Is Tom Brady Dating? Relationship Timeline of Retired NFL Star

Is Tom Brady dating? But whom, that’s the interesting question here. Tom has one hell of a professional career as an NFL star equally entertaining as his dating life. He loves being in an on-off relationship with stunning women. He has dated many women in the past.

He first got into a fling with Tara Reid in his early 20s. After the breakup, the NFL star started dating actress Bridget Moynahan but didn’t last long. He later on got into a relationship with Victoria Secret supermodel Gisele Bündchen with whom he had a son named Jack back in 2007.

He also had 2 children with Bündchen and they stayed married for 13 years and officially divorced in 2022. The couple spent more than a decade together and were supportive of each other. 

Right after that Brady was seen cozying up with another woman, but who is that? Is it Irina Shayk? 

In this article, we will look closely into his love life, Is Tom Brady dating? Who are the gorgeous women in his long list of relationship timelines? 

Is Tom Brady Dating Now? 

Is Tom Brady Dating Now? 

The retired NFL star has gorgeous looks that never fail him to have a beautiful girl in his arms. Who caught the attention of Tom Brady now? As per the news circulating, Tom is dating Irina Shayk, after his last year divorce with his wife, Gisele Bündchen. 

The couple is seen getting warmed up to each other at the wedding of Joe Nahmad and Madison Headrick in Sardinia.  As he’s an eligible bachelor now, a lot of women tried to get his attention, Irina was one of them despite her rep’s denial of it. 

Later on, the couple showed some PDA in Brady’s car, he caressed her cheeks. Love seemed to be blooming among them, but Tom didn’t leave with her. 

But in the summer, Irina stayed a weekend where Brady was staying, that says something. But both of them are serious about keeping their relationship private at the moment. They don’t want to be in the prying eyes of the media. They are hell-bent on taking this newly made relationship at their own pace, but we are sure of sparking chemistry between them. 

What do you think of their blooming romance? I believe they look good together and will make a stunning couple. Both are mature and know what they are doing. It’s no cliché like typical flings, but who knows? 

Relationship Timeline of Tom Brady 

Let’s dive into the juicy details of Tom Brady’s love life that has remained in headlines grabbing his fans’ attention. 

Tom Brady X Tara Reid

Tom Brady X Tara Reid

Is Tom Brady dating Tara Reid, or is it a past thing? It wasn’t something big, it was a short fling where they dated and stayed for some time together in 2002.

Tara was questioned about dating Tom Brady in several interviews where she spoke well about him, that he was nice and sweet to her and they had a wonderful time. 

Tom Brady X Bridget Moynahan

Is Tome Brady dating her or are they already have friend-zoned each other? Bridget and Tom first got into a relationship in 2004. They met when Tom’s team won against the opponent’s party and she attended the victory party. 

After that, they started to make public appearances once in her film premiere with Will Smith in 2005 and later on at Met Gala in 2006. The couple developed a friendly relationship with each other, Tom opened up about her in an interview with Steve Kroft in 2005 saying, 

“I can be myself around her, and there’s not many people I can be myself around. It’s fun to be around your best friends who know you well, and she’s someone that I consider one of my very best friends,”

Although he deflected the interviewer’s question about marriage with her, little did he already realize they were going to be a thing. The couple officially split in December 2006. But no one knew that Bridget was already pregnant with his child. She revealed the news when Tom had started dating Gisele Bündchen in 2007. But the couple agreed on co-parenting and both their respective partners love their child, Jack Moynahan.

Tom Brady X Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady X Gisele Bündchen

Is Tom Brady dating Bündchen or are they way beyond the dating stage? They are, the couple met for the first time in 2006 just before Christmas, and they were set up on a blind date by their friends. 

The date proved to be life-changing for both of them. They made themselves official right next month in January 2007. In the upcoming month, Bündchen got upset with Brady’s ex’s announcement of pregnancy. She thought of breaking up but didn’t. 

They were meant for each other. They stayed together and got engaged in January 2009 and then in February 2009 got hitched in Gisele’s hometown in Costa Rica. 

 The couple had two children together, Benjamin who was born in 2009, and Vivian in 2012. The couple like everyone goes through ups and downs. Tom even announced his retirement but got unretired. 

The couple denied their marital problems when they shared their intimate anniversary celebrations. Tom wrote to her, 

“You have been the best thing that ever happened to my life. I love you more now than I ever could have imagined. You are the best mother wife and supporter in the world and I am blessed to call you, my wife.”

But still, it didn’t work out for them and the couple officially announced they are done with each other in 2022. Although their marriage ended on positive terms they are concerned about their children. 

Tom Brady X Irina Shayk

Is Tom Brady Irina now? By the latest news yes. The couple seems to be in love with the tidbits paparazzi got about them. However, they haven’t publicized anything which we suppose they don’t want to rush. 

Isn’t it interesting to know, Tom Brady has always got options right after his breakup with one woman LOL!

Is Tom Brady Officially Retired? 

Yes, the popular NFL star who has always given media sizzling news either by his successful career in football where he spent 23 seasons. Or by his juicy personal life. His fans are always in awe of his performance. 


Concluding Is Tom Brady Dating right now or living off his single life? We have come to this speculation that he is secretly dating Irina Shayk who was seen getting cozy with her.

The couple has shared some time which got media attention but we are waiting for their official announcement. Before her, he has dated Tara Reid, Bridget Moynahan, and Gisele Bündchen and has two children. Besides that, he has officially retired from the NFL team at the age of 45. 

Give it a good read and share your thoughts with us about Tom Brady’s love life. 

FAQs on Is Tom Brady Dating

Who is Tom Brady in a relationship with?

He is currently in a relationship with the supermodel, Irina Shayk according to the latest news.

How many kids does Tom Brady have?

He has three kids, one with Bridget Moynahan named Jack Moynahan, two with Gisele Bündchen named Benjamin and Vivian Brady. 

Are Tom and Gisele back together?

No, the couple officially parted ways in 2022 and got divorced but are happily co-parenting their children. 

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