Are Imginn Popular Anonymous Instagram Features a Hoax?

Nowadays, every social media application has supportive software on the web. Imginn is a fast-paced, engaging, and social media website that provides enhanced features of Instagram. Such apps become game-changers when a person knows how to use them. 

Likewise, GB WhatsApp is a supportive app with similar features to the original WhatsApp. However, it has numerous advanced features which aren’t available in the original app. Similarly, the Instagram support app has numerous features and tools that aren’t accessible in the actual application. 

In the article, functional and nonfunctional popular features of Imginn will be discussed. 

Functional Features of Imginn 

The primary features of Imginn are;

User-friendly Navigation 

User-friendly Navigation 

Empowering users with an elegant and easy-to-use website to view photos, stories, posts, and reels of Insta accounts. No ads and intuitive features make the user experience amusing while observing profiles and content. 

Downloading Content 

Instagram doesn’t give access to its users to watch content from personal accounts or to view probate stories. Furthermore, one can’t download posts or stories from the app as well. Hence, Imginn comes in handy for downloading any post and its story from Instagram. Moreover, one can also download highlights into their storage. 

Insights for Content Creators 

In content curation and management, the insights are highly recommended. The website provides essential insights on posts and reels to make the content much more engaging and better. Therefore, many people like to use the platform. 

Non-Functional Popular Features of Imginn

Many people find tools like Imginn to view stories, reals, posts, and other content anonymously. However, they don’t know whether the website is functioning properly or not. Likewise, the key feature of Imginn doesn’t work and thus, its users are disappointed. 

Here’s is the list of non-functional popular features of Imginn;

Instagram Profile Viewer and Downloader 

Instagram Profile Viewer and Downloader 

Many people use the platform for downloading and viewing the profile pictures of their favorite celebrities, family members, and friends. However, one can only zoom in or zoom out the profile pictures on the website, not properly download them. Although the profile picture gets downloaded, the format is usually unsupported on numerous devices.

Instagram Photos Viewer

Instagram Photos Viewer tool helps one view, download, and zoom in pictures on the platform. Therefore, it also has a feature for downloading pictures as well. Although, the downloading format is unsupported and has numerous glitches. 

 Instagram Reels Viewer and Downloader

Instagram Reels or videos downloaded is a tool that allows the user to download the reel by placing the URL into the search box. However, it might take one to an irrelevant website rather than downloading the reel or video. 

Anonymous Story Viewer 

To view the story or download it, one needs to add the URL to the search box. However, it’s not anonymous as one copies the link of the story, the Instagram algorithm detects the account and shows it to the owner’s story viewers. Therefore, one shouldn’t keep themselves in the illusion that it’s an anonymous story viewer. However, one can download stories. 

Anonymous Highlights Viewer and Downloader

As it was described below, this is not an anonymous viewer as one needs the Highlights URL to view it. Yet, it had a Highlights downloading feature.

Does Imginn have the Best Ratings and is it Safe to Use?

Although Imginn is quite popular among users, all its tools aren’t efficient. Henceforth, different users rank it differently. But, most people like this platform and categorize it as a good Instagram support website. 

Moreover, it gives away one’s account information to IG algorithms and Instagram doesn’t support or feature it. Apart from that, it has numerous domains which aren’t functional. The functional website has a low-security score of 21.8 out of 100. 

Therefore, it’s categorized as a scam website on Scam Detector due low security score. Additionally, Imginn uses Instagram usernames to extract the content that one requires to view or download. Hence, one doesn’t need to sign up on the website to access its features. 

Imginn Pros and Cons 

Different users rank the website differently. Whether it’s useful or not, one can an axle from its pros and cons. 


  • Numerous features including unlimited downloading of Instagram content  
  • Simple to navigate 
  • A web-based platform
  • No installation required


  • No authenticity 
  • Numerous domains
  • Most of the Imginn domainsdon’tt work
  • A low-security score
  • Limited genuine reviews on trustworthy review websites
  • Frequent system issues and the website doesn’t work repeatedly
  • Numerous advertisements on their website, might contain malware and disturb the smooth user experience. 
  • Imginn isn’t an ‘anonymous’ IG viewer. The website uses stories’ URLs to view and download the content. 

How to remove an Instagram Account from Imginn?

After using the website, if one wants to log out of Imginn or if one wants to disconnect their Instagram account from the website, follow the given steps:

  • Visit the Imginn website
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the “My Account” tab
  • Under “Connected Accounts”, press on “Disconnect”. One can remove the Instagram account by clicking on Disconnect. 
  • A confirmation message will appear, and upon further command, your Instagram account will be removed from Imginn. 

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