Fundamental Takeaways of Space Travel Experience for Novice Space Tourists and Astronauts

Are you going to have your first space travel experience and don’t know what to expect from it? Fret not as the article will explain everything you need to know about space travel experience and the basics the one should know before traveling to space. 

Space travel can be challenging for multiple astronauts as it’s a different kind of journey rather than the ones you take on the earth. Therefore, you should gear up to experience a variety of physical and mental changes, such as the movement of fluids to the upper body from the lower body due to variations in gravity pull. 

What are the Basic Changes You Feel While Traveling in Space?

There are some changes you feel in the space due to difference in it’s composition, such as:

  • Swollen face
  • Congested nose
  • Motion sickness
  • Loss of balance
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Disorientation
  • Loss of sense of direction 

Apart from that, you might be able to experience disorientation, space motion sickness, and loss of sense of direction while accomplishing the space missions. These factors can make it difficult to perform even the most easy tasks in the early days.

Moreover, you need to tackle the decrease in sensorimotor function and postural stability in emergencies. The situation can get dangerous, hence, move forward with caution in critical situations. 

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What are the Space Travel Experience Tips?

What are the Space Travel Experience Tips?

Astronauts Leroy Chiao and Scott Parazynski, former NASA astronauts who worked for 15 years and 27 years simultaneously in the association. Chiao participated in four missions, boarded three space shuttles, and also served as a commander on the ISS. Paranzynski had five flying shuttle missions throughout his career. 

Chiao and Parazynski shared the following tips for the space travel experience for novice astronomers:

Enjoy the Flight and Relax

If you are taking a flight with companies like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, the ride will be easy. You will reach the destination in a short while as they don’t orbit the whole earth while taking their astronomers to space. As a starter, you need not worry about starting the flight as it’s not your responsibility yet. 

Being Physically and Mentally Fit

As you will feel quite a range of sensations, hence, you need to remain fit to be able to complete the journey. It’s just like experiencing the Olympics or the Super Bowl. As it’s a lifetime experience, enjoy your time to the fullest. 

G-Force Experience on Launch and Reentry 

Have you ever watched a video or live streaming of an astronaut launching in movies about space travel or ridden missions? If you have time, you can experience the Space at Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park. 

While you are launching or reentering, you experience a massive push, Gforce, or a sensation of weight due to acceleration. The feeling is similar when a car or rollercoaster takes a sharp turn. However, the G-forces aren’t as terrible as portrayed in the action movies. They’re quite manageable according to professionals. 

Apart from that, if you receive medical approval to go on such trips, you are all set to experience Gforce with ease. If you want to feel comfortable while landing, don’t fight the Gforce and relax your muscles, that will be much better. 

In contrast, if your muscles are rigid and your limbs are outside of the coach, you can injure yourself. 

Capsule Bumpy Landing 

Capsule Bumpy Landing 

While having your journey at the capsule, you will get to experience a bumpy ride. There are two ways to land while being on a spacecraft:

  • Winged vehicle
  • Space Shuttle or,
    • Virgin Galatic Space Ship Two 
  • A capsule
    • Apollo
    • Soyuz
    • Blue Origin’s New Shepard 

The experiences on different vehicles are distinct. If you are embarking on a winged craft, it will land similarly to airplanes landing on runways. Whereas, capsules let you have a unique experience of landing beneath a parachute onto the field. Through a capsule, you might bump hard on the land, therefore, prepare yourself accordingly. 

Zero Weightlessness 

Zero Weightlessness is a zero gravity flight where a plane flies in a series of arch-like parabolas, you can experience the sensation on earth and space. However, it costs a hefty amount on Earth and you will have to buy tickets for the flight. During free falls, you do experience weightlessness on earth. 

For instance, you can imagine it as the spacecraft is flying or falling at the same rate as you are falling. This is known as zero weightlessness which you will experience in space. You can experience it through Zero Gravity Corporation on Earth by buying their tickets. 

Eating and Using Restrooms 

Eating and using restrooms are the uncanny and messy ordeal of space travel experience. You are unable to get used to the different air pressure and gravity and mess up. Additionally, you need to clean your mess on your own as well.

Hence, it becomes quite tough at first. Therefore, watch videos of multiple astronauts’ experiences of eating and using the restroom before beginning your space journey.  

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What Changes the Human Body Undergo During Space Travel Experience?

What Changes the Human Body Undergo During Space Travel Experience?

There are multiple risks to the human body and its changes vary due to different conditions of the earth and space. Some body changes or conditions you may face are:

  • Your bone density might increase as your lower part of the body doesn’t need to carry the whole body in the space (your body floats)
  • Mineral content can merge elsewhere in your body due to density issues and might cause an increase in urinary calcium or renal stones
  • You might have reduced muscle mass, endurance, or strength as you don’t need to use bones or muscles much in the space 
  • Your first steps on Mars will be harder, likewise, upon returning, you will have to endure fall-related injuries and learn to balance your body again 
  • Your inner ear will receive conflicting input
  • You will need time to get used to zero gravity

Hence, as much space travel experience excites you, it has as many complications as well. Therefore, choose to travel in space only when you are mentally and physically fit to endure the drastic changes in lifestyle and environment

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