What Does the Order of Instagram Story Viewers Mean?

What does the order of Instagram story viewers mean is an ambiguous process as Instagram never sheds light on this aspect of their application. There are various assumptions about how Instagram’s algorithm for its stories works. 

There are various ways to be on top of the story and two basic methods of story viewers order. However, their validity isn’t 100%. Yet, many influencers have verified that their stories usually are based on these strategies that will be discussed below. 

The article will explore certain ways to answer the question,  “What does the order of Instagram story viewers mean?” Additionally, who emerges at the foremost or bottom position in the order of Instagram story viewers will be talked over. 

What Does the Order of Instagram Story Viewers Mean?

What Does the Order of Instagram Story Viewers Mean?

There are various assumptions about the order of Instagram story viewers, the basic strategies of the algorithm are;

The First 50 Views

The first 50 views mean that the top 50 viewers of a story will be systemically arranged in an order. The recently watched ones will be on the top, whereas after the first 50, the algorithm will take over and there won’t be a singular pattern in which stories will be arranged.

Some people have reported that there were some changes in the first 50 views of their Instagram story when checked through different devices. Yet, many users have found this order satisfactory. 

After the First 50 Views 

After the first 50 views, the viewers are incoherently showcased. They may be based on most interactions or engagements between the accounts like liking posts, viewing or liking reels, commenting, and chatting.

Likewise, consistently liking posts and watching stories can also make them appear at the top of the list. Apart from that, if they’re close friends and chat repeatedly, they might appear at the top as well. 

Engaging with Instagram Account 

If someone wants to appear at the top of their favorite idols, pop stars, actors, social media personalities, and influencers, they should like, comment, and share their posts, and reels. 

This would enable the algorithm to recognize them as trustworthy and recommended for that account. Furthermore, one can also join their Facebook account to become mutual friends. This enables it to get recognized by the algorithm easily. 

Liking a Story 

Liking a Story 

Liking a story makes that particular account appear at the top. One doesn’t need to do nothing much for it, except click on the gear sign at the bottom right of the story. However, if your idol or crush has many fans, there will be many likes. 

Moreover, any Instagram user can observe who liked their stories on top of their story insights. 

Facebook Friends 

Those who have linked Facebook with Instagram accounts would share mutual friends from both applications. Hence, the Insta algorithm will make them appear at the top of the list, considering their acquaintance with that user. 

Majorly, how much one spends time with affects the story viewers’ order. 

Viewing a Story Multiple Times 

Viewing a story multiple times also launches that account on the top after the first 50 viewers and the first 50 viewers. Hence, if one wants to appear at the top of the viewers, one should watch the stories multiple times. 

Longer Interaction with a User

Long chattings, engaging in groups, sending each other reels, and tagging each other on stories, comments, and reels also make one appear foremost on the story viewers list. Hence, Instagram friends have the benefit of appearing at the prime of the first 50 viewers.   

Do Stalkers Also Appear at the Top of the Instagram Story Viewer List?

The stalkers who don’t like, follow, or follow back an account or engage with that account won’t appear in the list of Instagram story viewers. However, they might appear at the bottom of the list. 

Apart from that, people who engage less or interact rarely with an account t also appear at the bottom. Gramho and other Instagram anonymous or stalking tools viewers also don’t appear on the list. 


Henceforth, there’s no legitimate or valid way of knowing the order of Instagram story viewers. Therefore, there’s no definite answer to what does the order of Instagram story viewers mean.

 Various assumptions about the first 50 viewers, after first 50 viewers, interactions, and liking a story determine whether one will be at the top or bottom of the list of viewers. 

If there are any queries about, what does the order of Instagram story viewers mean, ask away in the comments section. 

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