How Do I Talk to a Person at Verizon Customer Service? Complete Guide

Verizon is the no. 1 American network that people rely on. Are you facing a challenge and want to inquire about “How do I talk to a person at Verizon customer service?” While using the online services, we often feel the need to converse with the support team. 

However, you might not know the contact information of the customer support services. Therefore, this article will help you contact Verizon customer service and their contact information. 

What’s Verizon Network?

What's Verizon Network?

Verizon Communication Inc. is a multinational telecommunication company that offers voice, data, video services, communication, and technological services. Fios Verizon Wireless Corporation has its headquarters in New York. In 2023, it generated a revenue of about $134.0 billion and soared higher as a global communication network. 

Verizon has a CDMA wireless network with the highest quality network awarded 31 times continuously by J.D. Power. In America, Root Metrics recognizes the company as the most reliable one in providing a 5G network. 

What Services Does Verizon Provide? 

Verizon is globally recognized for providing communication and technological services, including:

  • Corporate networking solutions
  • Data center and cloud services
  • Security and managed network services
  • Local and long-distance voice services
  • Network access 
  • Delivering IoT services and products
  • Plans for phones, tablets, and watches
  • Deals for businesses 

How Do I Talk to a Person at Verizon Customer Service?

How Do I Talk to a Person at Verizon Customer Service?

How do I talk to a person at Verizon customer service is a simple process that doesn’t have any complexity. To contact the customer service through calling, you can call 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966). 

Apart from that, there are various other ways to contact the customer services of the multinational telecommunication company:

  • Chatting with a Verizon Virtual Agent
  • Sign in to the official website and schedule a call with the customer services representative 
  • Visit the Contact Us page of Fios, then open the Home Internet Customers tab and click on the chat button to discuss your queries 
  • Open your smartphone or mobile and dial #PMT 
  • To pay the Verizon bill, just dial 800-922-0204 from any phone 

How to Contact Verizon Business Customer Services?

There are different ways to connect with business customer services of the company, which are the following: 

  • My Business Wireline:
    • 800-837-4966
    • Mon–Fri 
    • 8:30 AM–6 PM EST
  • My Business Wireless:
    • 800-922-0204
    • Mon–Fri 
    • 8 AM–8 PM EST
    • Sat 8 AM–5 PM EST
  • Verizon Enterprise Center:
    • 800-569-8799 U.S. and Canadian customers

What are some other ways to Connect with Fios Verizon?

If you are looking for different ways to connect with the Fios Verizon network, apart from calling a person, you come to the right spot. 

  • You can contact the company through their X (previously Twitter) account handles: @VZWSupport and @VerizonNews ( the official account features news, latest updates, outages, relief efforts, and Verizon’s recovery details 
  • Chat with us over your PC or Mac on the official website 
  • Scroll through the Verizon Wireless support page to chat through the Chat button and receive assistance 
  • Chat with the corporation workers on Facebook Messenger
  • Search for Verizon through your Facebook Messenger app, follow, and click on the username to send a message
  • Download the My Fios app or Fios TV app to converse your ideas with the regulators 


No matter what kind of business you have, or if you want to inquire about deals or purchase something, you can always contact customer service through a call, social media, or chatting on the Contact Us page. Follow the instructions for “How do I talk to a person at Verizon customer service” to have a better and smoother experience while contacting. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite way of talking to a person at Verizon customer service and giving feedback. 

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