Is Tekashi Gay and Who’s  6ix9ine Bf?

6ix9ine BF picture went viral, however, is he his boyfriend’s real question? The misleading image photographed 6ix9ine kissing his male friend on the cheeks. The people first thought of it as an AI-generated picture, later, it was suspected that the picture holds a photograph of a couple. 

After it went viral on social media, the little intimacy between the rapper and his friend was characterized as their orientation. Nowadays, friends can’t even get close or intimate with each other, as spectators immediately perceive them as homosexual or gay. 

The interaction was between the Rapper 6ix9ine and Mexican singer Eduin Caz, from the GroupoFirme. The gossip website Pop Tingz shared the photograph on X (previously Twitter). The caption on the tweet was “6ix9ine reveals boyfriends”. 

The tweet racked up over 7.9 million views and 3.6k likes in just a day after it was posted. The critics and fans flooded the comments section and said that they weren’t surprised by the news as they had already expected it. 

Is Mexican Singer Eduin Cax 6ix9ine BF?

Is Mexican Singer Eduin Cax 6ix9ine Boyfriend?

Eduin Cax and 6ix9ine aren’t dating. Hence, the rumors regarding 6ix9ine Bf are fake and have no truth to them. Both music prodigies were celebrating their collaboration together. The rapper posted the same photograph on his Instagram account and announced their upcoming music collaboration. 

They released a song titled ‘Y ahora’ which is a love song about a woman and follows the heterosexual theme, rather than homosexual. Hence, there’s no truth to this rumor and both singers were getting up close and personal with ladies in the music video. 

Is Tekashi Gay and Who’s 6ix9ind Bf? 

6ix9ine Bf is just a rumor and he hasn’t revealed anything regarding him being gay. Hence, one can assume that he’s straight. However, fans think that the photograph is a hint towards his s*xual orientation and speculate that the rapper had a boyfriend. 

6ix9ine Bf rumors were also instigated due to his support towards the rainbow flag which symbolizes support toward LGBTQ and LGBTQ+ community, when he colored his hair in rainbow colors. Moreover, some leaked videos showed someone engaging in gay p*rn and many thought that he was also filmed in that video under a fake alias. 

However, he denied all such claims and proclaimed that the actor in that video just looked similar to him, but this isn’t him. In the X-rated movie, it was proved that it was just another actor who resembled him. 

Apart from that, the 27-year-old personality has a girlfriend and was seen kissing his best friend on her birthday in a post as well. The rapper admitted that his girlfriend won’t be angry as she knows that they’re just best friends and have nothing going on. His best friend in the video was Lalangosta, whom he lowered with money and kisses. 

Is Tekashi 6ix9ine dating Yailin?

After 6ix9ine bf rumors, Tekashi is having another controversial rumor floating on social media that there’s some romance going on between both singers. However, Tekashi denies all such rumors strictly and remarks that their relationship is professional only. 

The collaboration between Tekashi and Yallin went viral. Their song ‘La Más Viral’ is a big hit internationally and garnered massive views. The collaboration between both singers was purely about music, music, and music. They approached each other through Instagram DM, shared a sing, and hence, a collaboration came at last. 

6ix9ine Bf is just a rumor, with no certification. Hence, one shouldn’t presume that he’s gay or dating someone just because of someone’s speculations. The rainbow hairs aren’t a sign.

Let us know what you think about Tekashi 6ix9ine Bf rumors in the comments below. 

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