How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously with Instanavigation?

How to watch Instagram stories anonymously has been debated recently. Instanavigation provided Insta users with the unique feature of watching someone’s stories without alerting them. People try to watch the stories of others without letting them know that they’re watching their IG stories. 

One could be using this feature to look at the stories of their crush without letting them know, or a friend they fought with, or stalking their rivals. Moreover, one could use this feature just because they like being anonymous, doing things silently without being apparent. The reasons for utilizing the particular Instanavigation app could be several.  

What’s Instanavigation?

Instanaigation is a special website for viewing Instagram stories anonymously. This particular website assists not only in viewing the stories of the users you like, but one can also download the memes or videos posted on IG with this website. 

What's Instanavigation?

Many people want to download stories or posts from Instagram. However, the app doesn’t allow users to directly download posts, videos, memes, reels, or photographs. Hence, one needs to find a reliable source to download them. 

There are various apps and websites formed for this purpose; Snaptube, Vidmate, Instagram Video Downloader, Instanavigation, Blind Story, Story Saver, Ghostify, Qoob, Storistalker, and Dumpor. 

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How does Instanavigation Work?

Instanavigation works best on PCs, smartphones, or laptops. One doesn’t need to install or download it. Just open the on your browser to benefit from these features. Hence, it’s also best for those who have low storage or outdated smartphones. 

Here’s the guide on how to use Instanabigation;

  • Open the web or any browser on your smartphone, computer, laptop, or tablet. Don’t forget to turn on your internet cable, as this website doesn’t work offline. 
  • Type in the search bar and press enter. 
  • There’s no need to make an account or sign up on the website after it opens on the screen. 
  • Open the Instagram app on the side tab or screen and poem the account you wish to stalk. Copy the Instagram ID of the user and paste it in the given area. Likewise, copy and paste their profile link. After entering both things, click on the search button. 
  • If one wants to watch the story, click on the story option. Whereas, click to view posts, if one wants to watch posts. In the insights or statistics of the posts or story, your name or ID won’t appear. 
  • There’s also a download button on everything one views, by clicking on it can be downloaded. 

Is it Safe to Use Instanavigation?

Is it Safe to Use Instanavigation?

Instanavigation is recommended by everyone and is 100% safe to use. The reason behind its 100% protection is that it doesn’t require the user to sign in to their Instagram account. Hence, when the site doesn’t know your IG account details, it can’t alert the logistics of the app and IG can’t detect your presence. 

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Can I Watch Stories of Saved Accounts?

The only downside to this application is that its working specification is similar to Instagram and other third-party apps or websites. Therefore, you would be unable to glimpse at the private accounts, their feed, and stories. Henceforth, one can only watch public groups that aren’t restricted.  

Alternatives of Anonymous Story Viewer Instanavigation 

There are various other apps and websites with similar features to this anonymous story viewer application. Here’s the list of the top-rated alternatives for Instanavigation;


Blind Story has a simple user interface and modern features. After login to the Blind Story with your Insta username and password, it shows all the stories of your friends and everyone in the feed on the screen. One can tap on any story and watch it 100% anonymously for free. 

The app offers to mark your favorite Insta profile in the specialized favorite section of Blind Story. Whenever that person posts a story, it’ll immediately come to the front in the favorite section. However, one can watch only 15 stories for free in a day. 

However, the app glitches sometimes and doesn’t load the stories immediately. The premium version of this application is available at $3.99 on both iOS and Android devices. 

Story Saver 

Instagram Story Saver 

Story Saver, as its name suggests is an Instagram story-saving application. Moreover, it is also utilized for copying the captions under IG posts. One can also glimpse at the hashtags of their competitors and use them while posting to reach a higher number of audience. 

One can also download posts and reels through it. The only downside Story Saver has is that it stops midway sometimes and only reinstalling could fix the bugs. Apart from that, it’s not available on iOS devices. 


Ghostify has all the features like a user-friendly interface, and downloading and viewing stories, and posts anonymously. However, the application isn’t free. One can have a free trial for a day to use Ghostify and watch 15 stories anonymously. But, if someone needs to use it daily, they have to purchase Ghostify premium at $2.99 per month.


Qoob offers its members various exclusive features that let them have fun on Instagram downloading whatever they wish to and from whomever. The premium Qoob allows the user to download pictures, reels, and stories from private accounts, export captions, and access commercial use permits 

The Qoob allows only its premium members to watch stories anonymously. Henceforth, one needs to lightweight their pocket and spend $7 per month for a Qoob premium account. On free Qoob, one can download 200 videos daily. 


Dumpor is just like Instanavigation, allowing the user to stalk whoever they want to and download unlimited videos, stories, reels, and posts. One doesn’t need to sign up or give any personal details to this website to utilize its features. 

There are several apps and websites to view Instagram stories anonymously, however, Instanavigation is the best among all of them. Viewing stories, posts anonymously, and downloading videos, all features of an updated website are available here. 

Don’t forget to share your experience of this Instagram video downloader in the comments.

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