Side Effects of Applying Castor Oil In Belly Button: Application & Cautionary Measures 

Are there any side effects of applying castor oil to the belly button? Or is it the elixir your body needs? 

You must have seen numerous influencers over social media putting castor oil into their belly button. 

Lathering up and if it’s coincidently a trimmed waxed tummy, then it looks like it’s all been pooled up there. 

If you remember at the time of your birth you got all your nutrients through the umbilical cord and even oxygenated blood flows in and out of the fetus through that cord, and now those ligaments are all accumulated at your belly button. 

In the past, people used to put oils on the belly button due to several Ayurvedic remedies. 

Putting Castor oil in the belly button has benefits like its anti-inflammatory, nourishing skin, improving the digestive system, and relieving joint pain.

But again it causes some digestive problems as well, it causes allergies and in pregnant women cramping and severe contractions. 

In this guide, we will look deeper into the side effects of applying castor oil in belly button, its potential merits, and the cautions you need to consider before and after lathering up castor oil.

What Are the Side Effects of Applying Castor Oil In Belly Button?

There are certain side effects of applying castor oil in belly button that you may face. But make sure you do a patch test beforehand. 

Apply only a small amount of castor oil inside your wrist and let yourself wait for 24 hours. If nothing happens, it guarantees you won’t have any irritation or allergic reaction. 

Allergic Reaction

Although it’s natural and ice-used cold-pressed poses no threat but if you still have an allergy, stop using it right away. 

The common allergic symptoms that you may face include hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling. 

These allergic reactions aren’t common by applying this oil but still, there are exceptions, so be cautious. 

High Risk of Infections

You must know that the Belly button is already harboring infections and bacteria because of its moist surface. 

It must be kept sterile all the time, especially before applying castor oil as it may increase the infection rate if not properly cleaned. 

Painful Contractions During Pregnancy 

Painful Contractions During Pregnancy 

Although ingesting orally during pregnancy triggers painful contractions. Traditionally women used to consume it when the labour nears. 

Applying the belly button doesn’t seem to have such an impact but still, there’s limited research on it.

So you must consult with your doctor before applying castor oil on your belly button neither when you are pregnant nor when you are breastfeeding your child. 

Digestive Problems

Castor oil has laxative effects when you consume it orally while applying it on the skin and when absorbed enters into the bloodstream. 

When it enters the bloodstream it causes digestive problems such as cramping, diarrhea, and nausea. 

Skin Irritation 

Castor oil is comparatively more concentrated and strong oil than other essential oils. 

Applying it directly over the skin, especially the belly button which is already sensitive and prone to infections develops itching, rash, and redness. So doing a patch test is a must to avoid such consequences. 

How To Apply Castor Oil In Belly Button?

There are three steps that you must follow around while applying castor oil to the belly button. How it’s prepared, the consistency you have to maintain, how to massage it, and the way we store it. 

Preparing Castor Oil

The side effects of applying castor oil to the belly button originate if you aren’t using high-quality castor oil. 

The oil must be cold-pressed as it doesn’t require heating before application so that all bioactive compounds remain intact.

Applying Castor Oil

To apply oil inside your belly button, you must do it by warming a tiny bit of oil by rubbing your fingers.

This warm oil will have a soothing effect on your belly button and easily absorbs into the skin. Make soothing circles by rubbing gently on both the belly button and the nearby area. 

Massaging Castor Oil

Massaging Castor Oil

To avoid the side effects of applying castor oil in belly button instead of getting benefits, you must make sure your massage technique is right. 

Gentle massaging will improve blood flow and absorption. You can do the massage at night before your bedtime and let the oil rest till morning. 

Storage of Castor Oil

How to keep your castor oil in its optimal condition? Keep it in a cool and dark place as it will keep it pure and perfect. 

Make sure you are practicing hygiene as the diet and bacteria in your belly button won’t let castor oil do its trick.

Cautionary Measures Before & After Applying Castor Oil

There are certain cautions that you must practice if you want no side effects of applying castor oil in belly button. 

You must consider these facts before and after applying castor oil:

Before Putting Castor Oil In the Belly Button

  • You must do a patch test to see whether you are allergic to castor oil or not.
  • Most people complain about skin irritation after applying castor oil, so make sure you are using hexane-free cold-pressed castor oil.
  • Wipe out thoroughly your belly button and dry it out before applying oil as such areas are susceptible to bacterial attacks.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child, you must avoid using it without a doctor’s prescription. 
  • You should pour just a little dollop of oil whether you are comfortable with this or not.

After Putting Castor Oil In the Belly Button

  • After applying, thoroughly clean the oil area with a wet wipe, however, you must do it gently.
  • You should make sure the area around the belly button just gets wet as we don’t want any fungal infection there.
  • It’s a bit diuretic so names sure aren’t missing from your water intake.
  • If you feel nausea and abdominal pain starts, discontinue using it.
  • You must consult with your health professional immediately if you have ambiguity about this practice.


In conclusion,  the side effects of applying castor oil in belly buttons are difficult to address sometimes either due to limited research or people becoming negligent about it. 

It can be beneficial which sometimes outweighs its drawbacks but still keep your wits sharp.

If you feel even a slight discomfort consult with your doctor as you may have underlying health concerns which you must cater beforehand. 

Undoubtedly it’s a holistic approach and maintains your overall well-being, but you can’t deny the drawbacks associated with it. You may face skin irritation,  digestive issues, tingling, and infections that must be treated timely to avoid any major problems. 

Give it a thorough read to maintain your overall body wellness and be cautious of possible issues. Do share which essential oil you commonly lather up on your belly button.

FAQs on Side Effects of Applying Castor Oil In Belly Button 

Are there negative effects of castor oil?

Yes, there are many negative effects mainly the sleep cycle, hypotension, nausea, and if applied on Belly Button then infections and skin irritation.

What is the best oil for the belly button? 

It’s the juncture of your whole body and regulates many functions. Taking great care of it ensures overall well-being. The recommended oils are olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil.

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