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Do you follow Instagram viewer tools while using the app? Then, you must have heard about Imgsed or Imginn which is an anonymous Instagram story viewer and post-saving platform. Those who prefer to stay anonymous use the tool as their top priority. However, the developers of the website have changed the domain to Imginn now from Imgsed.

Nonetheless, some users still prefer to use Imgsed over Imginn. If you have never heard about the platform, or you’re curious to learn more about its features, the detailed guide to Imgsed will be discussed in the article. We’ll begin with a brief introduction to the platform, its features, access, and functions. Moreover, you’ll also learn about how to use Imgsed. 

Imgsed, popularly known as Imginn works as an Instagram viewer tool, having similar (advanced)features to the app. Some of its features are not available in the original application like anonymously viewing stories and posts

What are the Features of Imgsed?

What are the Features of Imgsed?

Some of Imginn’s significant features are the following:

Anonymous Browsing 

One of the major reasons why people love using the software is due to its anonymous browsing. This means that the Instagram algorithms can’t locate the accounts viewing posts, reels, or stories. Therefore, it helps people in stalking others. You can also watch the stories and posts of your friends, rivals, or crushes anonymously. 

If you’re thinking how is it possible or what does anonymous means? Fret not, this feature is easy to understand. When you open your Instagram story or posts, you can see who has viewed it through the list provided by the algorithms. However, through using the software, it won’t catch your account on the list even if you watch stories or posts. 

The owner won’t receive the notification of your stories or posts viewing as well. This is possible because you haven’t logged into anyone’s account on the tool. 

Downloading Videos, Reels, and Posts

While watching videos and posts, some memes, relatable pictures, funny videos, and the reels you like are the ones that everyone wants to download and keep in the gallery. For this purpose, you don’t need to install any apps separately. You can just download them just by opening the website and adding their URL. 

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for the most minimalistic feature of the Instagram viewer tools available on the internet, Imgsed is the best choice. The simple interface makes it easier to access and browse on the site, all you need to do is search for the thing and press enter. 

On the homepage of the platform, you can just search and perform your task effortlessly. Likewise, profile browsing and media scrolling are quite easy as well. If you know these features, you can easily use the software. 

How to Acess and Use Imgsed (Imginn)?

Accessing and using Imginn is simple. By following the pointers provided below, you can smooth your user experience:

  • Search for Imginn on your browser’s search bar
  • Open the website in the first searches on the window (Keep in mind that the Imgsed domain has transferred to Imginn, hence search for the modified version)
  • In the search bar, add the profile username you want to search or stalk
  • After searching the account, a list will open up on the screen and you will have to choose the profile you wanna observe 
  • You can download the posts by opening them and clicking on the download option 
  • The data will be downloaded directly into your gallery

Is Imgsed (Imginn) Legal or Safe?

Imginn is a third-party tool, hence, one can’t say it is completely legal. Moreover, stalking or observing others isn’t ethical as well. Therefore, it is not a legal tool. Apart from that, authorities don’t focus on such websites as they don’t pose much threat. Hence, rarely one might get into legal trouble by using them. 

Apart from that, it’s safe to use the tools as they don’t contain any malware or viruses. However, it’s preferable to use a VPN while using such websites to protect your IP address or identity from hackers. One can also use them without a VPN as well. 

Drawbacks of Imginn

There are some drawbacks to using the Imgsed tools as not all the features of the Instagram app are available on it. You can’t search for content through specific hashtags. Hence, you need the parent app for that purpose. Their homepage doesn’t have the advanced algorithm to recommend trending reels, popular hashtags, and famous accounts. 

If you have no issue with the tools and their drawbacks, you can keep on using them for as long as you like. 


In a nutshell, Imgsed is an Instagram anonymous story or profile viewing tool with numerous useful tools and a few drawbacks. One should utilize the tool in urgency only as it’s not honorable to use stalking tools to observe profiles. However, one can use it as much as they want to download posts, reels, photographs, or videos.   

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