Adin Ross Sister – Naomi Ross: Biography, Physical Appearance, Career, Love Life & Controversies

Who is Adin Ross Sister? Is she as popular as this Twitch streamer? Where is she now? These are all the concerns fans are having since Adin has revealed his sister, Naomi Ross. Surprisingly, she has a modest fan following but there are speculations that she gained them through her OnlyFans account.

Besides that, Naomi is popular due to being an Instagram influencer and American model. Both siblings became famous when they started playing NBA 2K players together. However, Adin got more popular in the streaming industry than Naomi due to his increased activity. 

The siblings split when Adin decided to leave the house and started staying with his fellow content creators. Naomi visited them once and got cozy with one which created quite a spark as his brother was displeased. Later on, it was revealed that it was a prank and wanted to irk him. 

In this article, we will dig deeper into Adin Ross sister, where she got the fame, her physical measurements, her love life, and the controversies surrounding her. 

Who Is Adin Ross Sister?

Who Is Adin Ross Sister?

The question boggled everyone’s mind. Give some rest to your brain. Adin’s elder sister is Naomi Ross. She started her career at the same time as his brother. Both used to play NBA 2K players and became famous as ‘Streamer siblings.’ 

Adin initiated his career by playing with Bronny, the son of legend LeBron James. But he became viral when he met LeBron and remained starstruck, who wouldn’t?’ That clip of his fan moment got millions of views and made him popular overnight. 

But how did Adin Ross sister get this hype? She used to appear with Adin in his videos, participated in vlogs, appeared as a guest, and became a part of Pranks. 

Naomi was born in Florida on November 1st, 1995, and has American nationality. She follows Jesus and belongs to the white race.

One of her pranks particularly got famous, when she visited her brother and he was staying with other content creators, namely Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, FaZe Banks, and RiceGum. There she got cozied up with former streamer and footballer, Zias and pretended to get caught in a private moment by Adin himself. 

They got caught, and Adin went live and showed his displeasure. But the duo revealed the night saying, that was all a prank. It got streaming attention and revealed to the world about her existence. 

Don’t you think it was quite weird to get attention, we will discover some other eccentric ways of her gaining attention. 

What Does Adin Ross’s Sister Look Like?

What Does Adin Ross's Sister Look Like?

Adin Ross’s sister, Naomi has got attention due to her stunning looks as well. She is 5’6”. Her lither figure is sculpted all thanks to her maintenance. She weighs around 56kg and has got not an ounce of fat. 

She has pretty brown eyes that look beautiful on her symmetrical face. Her dark brown hair added grace to her personality. 

Overall, her good looks come in handy when it comes to her profession as an influencer and glamor model. 

How Adin Ross’s Sister Got Famous?

She has multiple career lines contributing to her fame. She started as an influencer and Instagram model in 2014. But she became popular when she started appearing with her brother, Adin Ross in his live-streaming videos. 

She also started getting brand sponsorship, she made her own YouTube channel where she uploads pranks, live streams, and other challenges. 

Besides these modest careers, she also has an OnlyFans account where her fans get a free subscription but to access her private videos they have to pay $15. 

Adin Ross Sister’s Love Life

Is Naomi Ross dating anyone? It has made us curious since she uploaded her prank with ex-streamer and footballer Zias. The purpose was revealed afterward that they just want to irritate Adin. 

But later on, she appeared in the dude’s home to make TikTok and other streaming videos. But the couple hasn’t revealed if they are officially dating or not. Adin’s fans have asked him about it which he deflected by saying It’s crazy. 

Naomi is quite private about her relationships and wants to keep this part away from the media’s eyes. So, it’s pretty hard to get any hint about her love life. 

Controversies About Adin Ross Sister

Adin Ross sister has been indulged in many controversies that have bothered both siblings equally. 

One time Naomi was rumored to be in a relationship with 6ix9ine, it became a hot topic when the rapper uploaded a video in which he seemed cozy with a woman in the background who resembled Naomi. Adin’s DMs got flooded with people asking her about her sister’s relationship. He clarified by saying that the woman was someone else, not her sister. 

Another time, the controversy that became viral was a naked picture of Naomi. Adin’sfans started sharing that picture with him, he got disturbed. He approached her sister about it. She clarified it wasn’t her. The woman in the model came upfront and revealed she was the one. It got so much attention but, in the end, it was cleared out that Naomi wasn’t the naked woman but unfortunately shared some resemblance with. 

But is she that saint? We highly doubt as she has an OnlyFans account where she uploads her private videos. Adin’s fans share his sister’s explicit pictures with her. To which he has pleaded that it’s downright disrespectful and criminal to share such kinds of pictures of her blood sisters with him. 

Why Adin Ross Got Tangled In Controversies? 

The defamation attempts began once you got the limelight. Adin has gotten himself into nanny problems where sometimes he was an instigator himself and sometimes he was innocent. 

Just 3 years ago he got a Twitch bot to follow and he got 3M followers. He also got banned When Zias made the homophobic slur during a stream, the guy with whom Adin Ross sister,  Naomi Ross did the prank.

Since then he tried many times to sort this out with Twitch but he would occasionally get blocked. Twitch is a bit strict regarding hate speech policy so once you get banned it’s difficult to get rid of it again. 

Since then, he has been trying hard for his audience apart from the gaming community.

He has streamed content over hip hop and rap music and is becoming well-known in genres besides his 2K streams over Twitch.

How The Siblings Are Maintaining Their Hype? 

Hands down Adin and Naomi both have become popular family gamers over Twitch. They maintained their popularity by streaming, posting cute pictures over Social media handles pranking each other, and sharing vlogs. 

Adin has already gained popularity on Twitch and YouTube, while Naomi getting her fans on TikTok,  Instagram, and OnlyFans which is currently suspended on Twitter.


Concluding the controversial Adin Ross sister, who has become a topic of headlines for her stunts and pranks. Naomi Ross is stunning with beautiful features and a gorgeous physique. She has her career as an influencer, YouTuber and model. 

But her fame started when people saw her in live-streaming videos of her brother Adin. She also got some heat when she got intimate with Zias, but we don’t think something is going on between the two. Moreover, her explicit content has been embarrassing for her brother. 

Give it a good read to learn about Naomi’s biography and share your opinions about her. 

FAQs on Adin Ross Sister

Who is the sister of Adin Ross?

Naomi Ross is his sister with whom he started streaming on Twitch. Both siblings started streaming at the same time. 

Are Adin and Tate related?

The duo met in 2022 and have claimed to be best buddies. Although they got into some controversies their friendship is intact.

Is Adin Ross older than his sister?

No, his sister Naomi is older than him. 

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