Everything You Need To Know About the Tragic Death of Schavaria Reeves

New Amsterdam is vastly perplexed by the accident involving the death of Schavaria Reeves. Various people work in the production teams of every great series or movie, many forget that they have played a perfect role that’s why the production of the film is horrific. And, he’s such a person who arduously worked in the production team to bring about the best. 

Lengthy efforts of a week or more are needed for this purpose, sometimes it takes up to a month to deliver the best results of the production. Schavaria Reeves had been an employee of New Amsterdam until his death. His work made people revere him and the whole team of the medical drama provided homage to this member who worked hard behind the set on his tragic death. 

Being an arduous man, he spent his whole life working in different sets and providing the best production services in the entertainment industry. This article will unveil the details of Schavaria Reeves’s tragic death. 

Who’s Schavaria Reeves?

Schavaria Reeves was an  IMBD Pro Startmaster, producer, member of the sound department, and additional crew in the production teams. In 1990, he began his career with his first production team and accomplished various feats through all the work he has been doing. 


In New Jack City and Strictly Business, he worked hard as head of the interns and led the production crew teams. Over the years, he joined various films and series sets as a producer and member of the additional crew. Many of the movies that people love have him as a crew member playing a key role in leasing productions. 

Over a decade, he also collected over twenty credits for music videos, some of which he participated in with Jay Z.  

Schavaria Reeves was an expert in boom operation and sound mixing. For more than 60 productions, he led the crew and operated sounds in his 30-year career. 

After several years working on movie and film sets, he changed his course career and tried to serve television productions as a leading crew member. Famous television works of Schavaria Reeves include;

  • Law and Order 
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • John Wich franchises Chapters 1 and 2
  • Power Book II: Ghost 
  • Little America
  • Shades of Blue
  • Oblivion 
  • Sex and the City
  • SVU
  • Ray Donovan
  • The Affair
  • Vinyl 
  • Quantico

Recently, he worked on a Netflix series “Inventing Anna.” After successfully participating in it, he tried to sign a contract with New Amsterdam for the mini-screen before his sudden death. In New Amsterdam, he earned incredible compliments and reverence from his peers, production crew members, director, and producers.  Later, they signed a 20-episode contract and hired him. 


  • In May 2022, Schavaria was inducted as a member of one of the highest societies, the Cinema Audio Society (CAS). They respected and admired his hard work and posted his picture from different works in the film and TV industry. After receiving such an honor, the deceased member of CAS shared that post on his Instagram account. 
  • Netflix medical show “New Amsterdam” dedicated their Season 5 to him and presented a heartfelt card to their deceased member. 

What’s the Cause Behind the Sudden Death of Schavaria Reeves?

New Amsterdam paid homage to the deceased member of their production team. This homage made him well known and many people are interested in knowing more about him and his endeavors, particularly his death.

His family, peers, and colleagues all were silent about his sudden death and revealed nothing about the cause of his death. Even New Amsterdam refused to leak anything about his death which left many people curious. 

Later reports revealed that Schavaria was a chronic patient of cancer and his health was deteriorating day by day. For the last eight years, he was battling prostate cancer. At the age of 56, his condition got much worse and resulted in his death. 

The sudden loss of the sound department specialist and production crew director shocked everyone. Another hero behind the filming sets died. At the location of Vander May Wayne Colonial Funeral Home, New Jersey, Schavaria was burned to the grave after one week after his death on October 8.  

New Amsterdam Dedicates Season 5 to Schavaria Reeves 

Throughout five seasons, the cast of this NBC series has turned into a loving family. The final season of the medical series has made many anxious as the loving cast of this drama will go separate ways once it finishes. And only on special occasions, they will collaborate again. It’s such a heartfelt moment for its fans. 

However, one of their crew members left them before they realized it and left a void in everyone’s hearts. In the final moments of episode 4 of this medical drama, they paid tribute to Schavaria with a sentimental card. 

Episode 4 of this series also shadows some meaningful messages in it. The message was about self-care and helping others in need. The viewers were compelled to realize that various people are working in the field and they don’t make others realize their rigorous efforts. But they need to be appreciated and loved because they are suffering the most. 

After this sentimental scene ended, the camera paused and paid tribute to their most hardworking crew member. The title card appeared at that pause reading the collective message of everyone who loved him. 

“In the recollection of Schavaria Reeves (1965 to 2022).”


Family of Schavaria Reeves

Schavaria had a family of 4. He wedded to his beloved wife Martha Melendez. With Martha, he also has two sons Sky Burton and Kayloni Burton. Further, he has a brother named Ernest Reeves and various nieces and nephews as well. His mother Ollie Reeves was predeceased in 2021, one year before Schavari’s death. 

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