Everything You Need to Know About Jules Ari

YouTube lifestyle and fashion content creators are quite famous. Jules Ari is among the best YouTube content creators globally. The fast-rising personality joined the platform in 2022 and has been working on different social media platforms

In May 2022, Jules Ari posted her first video on YouTube and started a new journey. Her account has millions of views. The young star has TikTok and Instagram accounts as well. As she’s a new riding figure, hence, many people are curious about her. 

In this article, many unique facts will be discussed about Jules Ari, her career, and her personal life. Ari fans should read it to the end to get to know her better. 

All You Need to Know About Jules Ari 

All You Need to Know About Jules Ari 

Jules Ari is a private person and doesn’t like to share her personal life on screen. Hence many people are curious about her. Here are some fun facts one needs to know about the young YouTuber;

American Youtuber Birthday  

Julia landed on the earth on May 22, 1999, in the United States. The 24-year-old American star is a Gemini and has a caucasian identity. Apart from that, not much is known about her personal details including family, siblings, and birthplace. 

Famous Youtube Content Creator 

Her first video was about “I’m not smarter than a 5th grader – #001 – cute girls only” After that, she posted numerous videos that received love from all over the world, making her famous among households. She also posted a video about my stretching routine and it went viral amassing 3.5 million views. Her subscribers amount to 798K. 

Cute Girls Only Podcasts 

Cute Girls Only Podcasts 

Ari started making podcasts with cute girls about issues faced by young girls. There are 7 videos in this podcast playlist, while the last one was uploaded 7 months ago. The young star interviewed Lumi Ray, Jane Wilde, Cattien, Essie B, Strap Queen, and Susie Stellar. Most of her podcasts are of 1 hour and revolve around relationships, love, life, and so much more. 

$1 Million Net Worth

Being a social media star means that every comment, like, view, subscriber, and follower will turn into cash. Hence, beautiful photographs and videos on Instagram, and TikTok generate a significant amount of dollars. On Facebook, she has amassed 131K followers, and her Instagram has 185K followers. 

Her net worth is also generated from the ads on her social media accounts and the different endeavors she takes up including modeling and promotions. From all this, she has earned about $1 million annually and it’ll increase by the next year. 

Jules Ari OnlyFans Account 

Jules Ari has an OnlyFans account as well where she shares exclusive and private content with her fans. On OnlyFans, her ID is julesari_, the same as her Instagram account username. 

Leaked Content Controversy 

Leaked probate content of social media stars is becoming a common thing and not much action has been taken against it. This causes a great rift on social media platforms, destroying a person’s life and career. Likewise, Jules Ari faced major criticism after some private content was leaked through unknown sources about her. 

The controversy caused a great separation in her fans. Many were criticizing her, whereas, others were trying to support her in the tough times of her life.  

Hobbies and Interests 

Jules lobes sweets, and baking them as well. Her sweet tooth makes her bake a decadent dessert to relish when she’s feeling down. Apart from that, she loves to drink coffee and loves to start her day with a strong cup of coffee.

Additionally, she loves cats, and thrilling activities including skydiving and bungee jumping, collecting vintage vinyl records, searching for musical gems in thrift shops, watching films, and taking care of plants. 


Not only she’s quite talented, but she can also speak multiple languages including conversational Spanish, French, and English. This expertise in multiple languages enables her to communicate effectively with people from different regions. 

Advocate of Mental Health Awareness

Jules Ari advocates mental health awareness on her social media platforms and helps people facing psychological issues through regular donations to institutions assisting this cause.

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