Metamorphosis Anime: 177013, Reading Platforms, Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Story Plot, & Netizen Reactions

Are you a manga lover? Curious to know when the Metamorphosis anime will be out? We suppose not anytime soon. The anime was initially rumored to be released in 2023, but there is no correct information yet. The manga story has quite explicit content that can’t be featured on screens. 

The title means, ‘transformation’, said to be inspired by Franz Kafka’s story title. It was serialised in Japan and goes by the titles, Henshin and Emergence. The story plot is quite controversial and sparked the internet of the se*ual content and drug abuse depicted in the manga.  

In this article, we will delve deeper into Metamorphosis anime, its release date, trailer, story plot, cast, and what netizens say about it. 

Is 177013 & Metamorphosis Anime Same? 

Yes, both are hailed as the same thing. Metamorphosis anime often goes with the name 177013 because it was published on the 177013th page of an adult website, and that’s how it became trendy on Reddit which leads to numerous memes trolling this erotica. Manga are undoubtedly bold but this one took the boldness to another level.

Where Can You Read Metamorphosis Anime? 

If all this hype created among the anime clubs has intrigued you enough that you want to read this. The most accessible and convenient option is exploring online manga sites like MangaDex, Manganelo, and Mangakakalot. 

You can read Metamorphosis here or any other manga series you are looking forward to on your device without hassle. 

Most of you may like the feel of books in your hands, no worries you can find the physical copies in the library nearby or any other local bookstore. 

But mind it, with increasing popularity it’s becoming difficult to find a variety of titles in the desired format which can be an inconvenience sometimes.

When Metamorphosis Anime Will Be Released? 

There are many speculations surrounding the official release of Metamorphosis anime. Initially, it was supposed to be released in 2022, but as the year ended, we realized that was just a rumor. 

Later on, it was rumored to be released in April 2023. Many blogs were written where episodes and content of the anime were discussed. But as the year officially ended now, we assume the release has been delayed further. There is no exact date we can claim for its release. We aren’t even certain about its production.

This manga series became famous during 2016-2017 and is still discussed excessively. Few appreciate the picture quality and work, while others call it tragic and extremely realistic. 

It especially became famous through a meme, YouTubers, and memers often call this manga, ‘Cursed’.

Official Trailer of Metamorphosis Anime

What is the trailer all about? Or is there a real trailer? No, there are no official trailers released by any anime studio, although you will come across several fan-made trailers. You may get confused by the fine editing of these fan-made ones. But let me clear it for you, no studio is willing to adapt this anime, even the reckless and boldest one. 

There are several reasons, firstly people believe it depicts immense explicit and dark content that shouldn’t be shown on screens. Even the people who are indulgent in bold Mangas and anime were left in shock by its horrendous content. 

We assure you there is no confirmed trailer out yet, which we assume is because either it’s delayed or it’s never going to be adapted into anime. 

The cast of Metamorphosis Anime

Although we aren’t sure about its production, we are not certain who will play the characters. However, in the manga, there are two characters; Saki Yoshida and Hayato. 

Saki Yoshida: She’s an introverted girl, who was the odd one out among her surroundings. She has no friends, nor has she gotten into relationships. She developed an inferiority complex that she could never match other friendliness. 

When she enrolled in high school, she decided to change herself. She started wearing nice clothes, started making friends and she even made a few on the very first day of school.

Metamorphosis Anime: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Story Plot, & Netizen Reactions

But it unfortunately attracted a man’s attention as well. Her lured her into his traps. He made her addicted to drugs and se*ually abused her. She ruined her life and faced a tragic end.

Hayato: He is the guy who has a sweet façade but is an evil soul. He became involved with Saki. He took her on dates, praised her forced himself on her. Saki due to her ignorance and naivety considered it a good sign that she finally grabbed a man’s attention. 

But Hayato is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He drugs abused her, raped her, and even created circumstances that she started doing prostitution. He humiliated her and ruined Saki for good. 

Although there are supporting characters, we will focus on the protagonist and antagonist here. 

Story Plot of Metamorphosis Anime

The story plot revolves around a young woman who in search of a better life got into the wrong hands and ruined her life. The young woman, Saki Yoshida was the typical girl who wanted to look pretty, make friends, and live a normal social life. But situations turned out ugly for her.

When she first appeared at school with her cute outfit, she grabbed several people’s attention. She tries to fit into them by being social, but it cost her life. She grabbed the attention of Hayato, who pretended to love her. He used her innocence to his advantage and forced himself into the disguise of dating. She got uncomfortable in the beginning, but Hayato was a convincing liar. 

He started drugging her and raped her multiple times. She was doomed when she indulged in sugar dating. She started pursuing strangers and in return got paid. She became popular in that world, and her provocative photos fell into her classmates’ hands. 

They started forcing her to have intercourse with them. This news was spread to her father. He was a druggie and forced his daughter that’s where we suppose things started spiraling down. Although, incest is common among anime and Mangas but still not recommended. When she became resistant, her father twisted the story and narrated her to Saki’s mother by making her evil. 

Her mother got furious and kicked her out of her house. She came to Hayato, who used this situation to gain to his advantage. He used her to pay off his debts by offering her to several men. She got tattooed and pregnant but Hayato forced her to abort her child. After the abortion, she resumed the activities as she was getting paid. 

Story Plot of Metamorphosis Anime

She became pregnant with a child for the second time. She developed an addiction to heroin as well. Hayato abandoned her and publicly insulted her by calling her a prostitute and a loose woman. 

She came to another friend Kumagai who forced her to do some horrendous activities for him. She abandoned these activities and started working to support her unborn child. But her classmates approached her, didn’t believe her, and started raping her.

They even kicked her in the stomach several times. She flew from there and got solitude in the bathroom where she saw herself in the mirror. She was devastated to see herself drugged and devastated. The story ends with her being dead where there is blood on her spectacles which are thrown onto the floor. 

However, the writer still gave us a peek into her future which could have been much better if she hadn’t indulged in such tragedies. In the future, she will live happily with her child. But the story didn’t meet the positive end. 

Netizen Reaction to Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation

People call it cursed, horrible extremely erotic, and dark for their liking. Some people have still commented on the fine portrayal of characters. However, the writer has emphasized the story was for learning purposes instead of pleasure. 


In conclusion, metamorphosis anime is not certainly being adapted into anime anytime soon. Regardless of rumor, no studio will be willing to produce and direct it unless it erotica making studios. The story became popular in 2017 due to bloggers’ and YouTubers’ discussions over it. It was supposed to be released in 2022, but delayed then the release date was announced to be Summer 2023 but still there’s nothing.

The story is about a young woman who was socially outcasted at first but then became social and became involved in prostitution and drug abuse. She met a tragic end and was a great lesson for the young generation to beware of sweet talks and strangers. 

Give it a good look if you ever become curious about this manga, and let us know what you think of this adult manga.

FAQs on Metamorphosis Anime

Where can I watch the Metamorphosis anime?

You can watch it on Funimation.

Is Metamorphosis an anime? 

No, it’s not an anime yet. In real, it’s a manga written by Shindo. L who’s Japanese mangaka. It was translated into English and was titled Emergence. 

How does Metamorphosis end anime? 

She got high on Heroine and ultimately died. The story ended with her dreaming about a peaceful life with her infant daughter. 

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