FlyFrontier: Fare Classes, Flight Change/Cancellation, Points To Consider Before Boarding & Safety Measures

Ready to take off on America’s greenest airline? FlyFrontier claims to be green because it’s 43% more fuel-efficient than its competitive airlines.

The airline is situated in Denver, Colorado is rather an economical Frontier Airline crisscrossing 90 destinations routes across the United States, Central America, the Caribbean,  and Mexico. 

Frontier has lightweight seats, environmentally friendly activities, and an A320neo fleet proving to be a safe choice for travelers who want to stay on budget but in a safe manner. 

Each plane has an animal drawn on its tail to make it unique and bring awareness to travellers about the animal and its habitat. Besides that the airline uses biodegradable cups aboard the plane, you won’t see even a single plastic or paper cup which causes pollution. 

The airline already comes with budget-friendly options and fare classes, but if you are booking it for the first time then remember lower prices come with fewer amenities.

Everything from the flight changes to baggage and extra seats will cost you extra bucks but make the decision carefully by considering whether it’s worth it or not. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into FlyFrontier to decide fare classes, points to consider, cancellation and change policies, and safety measures taken beforehand.

Fare Options At FlyFrontier

You can have two fare classes at this airline if you plan to choose it. Here, the base fare includes only the necessities while every other amenity will cost you extra. 

1. One class is Standard fare which allows you free personal items. What if you want some add-ons? You can have that by demanding a seat assignment or any checked bag.

2. The other class is Discount Den which charges $59.99 yearly for membership with FlyFrontier and you can access flights at discounted prices and pro deals. It even allows kids under age 15 to fly for free but it must fall under the ‘Kids Fly Free’ flight.

But if you are accessing it for the first time, it will cost $99.99, as you have to pay the enrollment fee which is $40.

Flight Cancellation & Change At FlyFrontier 

If for any reason, your plans are altered and you want to change your flight, you may have to pay charges to make adjustments.  

  • If you plan to change it within six days I’d do it on the same day but another time, you will have to pay $99. 
  • If you change it after 7 days or maybe between 59 days day, you will have to pay $49.
  • However, if you do it after 60 days, you won’t have to pay a single penny. 
  • But again, prices may vary if your new flight is expensive, you will have to pay extra.
  • But if your new flight costs less, you will get no additional credit.
  • If you cancel tickets within seven days of departure, you will get a full refund but if it exceeds your cancellation fee $99 will be deducted from the travel credit.
  • You will get a refund within a week and if you turn on the Flight flexibility option, your change fee will be covered.

Points To Consider Before Boarding on FlyFrontier 

Each airline has its regulations and policies which you must abide by. 

You must be adequately aware of routes, destinations, baggage policies, flight booking, and other stuff so you won’t be an absolute noob even if you are flying for the first time.

Frontier’s Destinations Routes

Keep Yourself aware of where Frontier flies, as it covers more airspace than any other airline. 

The airline covers 100 domestic and international routes all crisscrossing Mexico, the U.S., the and Caribbean so contact us here that whether it’s the right choice for your destination or not. 

Be Attentive Towards Booking Procedures 

FlyFrontier comes with a confusing layout and intends the customers to pay more deceptively. When you search to book a flight, the pop-ups may ask you to pay extra for the seat.

Paying extra is unnecessary so beware of such trucks regarding baggage or other stuff. 

Why Only Backpack?

Well, it’s because of the humongous baggage charges. To get your budget under control, forgo this luxury of carrying luggage over your flights.

Just pack a backpack, thrust your necessities into that, and be ready to board. 

If Necessary, Buy A Bag Early

But if you feel like you can’t travel just with your backpack and a carry-on bag must be there.

Then I’ll suggest you to as early as possible. Prices vary as per routes and dates but usually cost around $60 per bag. But this price is valid only when you buy it at the time of booking. 

If you delay it and procrastinate till the last moment, the price may increase up to $99 per bag. 

Seats Might Be Apart

FlyFrontier cones with la carte stuff and it even applies to the seat arrangements. 

 If you show reluctance to pay for your seat during the flight, you will be given a seat by the staff as per their liking which usually falls almost half of the plane away from your loved ones.

The jet bridge might separate you from your companions so say goodbye or kiss them farewell before boarding.  

I believe they do it so you pay additionally for putting you and your partner’s seat together. But if you have bigger priorities to sound your money so embrace this separation for a while. 

Consider Cheapest Fare

Make a budget for everything, including the cost of baggage, fare, and add-on services. 

Review the cost and then evaluate the add-on service of the carry-on bag which costs $120, Is it still considered economical? 

FlyFrontier: Fare Classes, Flight Change/Cancellation, Points To Consider Before Boarding & Safety Measures

If not, then research about other cheapest services as it might not be a good choice then. 

Take Noise Cancellation Mode With You!

Although I adore kids but have all the seats occupied with kids who are loud as hell. I might not be preferring their company. 

As FlyFrontier has a pretty low ticket price, no wonder parents bring their children together especially when kids aged below 15 can travel for free.

But the loud volume of their noise may call for noise cancellation mode instead of ear pods. 

Uncomfortable Seats

You have to forgo comfort as well as the seats are crammed together, hard, and not at all comfortable. Sometimes, this uncomfortable results in passengers being extremely grumpy and rude towards each other.

While other times, passengers being in unison with each other die of similar misery. People with back pain, and mobility problems should avoid these flights as these may cause more damage. 

Herding From One Point To Another 

If I tell you that you are a Cattle while flying on US airlines, then it won’t be wrong. A nobody, in case of delays or cancellation they provide you no assistance or guidance. 

You have paid the ticket fee and it only guarantees that you will be herded from one place to another. But when? That remains an enigma.

Precautionary Measures By FlyFrontier 

As safety is paramount, what are safety measures observed by FlyFrontier? The airline doesn’t compromise on its precautions.  

  • All the attendants and passengers need to wear masks and give assurance that they have contracted the COVID-19 virus in the near past.
  • Travelers need to get temperature screened at the time of boarding. In case of fever above 104.9⁰C boarding would be denied.
  • Travelers are denied all kinds of drinks and snacks during flights, however, you may bring your own from the terminal.
  • Muddle seats aren’t blocked during flights, so if you prefer social distancing, ask the staff to get you seated on an empty row.


In conclusion, airlines come with many options that may fool you into paying extra if you are booking for the first time. 

FlyFrontier has the sane deceptive options but reading this guide may help you to understand which points to look our before boarding and booking flights.

The flights aren’t luxurious and comfortable, you won’t even get any snacks or beverages during flights so pack your own and bring with you beforehand. 

Give it a must-read and share your experience if you have ever boarded on one or plan to do it.

FAQs on FlyFrontier 

What is Frontier flight flexibility?

It means you can make any changes to the flight like its date or time for free,  but you might have to do it before a day before departure. 

Does Frontier give drinks or snacks? 

Yes, it does but you have to pay for that and the prices are way too high. A soda can cost more than $3. So, bringing your snack is recommended.

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