidebook, My GOLO which further includes recipes, meal plans, and coach support. You will also get your hands on the Defeating Diet Obstacles guidebook.

The whole GOLO diet plan is available at $279, which is pretty reasonable considering all the additional items.

You have to make your purchase by considering the amount of weight you want to lose. 

  • To lose 10 to 20 lbs, buy 1 bottle of GOLO Diet supplement which cost you $59.95.
  • To lose 21 to 4p lbs buy two bottles which cost $99.90.
  • To lose 41 to 60 lbs buy three bottles which cost $119.85.

Buying bundles will cost you less shipping fee, which can be a better option if you plan to use it consistently. 


In conclusion, the GOLO diet comes with a recipe cookbook, a guide, meal plans, and coach support. The diet focuses on consuming nutritionally enriched food, fibers, and whole grains with a supplement Release. 

Golo Reviews has claimed it reverses insulin resistance,  regulates blood pressure, and prevents diabetes by reducing stress. It helps in effectively utilizing energy reservoirs. 

Give it a thorough read to know GOLO reviews that validate its potential and share your opinion over it.

FAQs on GOLO Reviews

What are doctors saying about GOLO?

Doctors have said that there’s no scientific claim that backs up its efficacy in reducing weight and managing insulin level.

Does GOLO reduce belly fat?

Yes, it helps in removing visceral fat by regulating sugar intake and incorporating exercise. It helps in managing metabolism and hormonal balance.

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