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Alex Lora’s daughter Celia Lora is a Mexican model, content creator, and an e-celebrity or Instagram personality. Alex Lora is famous for being a Mexican musician, frontman of Mexican rock music, playboy plate, and recognized model. However, his daughter has over 10.2 million followers on her Instagram account and is loved by millions of fans. 

Being a celebrity kid, Celia received much attention from the media and her father’s fans. Due to her solid media presence, she decided to use it and turn it into her career. With her fascinating content, alluring photographs, and videos, her fan following grew tremendously over time. 

Celia Lora biography

Presently, she puts pictures of photoshoots and other content to keep her audience alive and establish herself as a prominent media personality. In this article, various aspects of her life, career, and her personal life will be discussed. 

Celia Lora Biography and Wikipedia

Celia Lora Biography and Wikipedia

Celia Lora was born on December 25, 1983. As of 2023, she’s 39 years old. Celia was born into a loving family, spent get childhood lavishly, and got an education from a local institute. However, the details of her educational life and qualifications aren’t revealed to the public. Nonetheless, the young model appears to be educated. 

Being a Capricorn, she’s highly motivated towards her goals, takes responsibility for her tasks, likes to spend time with her family and friends, thinks logically and practically makes her life choices. Celia has the sun sign as an easy sign, Capricorn and its ruler is Saturn. 

Moreover, she’s seven inches tall and weighs about 64 kg. 

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Celia Lora’s Family

Celia Lory is the daughter of Alex Lora and Chela Lora. They enjoy a close bond as she often posts their pictures and shows moments of them spending time together in a friendly way. 

Alex has been a member of El Tri, which has been a famous Mexican band since 1968. Whereas, her mother has also been a member of the El Tri band, along with her husband. 

Alex has recorded over 20 albums with his band El Tri and has been active since 2009, dominating the best rock albums. 

Personal Life and Boyfriend of Celia Lora 

Celia has kept a low profile regarding her personal life and hasn’t exposed the specifics of what she’s doing in her life. All that’s known about her is through her social media accounts. Presumably, she seems to be dating Steve Angello (Instagram @steveangello). 

Personal Life and Boyfriend of Celia Lora 

The news regarding her dating life isn’t certified, as she hasn’t given any statement about it. But, her fans speculate that she’s dating Steve Angello, as they are repeatedly posting pictures of themselves hanging out. 

Her past dating life and present boyfriend are yet to be known. On November 23, 2020, she posted a picture on her Instagram. The post included a birthday message for Steve Angello, reading Happiest Birthday my love, I love you very much. 

From the age of 13, she started having tattoos. Until now, she has various tattoos on several body parts. Furthermore, she loves traveling, socializing, and exploring different places. 

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Celia’s Career and Lifestyle

Celia has participated in various shows and movies. In 2009, she made her first appearance on the big screen with a short movie, Cool Frog: Move. Later in 2012, she also joined a reality show, La Isla: El. In the first season of La Isla: El reality show, she retained the sixth position. 

However, she was also eliminated after failing the first death game. In 2014, she participated in a reality show, Lucky Ladies. Lucky Ladies is a variety show, in which the real life of the participants is portrayed on the rolling screen. 

In 2021, she participated in the El Inframundo reality show. However, she couldn’t win the final mission and got eliminated. In an interview, she revealed that her participation in El Inframundo was just to engage with new people and make friends in the entertainment community. 

In the same tear, she has also participated in MTV LA’s gossip show, Acapulco Shock, and illustrated her diversity of social skills. Apart from her appearance for variety shows, she also does modeling for bikini products and also manages her own business.

Social Media Accounts

Celia isn’t just active on Instagram, but she also has accounts on other popular social media platforms like Facebook, X,

(previously known as Twitter), Tiktok and YouTube. Apart from that, she also has a website celilora.com. 

On her Facebook account, she has over 770k followers, while her X account has 554k followers. Celil Lora’s YouTube has more than 128k subscribers and over six million views. 

In 2021, she opened her TikTok account and received much attention from TikTok users. In a short time, she had over 602k followers and 1.8 million likes on her account. 

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Net Worth 

Celia Lora earns her income majorly from her appearance in reality shows, movies, acting fees, modeling projects, and social media brand deals. From her entrepreneurial and social endeavors, she earns a net worth from $1 million to $2 million. 

Celia has also launched a website, where she shares uncensored content for adults. To get access to exclusive content, Lora charges $19.99 per month to her patrons. On her censored website, there are 499 pictures and 27 videos. And 76k subscribers. 

Celia Lora also operates a clothing brand or bikini store Celi Sheli and earns from it as well. 

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