Is Biocentrism Debunked? Does Time and Space Exist in our Minds?

In 2007, Robert Lanza introduced the Biocentrism theory, which states that consciousness controls the universe. Life and consciousness are key parts of the universe, everything is a byproduct of it or has a secondary significance. Further, this theory states that our brains have created the universe in our minds and it is not a physical thing. 

The concept of theory stresses that biology is the fundamental science of the universe, rather than physics, and has been termed as Biocentrism debunked due to its vague hypothesis. This theory has stirred discussions and controversy among philosophers and scientists. This theory has out-turned the concepts of the universe and brought a radical shift in understanding it. 

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What’s Biocentrism? 

What's Biocentrism? 

Biocentrism is a theory that states that consciousness is directing the universe in everything, while everything else is a byproduct of it. Bio means life and centre mean essence or a vital part, hence, biocentrism means bio (life) is the center of the universe. 

For the first time, this term was used by Robert Lanza in his journal, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe. This publication challenged the previously rooted philosophical and scientific concepts.

According to this theory, life and unconsciousness are the core of the world, while matter is secondary. There were various arguments given in its support and to prove the validity of this bio-centered theory. However, many people criticized it and gave counter-arguments. 

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Supporting Arguments and Evidence 

The arguments proposed by the Biocentrism supporters are the following;

Consciousness as the Core

Biocentrism defines consciousness and explains its basic concept which physical theories have failed to define. This theory provides self-awareness as the heart of its framework, disregarding the physics laws. 

Perception and Existence 

How the universe is shaped and what’s its reality, are two basic questions asked by scientists and philosophers alike. It implies that the exact conditions of our universe, which seem flawlessly tailored for life, can be discerned when one realizes that life and consciousness are central to existence.

How Lanza Counterargues on Biocentrism Debunked?

How Lanza Counterargues on Biocentrism Debunked?

According to Lanza, scientists fail to incorporate the existence and cause of humans in their theories. Moreover, he asserts that scientists haven’t yet unraveled the reality behind our consciousness. Lanza experimented with subatomic particles to prove his theory. 

In the experiment, it was identified that if someone observes the subatomic particles or light passes through a barrier, it will generate “solid-looking hits.” Contrary to that, if the particles are not watched, the behavior of waves allows the subatomic particles to pass through both holes simultaneously. 

Henceforth, it was concluded that the particles’ behavior will change if they are being observed or not. Lanza also gave an example of the kitchen. According to his example, we see our kitchen and the objects in it due to the photons (light particles) and the functioning of our brains. 

Whether we are inside a kitchen or not, we can assume how it looks in our minds and asset that the kitchen is always present in its place. However, the kitchen is absent of these factors; no light, no visual characteristics, and colors. This concept is termed as the observer effect. 

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How Observers Effect Contradicts Biocentrism Debunked?

The observer effect is a phenomenon that distorts our world and how we can get a more accurate picture and is true for humans, animals, and atoms — observing things changes them, and some phenomena only exist when examined.

The concept of observing isn’t universal; the moon orbits in the same way it does while being observed or not. However, humans, animals, and atoms change their manner if they are being observed. While looking at someone, one speculates whether the behavior of that person or object is natural or invariably affected by their observation. 

Erwin Schrödinger’s cat experiments put light on the observer’s effect. In this experiment, a car is placed in a box with a radioactive atom that might kill it in an hour. Until someone opens the box, the cat exists in the supervision (two half-true states; cat is dead or alive). Whether the cat is dead or alive isn’t certain, until one confirms it.

When the box opens, the observer sees the cat lying motionless and the observer believes that the cat is dead. However, if it moves, the observer thinks the cat is alive. Hence, one can’t help but wonder if the claim of biocentrism debunked is false or true. 

Criticism of Biocentrism Debunked 

The criticisms faced by Biocentrism debunked are the following;

Lack of Empirical Evidence

Lack of Empirical Evidence

There is not any empirical (practical) evidence supporting this theory. Critics assert that the theory renounces previous perspectives on consciousness, however, it fails to support it with tangible proof or testable predictions.

Biocentrism debunked concept is also due to the fact, that it’s unfalsifiable. This suggests that you can’t prove that something doesn’t exist if you’re not given the chance to investigate it to analyze whether it did or did not occur in the first place.

Contradiction with Modern Physics

Another criticism is that biocentrism’s foundational principles contradict established laws of physics, without having any fundamental evidence. This theory is theoretical and could fail practically. Hence, biocentrism views the universe as a mental construct, but no modern invention supports this claim.

Modern physics states that the universe is a measurable, physical entity, and there are various ways to prove it. Physicist Sean Caroll stated that this theory has no scientific basis, hence, it’s unreliable. David Lindley, a theoretical physicist, criticized Biocentricism debunked, a “vague and inarticulate metaphor” in his essay in The American Scholar.


Biocentrism debunked or not is not yet presently known. However, it’s a distinct aspect of the universe, emphasizing the role of consciousness and perception. However, the lack of practical evidence and ambivalence with established scientific notions make it a controversial theory.

Whilst it proposes a fresh viewpoint, it’s significant to approach Biocentrism with a critical mind, evaluating both its distinctions and limitations. As with all theories and advancements, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding continues unless there’s enough evidence to support it. 

This theory could be just one piece of the vast puzzle of existence, let us know your understanding of Biocentrism debunked in the comment below.

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